#Interview with Amanda The Shamanic Coach #divinefeminine

#Interview with Amanda The Shamanic Coach #divinefeminine

Amanda is @theshamaniccoach and she graced me with her bubbling presence for an interview.

We talked about reclaiming our personal power over our womb, our vagina and our yoni.

Amanda has been through hell and has come out of it to get reborn. Today she helps women by facilitating women’s circles and retreats with lots of meditations.

In our interview together, she offered women pragmatic tips to help rebuild their life thanks to yoga, the decision the start feeling the emotions instead of stuffing them down and numbing ourselves, journaling, letting go and reconnecting to our inner child.

I loved her words about fear. Amanda explained that fear and courage go alongside anyway. We can be very brave in our life, despite the fear.

Lastly, Amanda shared such a beautiful definition of self love: self love is when you show up even when you feel you want to shut down, to show up when you want to numb yourself.

Amanda is the specialist when it comes to healing the womb and nurturing our divine femininity. Find her at her Online Sacred Healing Circles and her Womens Winter Retreat: Womb Awakening.

She has a youtube channel and has taken part in the writing of a book “The Revolution Of Self-Love: A Yearlong Journey Of Self-Love: 52 Authors, Stories, And Exercises“:

#Interview with Amanda The Shamanic Coach #divinefeminine

#Interview with Amanda The Shamanic Coach #divinefeminine

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