How do I eat my fresh #aloevera leaf? #smoothierecipe

How do I eat my fresh #aloevera leaf? #smoothierecipe

A big leaf of fresh aloe vera can be quite impressive: it is a challenge to even store it in the fridge with its pointy tail!

I invite you to cut a little slice of your aloe vera leaf before removing the sides and the skin.

Add a little bit of lemon, bananas and fresh ginger: here is a delicious smoothie!

If you fancy something sweeter, add a bit of mango or several dates 😉

17 novembre smoothie th 1

17 novembre smoothie th 3

The toppings on my smoothie are cacao nibs from Raw Living and activated sunflower seeds (aka soaked in salted water for a night before using them!).

RawLiving Raw Living superfood store


What do you think my friend my sister?

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