How to deal with our own #children as an #empath?

Being emphatic yes, but not to my detriment anymore.

I am doing my best to live in harmony with my natural empathy. I practice self-care, I make myself a priority.

It also applies to my role as a mother. I am devoted to my children, but until a certain point.

If I have been single for over ten years, it is also because I am offering so much time and energy to my children.

Therefore I keep my empathy while accepting to not carry everything on my back.

I accept that sometimes they suffer and I cannot do anything (except being present).

My third youtube channel has been launched French With a Smile #announcement

I am delighted to announce the launch of my third youtube channel French With a Smile.

The goal is to help you learn French in a joyful way! Share it! Use it! Enjoy it!