How to deal with our own #children as an #empath?

Being emphatic yes, but not to my detriment anymore.

I am doing my best to live in harmony with my natural empathy. I practice self-care, I make myself a priority.

It also applies to my role as a mother. I am devoted to my children, but until a certain point.

If I have been single for over ten years, it is also because I am offering so much time and energy to my children.

Therefore I keep my empathy while accepting to not carry everything on my back.

I accept that sometimes they suffer and I cannot do anything (except being present).

My third youtube channel has been launched French With a Smile #announcement

I am delighted to announce the launch of my third youtube channel French With a Smile.

The goal is to help you learn French in a joyful way! Share it! Use it! Enjoy it!

My three #belly tips against feeling #bloated

My three #belly tips against feeling #bloated

My three great tips to avoid feeling bloated are:

  1. Take activated charcoal first thing in the morning from time to time
  2. Do not mix fat and sugar
  3. Do not eat too much in one intake (if like me you do intermittent fasting)

Why put tape on the mouth at night to sleep better? nose #breathing

Thank you Pierre Dufraisse from the youtube channel VerismeTV to help me go one step further in action mode.

Putting sticking plaster on my mouth at night to ensure nasal breathing, as Michael and Jessica from @InspireNation talked about.

Taking a cold shower every day for which Thierry Casasnovas @ eloquently described the benefits.

Fasting every day in an intermittent fashion and every week for a whole day as Fabien Moine @ had convinced me to do.

Breathing through the nose my friend my sister is giving the message to our brain that everything is well. That we can let go and enjoy a regenerative sleep. Do you fancy experiencing it?

PS: my lip balm is Alviana from Naturkosmetik on bronze color with argan oil.

Why am I putting #makeup on again? bye bye #nomakeup #confidence

The man I loved, the man I admired, loved me truly without me wearing one bit of makeup.

So I can wear make up again! I gained the tangible proof that not seducing and remaining sincere on all levels was in alignment with my values and personality and that it did not prevent me from receiving love.

From now on, I wear make up just for the fun of it!


#Review of the no rinse conditioner Palmer's with coconut oil and monoi

It just so happened that I had nits and was advised to use a conditioner to comb my hair finely.

I realized my hair was so soft after a few uses!

So thank you Palmer’s for this great product, easy and quick to use. This is a good alternative to the coconut oil hair masks we can do during the whole night before washing the hair the next morning!

When I can, I will review the amazing beauty products from Living Libations for you my friend my sister!

#Review of the no rinse conditioner Palmer's with coconut oil and monoi

#Book #review The heart, this neglected brain or the powers of the #heart

1. Why three brains?

Our first brain is the most obvious: the cerebral brain of course. Our second brain is the intestine and I am glad it is talked about a lot nowadays (see the book The Psychobiotic Revolution: Mood, Food, and the New Science of the Gut-Brain Connection).

Lastly, our third brain is the heart. The thing is, these three brains are connected to each other. Therefore they are influenced by one another. If I act on one of them, I am going to see a difference in the others.

2. What is reality?

The author of the French book Le coeur, ce cerveau négligé (The heart, this neglected brain), Gervais Saint-Laurent, explains that reality is an image created by our brain from connections made by the neurones. Therefore, pure objectivity does not exist.

3. What does manifesting mean therefore?

Consequently, manifesting your reality means taking advantage of this power, inherent to all human beings: whenever I maintain my thoughts and my intention on one topic, then I create it.

In quantum physics, it is proven that “Life replies to intention”. So our life circumstances respond to the frequency/vibe/energy we are emitting.

4. And physiologically, what is the heart?

First, the heart is linked to the intestines through the vagus nerve. It is our job to work on relaxing that nerve, through meditation for instance.

Second, the book The heart this neglected brain teaches us that the electromagnetic field of the heart is 5000 times more powerful that the one of the cerebral brain.

5. Living our own life, how and why?

In his book, author Gervais Saint-Laurent invites us to be brave enough to life for ourselves: “we are here to life our own life”.

We are not on Earth to life the life our parents chose for us, whether it is by duty, love or guilt.

Let’s grant us the permission to choose our life and our personal experiences.

6. How to get rid of cellular memories?

Old unconscious thoughts can be sometimes inherited and they pollute us on an unconscious level. However, the body can be cleansed from old ways of thinking stuck in cellular memory.

How? First by awareness, which flows from the heart to the brain. Then the intestines can play their elimination role by getting rid of what we don’t need anymore.

Gervais Saint-Laurent identifies three steps in the process of eliminating old memories: assimilation, elimination then rejoicing!

7. Is there such a thing as coincidence?

Of course chance does not exist inasmuch as we create our life! Contrary to animals, we as human beings possess free will which enables us to influence external circumstances. That is really one of the messages of that book that I love the most.

8. What is the heart major ability?

Our heart can transcend negative emotions. Sadness is turned into forgiveness. Resentment is turned into freedom.

9. How can I change my life?

I change my life when I marry intention and commitment writes Gervais Saint-Laurent.

10. What is the recipe for a successful life?

Choose with awareness, transform with love and life with your gut

Le coeur, ce cerveau négligé

Is a wrong choice possible? #decisions

Is a wrong choice possible? #decisions

A very wise woman told me that at the time she could see me make a mistake, she was aware that experiencing that new situation was going to make me grow.

So there was nothing to do. Simply to trust life, experience emotions and work through them.

We can use everything which happens in our life. Is there really such a thing as a wrong choice? I don’t believe it (anymore). What about you my friend my sister?

Why enjoy the #process before getting to the #goal?

I am working a lot, teaching French lessons online so I can support this blog and youtube channel as much as I can. I am grateful for your support in this my friend my sister.

I am also making a conscious effort to enjoy the process, to savor every minute of life on the path which is leading me to my goal. Then I’ll pick another one anyway!