Book review Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill from Mitch Horowitz

#Book review Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill from Mitch Horowitz #abundance
#Book review Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill from Mitch Horowitz #abundance

Why read the book by Napoleon Hill called Think and grow rich? I have 10 reasons for you my friend my sister!

Reason 1: The desire to be the best version of ourselves

In the book Think and grow rich as analyzed by Mitch Horowitz, there is this great quote:

all motivated people share one common trait: the drive for personal excellence

I believe in wealth as a beautiful reflection of our value, of the one we offer the one and the one we then receive in the form of abundance.

Each day, I feel so much energy running through my veins to accomplish everything I have to do thanks to this desire to be of service to you, to bring you something of value my friend my sister.

This is why I am able to wake up early every day of the week and all year round!

Reason 2: Knowing how to be always ready for an opportunity

In the book Think and grow rich, there is the story of a man, Barnes, who is desperate to collaborate with a man he admires.

He had no chance to be allowed such an opportunity on paper. However, he decided to make himself ready just in case. When he was offered a position within the firm, he was always ready to jump in.

The secret here is that the opportunity did not exactly match his desire because the position within the firm was not very high. Nevertheless, it allowed him to start working for and approach the man he wanted to collaborate with.

Reason 3: The law of attraction includes feelings

The rule is as follows:

your subconscious mind recognizes and acts ONLY upon thoughts that have been well mixed with emotion or feeling

The way I apply it is to visualize the outcomes I desire with my mind but adding sounds, body sensations and feelings.

I ask myself the question: How would I feel when I am comfortable working on my blog? Well, I would feel relaxed, trustful and full of gratitude.

I decide to cultivate these qualities now. I have started sharing in 2016 so it’s been more than three years of work without abundance being received yet, but I trust it is coming soon.

For instance, my French youtube channel has just been monetized so I feel I am on the right way and should continue to pursue my dreams.

How would you feel if you had what you want my friend my sister? Feel that now! This reminds me of the work of Danielle Laporte:

Reason 4: The power of action

Your power lies in the action you decide to take my friend my sister, in that step you put forward, how ever shy it is.

Knowledge is only potential power

writes Mitch Horowitz.

We need a plan of action organized towards a defined goal.

Reason 5: The impact of desire

Your desire, your burning wish to obtain something is like a fire supporting your actions and granting you tenacity in everything you build.

Let’s cultivate such a desire! Let’s make vision boards and mediate while visualizing our desire come true in our life. Let’s be proud of our desire my friend my sister!

Mitch Horowitz writes that

The creative imagination works only when the conscious mind is stimulated through the emotion of a STRONG DESIRE

Without specialized knowledge, your ideas remain mere wishes

reminds us Mitch Horowitz.

Reason 6: The power of writing

Napoleon Hill advises us to start by writing on paper our wishes and objectives. This is the first step to turning them into reality.

Reason 7: Ignoring other people’s opinion

I must admit that when I started my creative endeavors, I did not share them with anybody.

I did not want the way other people see reality to be projected on my dreams and influence them in any shape of form.

Today I share only what has been publicly released, such as my websites and my book The Knot in the Spiral:

Napoleon Hill warns us:

the majority of people who fail to accumulate money sufficient for their needs tend to be easily influenced by the “opinions” of others

Indeed, our desire has to be only our own first.

Reason 8: The fear of loss of love

Of course, it is possible that we are afraid of other people’s negative opinion because in each human being lies the intrinsic fear to loose love.

Mitch Horowitz advises as follows:

If you fear the loss of love, reach a decision to get along without love, if that is necessary.

If need be, I let go and I make peace with the possibility of others criticizing or even rejecting me because of what I put into the world.

Thus, a few paragraphs of the book The Knot in the Spiral were almost deleted before I decided to release my fear of people disliking me.

Reason 9: Overcoming worry and anxiety

According to Napoleon Hill,

If you experience a general sense of worry, reach a blanket decision that nothing life has to offer is worth the price of worry

Wow! This is a sentence I need to ready often to it get imprinted in my brain because I confess I tend to be on the worrying side.

However, I noticed that experiencing traumatic events, rejections and major disappointments allowed me to get rid of some of that anxiety.

What really helps me the most is reminding me that life is a gift which can end anytime. Therefore it is my duty to give it my best shot because tomorrow is never promised.

Reason 10: The ultimate solution in a burning desire for achievement backed by service to others

In the end, it is very simple: even if it entails undertaking a long journey, the best solution is to cultivate a burning desire to achieve our dreams.

Such motivation cannot be tamed by what the outside world reflects back at one moment in time.

Such beautiful energy will be our best ally to support us in easy and difficult times.

Yet such a burning desire will be as strong as is our service to others. In that regard, Napoleon Hill makes me think of another extraordinary author as regards with money and abundance: Joel Solomon, author of the book The Clean Money Revolution, for which I did a review here.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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