Going back to college to rise and rebuild our life

Why getting a prestigious #diploma if you do not use it?

A few years ago, I went back to college to get a lawyer diploma but I quit the law firm very quickly.
Why getting a prestigious #diploma if you don't use it?

One way of rebuilding my life and getting my self confidence back was to study. I went back to college as a single mother of two children.

This was super difficult. But I persisted and got the very prestigious diploma of French lawyer.

What happened after I graduated and finished the mandatory one year of internships? I got hired in a fantastic law firm. I was well paid and working only 12 hours a day.

Nevertheless, I burned out. At some point, I couldn’t stand being trapped in an office all day long, being with people who were complaining all day, having to pretend I shared the same tastes my boss did, managing everybody’s ego within the team, never seeing my children and feeling I just wasn’t serving my life purpose.

My friend my sister, it is true that I am not using my lawyer diploma directly (although I teach legal French online), but it did made be better at speaking in public (or in front of a camera), handling difficult persons or stressed people, not taking things personally and feeling more confident when starting my own business. I did not waste my time.

I am sure you can spot some things you did in the past which are helping you now, even if they are not 100% related to what you do. Share them my friend my sister and let’s empower other women!

What do you think my friend my sister?

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