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Live with Kay Ess from Raw Food Lisbon about the #history of #raw #food

Today we dive deep into the history of the living food movement and the holistic lifestyle method with Kay Ess from the website Raw Food Lisbon my friend my sister.
Live with Kay Ess from Raw Food Lisbon about the #history of #raw #food

Kay Ess from Raw Food Lisbon has written two articles on the French magazine Le Chou Brave about the history of raw food.

Today we covered how the knowledge of the importance of living food is not new at all and can be traced back to the 18th century in Europe, the synergy between raw food, fresh air, positive mindset and regular movement as the best preventive care for our body and the amazing raw recipes which marry creation and self-care!

We also mentioned the book Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousens M.D., the raw chef Kate Magic and the bubbling Fully Raw Kristina.

Thank you Kay and please support her by visiting her website Raw Food Lisbon as she offers great resources and raw food workshops in English, French and Portuguese.

At the end of her second article, Kay reproduced a fantastic quote I really love:

With true health knowledge, there comes about a freedom – and that is what life is about – physical, mental and economical freedom to become that which you are

from the book The Foundation of all Reforms, Otto Carqué, 1904

What do you think my friend my sister?

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