Working out with consistency why this helps us to rebuild our life or interview with coach Manon


Manon is a French coach and she can reveal how to get sexy abs but also how to provide your beautiful body with good nutrition, celery juice and yummy smoothies.

She can teach you how to get this nice booty but also how to meditate and cultivate gratitude for what life is offering you right now in your life my friend my sister.

Manon knows everything about burning fat and cardio workout but she has a deeper message. She likes to marry body, soul and spirit and she graciously came to the French youtube channel Claire Samuel en fran├žais to share her positive mindset and sunny energy with you!

In the interview available in French here, we talked about:

1. Why pleasure has to be part of our workout so we can stick to it and have a good time

2. Why moving our body has many wellness benefits but is also a way to rebuild our life and get unstuck

3. How it is possible to go back to exercising after 50 years old by applying the key principles of softness and consistency

4. Why it is sometimes very challenging to exercise, notably because of burn out, physical exhaustion and conditions such as low blood pressure or diabetes. In that case, first things first. Fix your condition then implement an exercise routine and most of all do not blame yourself for having low energy levels my friend my sister.

5. Why stretching is also a workout and a crucial part of building a nice body!

6. Why as women we need to avoid crunches after pregnancy and rather focus on static holds and lower belly abs

7. How to get back to an exercise routine after a break, an injury or a pregnancy: again with softness and consistency! Build from the ground up!

8. Why waking up early helps to reach your fitness goal: because you do what is important first instead of letting it get lost under the demands of a busy day

9. Exercising is a way of honoring our body which is always supporting us and doing its best to adapt to the lifestyle we choose to have

10. How Manon became a coach and why workouts and movement changed her life after anorexia and intensive training sessions at competition level which were too much and exhausting her body. Thank you Manon for sharing with such an open heart and I am sure it can help you feel less alone my friend my sister and, most important, get back on track with moving this beautiful delicious body of yours!

What do you think my friend my sister?

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