Going back to college to rise and rebuild our life

Going back to college as a woman after 30 motivation and reply to Nana

Going back to college is a very good idea to improve your job status or start a second career but it can feel overwhelming when you are over 30 years old my friend my sister!

Going back to college as a woman after 30 motivation and reply to Nana

Is going back to college a good idea my friend my sister?

Nana wrote to me: “The video by which I discovered your channel is the one where you share how you went back to college… I am 32 years old and I seriously consider going back to university… The tipping point has been the birth of my son last year. I realized my job did not suit me anymore.”

Your decision to go back to college shows your courage and the fact that you do not let yourself be fooled by the comfort of mediocrity.

What if you saw the few years required to get your diploma as a transition period? Indeed you may have to give up your social life altogether and you may put your child in day care regularly. Yet this is only temporary.

I am fully aware how difficult it is but if you could do your best to also practice self care during these studying years or marathon, it would help you to reach your goal without collapsing at the end like I did.

Lastly, going back to college is sometimes a test when you have to overcome the judgement of others, when you are the only one to be a mum and when people criticize you in a weird way. When I enrolled at the bar school, the student who was taking the administrative papers looked at me as if I was an alien and fired so many questions at me. It was as if passing the bar when you are not 25 years old was the strangest thing he ever saw.

What if such a testing period was training us to ignore other people’s opinion? What matters is you and your diploma. Also I must confess that experiencing such things (when you are the usual extraterrestrial being) makes you very very resilient!

So, what is the diploma you are seeking my friend my sister? Let’s share and motivate each other!

What do you think my friend my sister?

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