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Books to study law in France for the second year of law at a French university or Licence 2

As per your request I am sharing today a list of books which will be very useful for legal studies in a French university my friend my sister.

Books to study law in France for the second year of law at a French university or Licence 2

Which books shall I use to study law within a French university in second year called Licence 2? You asked me and here is my reply my friend my sister, subject by subject.

For administrative law, I recommend the book Droit administratif Précis Domat.

You also need to be very familiar with Les grands arrêts de la jurisprudence administrative – 22e éd..

For tax law, you will study Finances publiques and Droit fiscal. Have a look at Finances publiques – 11e éd. Collection Cours Dalloz by Jean-Luc Albert and Luc Saidj, Droit fiscal général – 11e éd. Collection Cours Dalloz by Jacques Grosclaude and Philippe Marchessou.

If you want to dive deeper into the subject, I used and loved the book Précis de fiscalité des entreprises 2019/2020 by Maurice Cozian, Martial Chadefaux and Florence Deboissy  and Droit fiscal des affaires de Daniel Gutmann.

Droit pénal is criminal law and it is always studied together with Procédure pénale in the second year of law at a French university. You can use Droit pénal. Procédure pénale 2020 – 11e éd. Collection hypercours by Catherine Ginestet and Thierry Garé.

For the subject called Droit civil des biens, I highly recommend you start from the source which is the Civil code in any codified legal system such as the French one.

If you need a book, you can have a look at Droit civil.Les biens – 10e éd. by François Terré and Philippe Simler . It is an expensive book so check your library first to see if they have it. In Paris, you can go to Cujas and Beaubourg Centre Pompidou as they have tons of books for law students.

Another subject is History of political ideas and for this the book Histoire des idées politiques en 50 fiches by Arnaud Coutant can be helpful, it is from Editions Ellipses.

For business law, you can read Droit commercial et des affaires 2020 – 26e éd. by Dominique Legeais.

If you want to dive deeper in to the subject of finance, economy and the monetary system, I recommend the following easy and free resources from the internet:

L’abc économie de la Banque de France

La revue de l’ACPR

Les dossiers thématiques de l’AMF

Summaries of EU legislation

Les fiches repères de la fédération bancaire française

If you are not a native English speaker and you have Legal English as a subject, I made a video about the TOEIC exam “TOEIC Practice Exams – 10 #books to rebuild our life Series – 7” and I really loved the book International Legal English Student’s Book with Audio CDs (3): A Course for Classroom or Self-study Use, as well as Oxford handbook of Legal Correspondence and lastly Professional English in use – LAW.

Last but not least, the class about contracts law and French tort law is the most important one. You can read Droit des obligations by Bertrand Fages and Droit des obligations by Philippe Malaurie, Laurent Aynès and Philippe Stoffel-Munck.

In my book The Knot in the Spiral, I share more about my journey and how i became a lawyer after starting as a cashier in a frozen food store.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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