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What everyone ought to know about leeks

Leeks are so good for the body and there is a great way to get its potassium, detox your colon and break a fast with delight my friend my sister.
What everyone ought to know about leeks

Leeks are so beneficial for the kidneys, they are light and help the body get rid of toxins, they provide fibers to our intestines and can be so delicious, with a bit of olive oil for instance. Furthermore, leeks can be stored for quite long in the fridge.

As if that’s not enough, did you know that a super simple way of making the most of its high mineral content (mostly potassium) is to drink the cooking water of your leeks?

I am such a big fan of leeks bouillon, in which you need to add some sea salt (if you consume salt on a regular basis of course) because it improves the taste even more.

You know what? Even my ten-year-old son who dreams about hamburgers loves drinking leeks bouillon with me!

What everyone ought to know about leeks

Lastly, enjoying a nice warm leeks bouillon is such a great and gentle way to break a fast.

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