How I rebuilt my sensitive teeth after lost enamel naturally

How I rebuilt my sensitive teeth after lost enamel naturally
How I rebuilt my sensitive teeth after lost enamel naturally

Sensitive teeth? Lucie asked me how I repaired my loss of teeth enamel.

1. I want to inspire you

I am not a dentist nor a medical doctor so you should always consult a professional. I am only sharing my experience to inspire you.

2. Why do we get teeth enamel chipping off – The case of bruxism

Why are your teeth getting transparent? Maybe you are grinding your teeth day and night as I was. After years of bruxism, my front teeth became a bit transparent and I had severe enamel loss. My dentist was horrified.

3. What is the first step to get back enamel on teeth

Any good solution will become useless unless we address the root cause. Why are you so stressed out that it leads to enamel deficiency?

Are you having too many buried emotions? I was so angry about the situation I was in, I felt so powerless, that bruxism was an unconscious way of trying to letting my emotions express.

4. Which acidic foods make the teeth sensitive

First, try to eliminate fruits from the citrus family. I stopped eating all fruits, except bananas, because my teeth sensitivity was just too much. Consuming apple cider vinegar actually hurt.

Other acidic foods include coffee, sodas together with sugar and grains at a lesser level.

But wait! It doesn’t have to last forever. My friend my sister, after a few years of eliminating all acidic foods, I am happy to let you know that I now happily eat oranges. 

5. Can tooth enamel be repaired with toothpaste

You may be prescribed a toothpaste with a very high amount of fluoride in it and it may work well for you.

What I decided to experiment instead was natural alternatives. I highly recommend the book Renegate Beauty by Nadine Artemis but for more ideas about natural care you may find so many answers in her book focused upon teeth issues called Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums.

I experimented with cleaning my sensitive teeth with coconut oil, a little bit of bicarbonate of soda and sometimes activated charcoal power.

6. My tooth enamel regrowth story

I know exactly what you are going through my friend my sister. I understand the despair of seeing your front teeth get transparent and have so much sensitivity. I am here to give you hope and give you the proof that it is possible to naturally repair enamel and, eventually, change your life.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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