Going back to college to rise and rebuild our life

Revealed: How many hours do you REALLY have to study if you go back to university after 30

I went back to college as a single mother and ended up a lawyer because I worked really hard. You can do.

Have you decided to go back to studying at university after 30 because you want to change careers or actually improve your current professional situation?

Well, I won’t go soft about it: you definitely need time, and I mean several hours EVERY day.

You are an adult with responsibilities so you may have a lot of pressure on your shoulders, as I had when I went back to college as a single mother of two.

So yes I did become a lawyer but I really worked hard. Every day I allocated at least 3 hours to studying. With kids. Without any family nearby which could have helped me. Working full-time in a job for my third year of law school.

My friend my sister, it is my wish to lift you up by proving that if I did it you can too. This is why I have written a book The Knot in the Spiral.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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