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Which life lessons can astrology teach us?

Astrology is not only about predicting the future. Astrology can be the best tool to empower ourselves by getting some self-awareness.
Which life lessons can astrology teach us?

It is such a pleasure to welcome Emilie from Astrologie Magique Here are the great insights from the (French) interview.

What is happening at the moment on Planet Earth?

2020 is the year that forces us to reclaim our personal power. If you understand French watch the video “HOROSCOPE 2020 RELEVONS LE DEFI !“. In 2020 we finally become real adults.

Astrology is helpful as it adds a coherent order in our life, from a positive mindset of course.

However, taking our power back does go with letting go. This is the trick.

Why is it important to stay connected to reality

I love how Emilie is a very grounded person.

She says that after a lot of hardships in life, she discovered astrology as a way to find herself then implement changes in her life.

Is EFT useful?

Of course an EFT practice is a fantastic tool because it connects the mind and the body.

What about the law of attraction

Creating vision board and having a specific desired outcome is a great thing. this is very sagittarius. However we are bathed in Gemini energy at the moment, its opposite.

Therefore, while keeping our eyes in the prize, we could allow some flexibility for the unplanned my friend my sister.

Using astrology to heal relationships

Not only do we know ourselves better with astrology, but we also expand our compassion towards others, our significant other or our children.

Astrology and diving deep into zodiac signs bring us a peaceful strength.

What is personal power?

The current focus is on Mars, the warrior. As empathic women, we have a very strong yin. Nevertheless,the masculine counterpart is essential. We need Mars. Then the anger will be a way to protect life.

Emilie explains that if Athena is guarding our door, we can enjoy a more peaceful life. Because we will have this deep knowledge that whatever happens, we can establish strong boundaries if need be.

Saturn is also very strong at the moment. Saturn is very helpful to draw limits.

Lastly, it is time to break this ideal picture of the woman who never gets angry. It is important because anger and boundaries are what protect the innocence and life.

Emilie and I ended the interview with the magic of being yourself. When you are true and authentic, then you can really connect with others.

More than ever, we need connection. We need each other my friend my sister.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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