Giving my opinion?

Giving my opinion?
Giving my opinion?

I received an interesting message

It is a pity that you are only addressing your friends, your sisters. I would have liked to be one of these people, to feel included. Tell me, what do you think about homosexuality? Are you going to make a video about it in this month of June (pride month)?”.

I take the time to reply to this email because it is kind and is not the typical message of some trolls who do not understand how I can dare to speak to women only. I dedicated a video to them so I don’t have to repeat myself every time “Why only talk to women if I love men? mission”. Basically, if a person makes a youtube channel dedicated to fishing, I’m not going to bother them because they don’t talk about hunting. If it’s a channel specialized in frizzy hair care, I’m not going to insult the person because they never talk about straight hair, you understand? And then, I admit that sometimes the tone of the messages I receive does not deserve an answer. So I don’t answer. Boundaries my friend my sister, it’s all about boundaries.

Finally, between us, I have a lot of men who communicate with me without feeling offended by “my friend my sister”. I received magnificent messages from intelligent men who fully understood the meaning of my approach and even apologized for having entered a space “for women only”. How you react when you are a man in front of a woman who talks to women is also a matter of respect, self-confidence and education.

So this message was different

I want to answer it even if I’m not sure I can find the right words. So I need your feedback on this my friend my sister. I’m not here to take orders, of course. Some women would like me to talk to men, while others appreciate the “women-to-women” style of my content. Of course, it is very noble to want to include everyone. Except that when I record a video, I see you my friend my sister. I’m doing it for you. I know the regulars, I recognize the avatars, we have been talking in the live streams for sometimes several years. I imagine hosting a circle of women in real life one day by the way.

But sincerely, I wouldn’t feel comfortable starting to talk about menstruation, female hormones and how they affect what I eat etc, if there were men in the group. We would have to explain to them some things about the female cycle and it’s great to do it, except that it’s not my job right now. Some people do it very well.

I also admit that I never thought I would receive hatred for the simple reason that I dare to speak only to women. I tell myself that I am putting my finger on something by doing this. As a result, it becomes even more important to do so. Let’s take an example that is worth what it is worth, we agree, this is for demonstration purposes. The man who makes a channel about testosterone in is not going to receive bad comments if in his videos he says “dude, man” in each sentence, right? So why does it bother some that I address my message to women? Consequently, it’s clear that I won’t change that. I am not here to be the nice girl, to please everyone, to respond to anyone who requests it, or to behave like a public service.

What to think of homosexuality?

Beyond that misplaced patriarchy, what is my opinion on homosexuality? The answer is: we don’t care! My opinion is of no importance. A little extreme, will you tell me? Look, if I share things with you, it’s to help you because I have a debt to repay. I’m just a vector. Women have helped me by sharing their stories and experiences in videos and books. They changed my life. I thank them by doing the same, doing my part by sharing with you. But my opinion is not at all important, what matters is what I can humbly bring you by sharing with an open heart.

My friend my sister, maybe I’m wrong. I’m a human being who moves forward and doesn’t have all the keys. I will learn all my life. So thank you in advance for your kindness. I do what seems right to me with what I know today. Thank you.

Having a public forum

I have three websites, youtube channels, instagram, tik tok etc, so yes, I have a forum. This is why instead of just giving you my opinion (again, we don’t care), I want to share the account of a woman who I find speaks very well about the LGBT issue: Laura Fruit Fairy. I like that she doesn’t define herself as straight or gay. She has a heart, she loves.

Recently in my insta stories I wrote: “You love a man or a woman, whatever their skin color, if your heart is pure that’s all that matters“. A person’s sexual orientation isn’t the criteria that will have me put them in one box or another. Everyone has their preference and it can even change over time. The most important thing is to be honest and clear to yourself and others. I have the utmost respect for all people in the LGBT community simply because they are people in every way equal to others. I don’t see how sexual orientation should change the way you look at a person. It’s like the shade of a person’s skin color. This should never be taken into account when assessing or judging a person.

Reaction to intolerence

That said, I’m going to be crystal clear: I cannot stand the lack of respect towards people of the LGBT community or towards people of this or that skin color/country of origin/religion, etc. I block hateful comments. Besides, if you notice that I forgot one, please tell me.

If someone around me makes a bad joke about those who have such sexual orientation or skin color, that’s it. I’m a great audience for jokes, but homophobic or racist jokes don’t make me laugh at all. They make me vomit. I will keep a permanent distance from someone I know if they choose the side of intolerance and disrespect. It’s a way to sort through my people. I think we all belong to the human family, period.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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