Interview of Jenny or castor oil and vegan pregnancy

Interview of Jenny or castor oil and vegan pregnancy
Interview of Jenny or castor oil and vegan pregnancy

Jenny is a very prolific and creative vegan cook as you can see on her Instagram @maryjveggy29 and Tik Tok @veggybyjenny.

The castor oil detox

She talked about her experience with the castor oil detox during this interview my friend my sister, something I have never done. This is very interesting to explore new ways of detoxing the body. I have used colonics and enemas in the past and castor oil is another alternative to help the body get clear inside.

The vegan pregnancy experience

The other topic was the vegan pregnancy. I have zero legitimity talking about it because I was not vegan during my two pregnancies, but Jenny has been. She said that she was a bit reluctant to admit to her doctor that she was not eating animal products. Moreover, she could feel family pressure about the way she was eating. But because her blood tests were so good each time, she decided to open up to her MD who was very supportive. Everything went very well and she now has a gorgeous healthy eight month old baby girl my friend my sister. Jenny says she is taking vitamin B12 on a regular basis with nutritional yeast.

Fasting as part of a lifestyle

Lastly, Jenny shared how fasting is a part of her life. She does intermittent fasting twice a week and doesn’t eat breakfast at all most of the time. About three times a year, she embarks on a fast and gets a lot of benefits on a physical and spiritual level.

The bravery to be vulnerable

I want to really express my gratitude to Jenny for opening up about these topics, because there is a lot of judgement on social media when you talk about being vegan or fasting. So please support Jenny, be kind to people who eat or live differently and always have compassion.

Trust in your body

I end with Jenny amazing message: Trust your body. Your body knows, treat her well and she will give back to you, support your body, nourish your body and trust your body my friend my sister.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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