Back from the organic store

Back from the organic store
Back from the organic store

Back from the organic food store, I got a few things that I cannot buy at the farms market.

First, grapefruit seeds extract because I’m still ill.

Then, mungo beans and buckwheat to sprout because I got so inspired by the lovely Kristina in her video “How to Sprout EASILY for 25 Cents a Day! 🌱Jar Growing Method for Beginners..”.

Back from the organic store

I also bought millet for my daughter who wants to try making maki rolls with milled instead of rice. We took sesame seeds as well. A little note about nuts and seeds: soak them! Read my mentor Karyn’s book if you need more info about this very important tip. Karyn Calabrese’s book is called Soak Your Nuts.

A little gift from me to me was the very expensive vegan milk with millet, almond and hazelnut from Bonneterre. Delicious and without added sugar.

Back from the organic store

Lastly, I got fresh parsley because it’s very important to me that my herbs and greens are organic and I need the vitamin C at the moment.

More about my journey to raw food in the book The Knot in the Spiral.

Lots of love my friend my sister,


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