What I take back from the French live stream 119

What I take away from today’s French live stream
What I take away from today’s French live stream

This morning in the French live stream, I recommended a video I really loved called (in French) “Comment survivre à une rupture amoureuse ?.

The key point is that if we make peace with breaking up with someone, then we won’t live in fear of a break-up in all our relationships. I can so relate to that.

Last time I was in love, I loved him so much I really didn’t want it to end. At the same time, I was so worried it could end that my behavior may not have been my usual self. I wasn’t aware of it but my behavior may have accelerated the end of the relationships I so wanted to last.

So I love this idea of making peace with the possibility that a break-up may happen. We don’t control anything in love anyway. Furthermore, in my case, love never goes away. I am still in love with the men I loved. I just choose to turn the page by not having them in my life anymore so I can welcome someone new one day. But love, my friend my sister, that love is eternal. And somehow, it is comforting to me. That love never goes away. Break-up or no break-up. Love is eternal and warms my lonely heart.

The workouts I mentioned in the video are thanks to Pamela Reif and Adriene Mishler on youtube.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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