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Overcome sadness

I received a message from Julie that I read it to you with her permission: “My dear Claire, have you ever talked about sadness or dealt with this state in one way or another? I have suffered from sadness for a long time now but with the raw food got me out of it. Since the start of this crisis, I have fallen back into a state of permanent sadness, I feel distant from everything I no longer have an appetite, no interest, I feel empty I cannot get out of it I feel a lot of pain, I feel the exile, the lack of enthusiasm and motivation. I dream a lot at night but I always wake up sad. Do you have anything to recommend to me that could help me? Ithank you with all my heart”.

The current situation is unprecedented so I think that the first thing to do is to measure its extent, even if each person experiences it differently. I think it’s hard for everyone, for different reasons.

Levels of consciousness

However, I see several levels of being from the lowest to the highest: the feeling of helplessness, fear (many people today are in fear which is a disaster because we make very bad decisions when we are in fear), after that, when we realize a little more what is happening and we have a little more discernment we can easily fall into sadness, then if we increase a little in vibration it can turn into anger.

So I think the sadness you feel is normal but if we get stuck in a low level like that we have to find a solution my friend my sister.


For example it could be gratitude. In a very physical way, when I’m in a lot of pain somewhere (and I’m telling you this because not too long ago I was very sick with a headache that made me cry in pain) I focus on my fingers because in my fingers I have no pain. It can sometimes help to cultivate gratitude for the little things that are in our lives today. Given the magnitude of what we’re going through right now on a planetary scale, it may be good to go back to the micro level: to see what is going right in my life today. For example, today I have fresh fruits and vegetables, I can make myself a juice today, I have a person around me that I love… About gratitude, I recommend following a woman whom I admire enormously: Tabitha Brown, on all social networks. She speaks of gratitude for the simple fact that we are breathing my friend my sister.

Letting go

Then I’ll tell you a secret. So you know it’s been years and years since I read mainstream media. I admit to you that I even gave up on the intelligent and enlightened media my friend my sister, because I felt anxiety rise in my heart even while reading media that have discernment.

So I let go of anything that makes me depress for the moment. Because if I start to be depressed, to feel helpless in the face of what is going on, then I will be good for nothing, I will not be there for my children, I will not be able to be there for me, to take care of myself. You know, you can’t convince other people to open their eyes because if people are in fear there is no point. There are plenty of resources that exist so now the only thing we can do today is be a light, live a healthy life, be an example, be of service to people who need us, cultivate life in us, gratitude, joy. I think we’ve come to the point where that’s what matters: really taking care of ourselves to take care of others if others need us afterwards. We cannot carry everything on our shoulders.

Two options

What is the alternative? It’s a bit like when the lockdown was declared. What is the alternative? I get depressed and I just eat or I try to see what I can do in this stressful situation, like exercising at home. In this situation full of constraints and injustice, what can I do to maintain a quality of life because the purpose of life is that. Teal Swan says it’s not survival that counts, it’s the quality of life. How can I, despite everything that is going on outside, cultivate a good quality of life at the micro level?

There is something wonderful that happens when you do this for your own life because you realize that this is really the only way to be of service to others.

Taking care of your physical body

Finally, yes sadness can be overcome and the last element is movement. Louis Yagera speaks beautifully about it in the first point of his video “3 keys to spiritual development” (in 

french “3 clés pour le développement spirituel”). Lately I publish this idea on an IG story : if you’re sad there instead of tears running down your face, make it sweat drops. You know, I had a burnout and even before I was really very tired, even though I had a pretty healthy lifestyle apart from lack of sleep, so it took me a long time to get back to my health, meaning physical strength. I know I’m not at my top fitness level yet, but still I’m doing a lot more exercise than before. I am really sweating and I can see a difference in my mental state. Really my friend my sister, against sadness I encourage you to move your beautiful body, to dance or tp do any other physical activity that lightens up your soul. I have already recommended you a video by Nicole Steen “30-Minute Cardio Latin Dance Workout” which I love.

Concentrate on this, on very physical things, it may seem superficial, but on the contrary: it is through the physical that one accesses the spiritual. There is magic in this union between body and mind, because the mind can have a great influence on the body and the body can have a great influence on the mind, so really let’s work this union to the fullest.

The gut and the brain

The intestine being a second brain, would it be possible to do a little cleaning, perhaps colonics or a few enemas, even a small cure of very detox green juices and lacto fermentation or something like that to restore the intestines.

Vitamin D

Sunbathing is super important to me, even though I never stay all day on the beach. I haven’t put on sunscreen for years because when you eat well and have moderate exposure to the sun, it’s simply magical.

The feeling of exile

The feeling of being alone is heightened right now and I fully understand that. How can we tap into our creativity to reinvent links with others? How to cultivate this vital link with the people who are dear to us despite the current constraints? I make a conscious effort to spend as much time as possible with friends when possible, because I am grateful for being able to do so. I think of you if your family is far away. You will find a way, wobbly, far from ideal, but a way that exists to cultivate this precious human bond.

Healthy salad dressing recipe

The salad dressing that will accompany grated zucchini with white radish and cucumber is tomatoes, a pear, turmeric, ginger, garlic, onion, salt, pepper, tahini (a tablespoon) and fresh thyme.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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