Could your eating habits hinder your relationship?

Could your eating habits hinder your relationship?

Eating raw changed my life so I’ll never go back to cook food, meat and dairy. However, I love being flexible and I never dated a man based on how he was eating. Also, I never drink alcohol yet all the men I loved did. 

Today I have a question for you my friend my sister, because I don’t have enough experience: could your eating habits hinder your relationship? If you eat a separate dish at each meal, is it still being a romantic couple? Can it be disgusting to have a partner eating meat if you stopped it because you have compassion for animals? At the same time, isn’t the foundation of love respect for one another, including the differences we inevitably have?

What’s your take on this? The great Kristina made a great video about her experience “What We Ate Today 🌱 WE MOVED TO HAWAII 🌺 FullyRaw & Vegan Couple”.

Published by Claire Samuel

My friend, my sister, my mission is to help all women. If you are a mother, I am sharing tips. If you are recovering after abuse and rebuilding your life, I am sharing my experience, from my open heart to yours.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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