Live 86 – Motivation for you beautiful goddess

Goddess energy

I am binge watching the content by the amazing Isabel Palacios. I love her video entitled How to be a HIGH VALUE Woman | Isabel Palacios because the idea of not giving away our sexual energy (because this is power) totally resonates with me. I don’t save myself for religious reasons but because sex is sacred and powerful. I never did one night stands for that reason. But no judgement! Many of my friends have one night stands and they love it. Everybody’s different. This idea that sexual energy is a very potent thing is very real for me though. It is said that it can be harnessed into creation if you don’t have a partner my friend my sister.

After a breakup

I have another video that I recommend to you my love. It’s called How to Get Over a Breakup & Heartbreak and it should be mandatory for all women starting their adult life. I never feel that a relationship was a waste of time, either it was a great time, either it was a great lesson learned. However, I find that the time I personally took to get over a break-up (2 years) is far too long. And a waste of time.

Emotionally Intelligent People

I love the idea of really choosing to be the person I want, instead of finding excuses or having self-pity. One motivation video I liked was 4 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Don’t Do.

Recipe time

The raw salad is made of grated zucchini and cucumber with a dressing of walnuts, lime, tamari, turmeric, garlic, onion, rosemary. With dried Italian tomatoes as a topping 😉

What do you think my friend my sister?

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