Live 91 – Surrounding ourselves with positivity and a great energy juice

Live 90 - How to surround yourself with good vibes?
Live 90 - How to surround yourself with good vibes?

Great resources

I love these two smart men Kyle Cease and JP Sears and they created a great video together full of hope and positivity: “Creating In Horrifying Times – Kyle Cease & JP Sears”.

I also want to share a great meditation that did put me back to sleep when I suffered from insomnia. It put me in such a joyous state when I woke up my friend my sister: “Guided Sleep Meditation, 😴 🎧 Receive Love + Money 💵 Binaural Beats + Subliminals ❤️”.

The last resource for you is a video about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive and kind people as explained by the gorgeous Cara Brotman and her son: “Stay Away From Toxic People part 2.

Juice Recipe

If you want energy first thing in the morning, try turmeric, lemon and ginger juice my friend my sister.

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