What I take away from the French live stream

What I take away from the French live 138

What I take away from today’s French live stream

Self-confidence explained to women

A new student takes a French lesson with me. He is a foreign student in law masters in Paris. All of his master’s courses are taught in English. He is frustrated because he wants to improve his level of French. Indeed, his goal is to integrate a second year of law masters taught entirely in French, and not the version reserved for foreign students (in English).

I start the hour-long lesson realizing that he has not yet learned the simple future. In fact, he’s been in Paris for 4 months and has started French 4 months ago.

I admire this masculine confidence. He does not doubt anything and he is right. Even being French, I was terrified of applying for a master’s degree in law. The truth is that I had sent my cover letters and application files to several masters except in Paris, because I thought I had no chance. It was a law student friend of mine who urged me to do it. You know what ? I was chosen in the end.

So I know that as a woman you tend to get into things only when you have 100% understanding of the subject. Let’s follow the example of men by putting ourselves forward even when we do not know everything. We are capable my friend my sister. There are things that can be learned in action. Do not wait. Dive in. Lean in.

How to be productive?

By being accountable! If you don’t have a personal trainer like me, you can use your favorite social network to report on what you’ve been up to during the day every day my friend my sister. You’ve probably noticed that I started doing it in my Instagram Stories and it works. I feel much more productive. I was inspired by Pamela Reif, Amber Lee Sears as well as Louis Yagera (in French).

Please note, this is personal and subjective and it all depends on your personality. Personally, I do love structure and discipline because that’s what allows me to create. Each person has their own way of contributing to the world my friend my sister. Find out what works for you. This is just a humble tip that I give you here.

Integrity and power

Integrity is real power, authenticity is real influence, not coercion or manipulation that results in resentful obedience. Thanks to Lucie Mandeville for her calming and interesting video (in Frrench).

I mentioned Seth Godin’s site as well as his recent interview by Marie Forleo “Show Up & Do The Work (Even When You Don’t Feel Like It) with Seth Godin, author of The Practice”.

On the occasion of the little update on my morning routine (meditation, fitness and yoga), my daughter reminded me that I had to tell you about my favorite yoga channel Boho Beautiful.

Sad and depressed?

Sometimes I feel sad and depressed because of the accumulation of so many little things. Except that unlike before, I choose to let sadness run through me. I know sadness is not going to stay forever. I focus on the physical side of things to lighten my mind. Concretely, I pay attention to sleep well (as soon as I don’t sleep enough, I start to feel sad), eat well, exercise. Besides, you know that I am a big fan of discipline and structure. As usual, it’s totally personal, it’s my temperament (being Capricorn, and all that) and the result of what my life path has taught me. I share only to give you tips and then you do what you want my friend my sister. In this case, that onset of depression quickly wore off as I clung to my routine. Without thinking too much about it, I exercise, get ready, go to work, and little by little I’m on track again. I focused on all the reasons I have to be grateful, the great people in my life, the conversations with the one I love and sadness goes away.

Smoothie recipe

Bananas, pineapple, ginger, chocolate, maca, rosemary.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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