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Live 98 – Mind and body and the greenest smoothie ever

Live 90 - How to surround yourself with good vibes?

Mind and body

You can totally use the mind and body connection to shift your moodd my friend my sister. It may sound silly but nevermind, put some music on and dance, even if tears are falling down and your heart is anxious. There’s some magic in movement, I promise. When I was suffering from severe heartbreak, I did yoga while crying my eyes out. I thought I would never get over it. But after 5 days, I felt so much better. Because I moved the energies around. Try it! It’s worth it! You deserve to be able to use your own body to change your mindset, whatever the circumstances around you my love.

This morning I did this amazing quick and simple yoga flow: Yoga To Cure ♥ Revitalize & Energize Your Body if it can inspire you to start.

Protecting women

I am listening to this podcast today “Finding Faith After Mother’s Murder”, which is an interview of my friend and activist @misspeacheycelia that I admire very much. I’ll talk about it next week when I’ve listened to it my friend my sister. Please do support her work.

Recipe: the greenest smoothie ever

Simply blend lamb’s lettuce, spinach, bananas, persimmon, ginger, cacao nibs, he shou wu, dates and water.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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