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Sacred feminine or Emy’s interview

I am pleased to welcome Emy for an interview to discuss the theme of sacred femininity.

I am pleased to welcome Emy for an interview to discuss the theme of sacred femininity.

This subject is really close to my heart my friend my sister. If, like me, you have experienced trauma and abuse in your sexuality, I invite you to really listen to what Emy has to say.

We have exchanged before this live broadcast and we really agree on this subject.

If you understand French, find Emy on and her IG account.

What is an initiated sex therapist?

Emy has been trained in the psychological and paramedical aspects of sex therapy, but she has also been initiated to shamanism, tantra, wiccan (witchcraft and sexual magic). These initiations allowed her to access life energy and expanded states of consciousness.

Bringing the energy of the divine masculine 

I asked Emy about the place of her man in the coaching she offers and how the energy of the divine masculine brings a great addition to her work. She is a real pair with her man, who helped her a lot after her professional reconversion. Her man brings her the yang energy she needs (taking action, opening up to the world).

In addition, Frédéric has 20 years of experience as a clinical psychologist. He is also a tarologist. Tarot is used as a tool for self-knowledge, not for predicting the future.

Why reconnecting to your sensuality can help overcome sexual abuse?

You can associate sex and death or sex and life. Of course, it seems counter-intuitive to be interested in sensuality if one has suffered trauma at this level. In reality, reconnecting with sensuality is a way to avoid becoming like a flma e which is slowly dying, to regain personal power and to achieve true alchemy.

Emy explained that sexual energy is the vital energy that animates everything in the universe, be it plant, animal, mineral and human. Now we have the choice to reclaim our sacred feminine power.

We first talked about grounding to avoid being cut off by the crazy monkey mind. I quoted Emily Fletcher, founder of Ziva meditation. Then, beyond sensuality and the physical, it is about accessing the subtle perception of energy bodies.
In this way, sexual energy is awakened and then it is refined. One can thus access the higher mind and experience expanded states of consciousness. This made me think of Johanna’s beautiful reflections on sexuality, if you understand French “La sexualité sacrée, comment? Pourquoi ?- Sacred sexuality, how and why ?“.

You can think of love as the union of Shiva and Shakti. The partner is not only a physical body but a soul, an energy. Sexuality then becomes creative alchemy. Consciousness is dissociated from the body in the primary sense of ecstasy, beyond the physical and the genital.

To ensure the energetic compatibility of the couple, it is not enough that the egos love each other. Let’s think beyond the honeymoon period and unite for reasons deeper than physical attraction.

Moreover, current science confirms tantra because from a quantum point of view everything is energy. So if we feel that we have common perceptions with our partner, it means that we are energetically compatible.

What about single women?

If I am a single woman, how can I make my sensuality blossom? Here we will lift the taboo of masturbation my friend my sister. It is also important to talk about psycho-magical or symbolic acts that allow us to communicate with the unconscious. The goal is to unblock the energy trapped into the body by traumas.

What about women who have lost all desire?

If I have lost all my desire and sensuality because I am suffocated by daily fatigue and obligations, how can I do it?
Emy advises to go back. What was the intention of sexual relations at the time you had them? Where did the desire for the sexual relationship come from? Not losing the one you love? Showing your love?

On this subject, if you understand French, I invite you to discover Emy’s very complete training entitled “Feminine desire, divine desire” which lasts 3 weeks.

Sacred feminine or Emy’s interview

Why organize talking circles?

There is a feeling of safety when we talk between women. The goal is not to reject the masculine but to recharge our batteries together.

Emy offers talking circles free of charge. The objective is to be able to deposit in the energy circle formed by all women your burden, your heart-centered advice, your joys, or simply to be an ear that does not judge, because the subject of sexuality is always tricky.

Emy felt a lot of kindness and warmth between sisters during the first talking circle she led.

Sign up for Emy’s talking circles my friend my sister if you speak French.

If I’m gay, does all of that apply too?

Every person has both feminine and masculine in them, so of course being gay doesn’t change anything about sacred sexuality.

What is life force energy?

The life force energy is the joy that comes from within, the sacred fire that you maintain to live fully and create beautiful things in this world.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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