Not afraid

It is called FEAR False Evidence Appearing Real. What is Fear of Death? What is risk? What is life?
Not afraid

We need to talk about the feeling of fear my friend my sister. I just watched a video with some very interesting thoughts about the feeling of fear ““WHY WE’RE NOT AFRAID” | Teal Swan and Ralph Smart”. It is called FEAR False Evidence Appearing Real. What is Fear of Death? What is risk? What is life?

To be afraid or not to be afraid?

Thinking about fear also makes me think of reports I saw recently on Algeria where several people said that they were not afraid to die from attacks because you only die once, because life is stronger and anyway Mektoub, everything is already written. I’m also thinking of course of the 100% pacifist movement called Hirak which brings together millions of people who are not afraid in a situation where many would be very afraid (police reprisals).

Fear steals freedom

The concept of fear is interesting when you have survived extreme manipulation. Fear was the way to keep me in the trap when I was entangled in a toxic relationship. I don’t have the same relationship with fear today because of this experience of having been “manipulated” (to remain soft). The feeling of fear turns us into weak and easily manipulated prey.

To live or to be afraid?

I don’t have the answers my friend my sister. I must confess to you that being aware of death makes me want to pass on as many ideas and values as possible now, especially to my children. However, I am aware that many people are in a great state of fear right now.

Observing fear

So I find it interesting to ask the question of fear, what it physically causes in our bodies and how we behave when we are afraid. Would you do the same thing if you weren’t afraid? What would your behavior be like if you weren’t afraid? We can apply this reasoning to all areas. I remember a man I really loved. I was so afraid he would leave me that I sabotaged the relationship. As a result, he left me. If I had acted with him in a more relaxed and natural way, we may still be together.

Back to fear in general, the first step in any change is awareness through observation. Only then can we detach ourselves from the feeling of fear and regain our true nature: peace, kindness and respect for ourselves and others.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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