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Happy in Love or Interview of Marina Hamon

Marina helps women to be happy, with or without a man.

I wanted to invite Marina Hamon on for a very long time. I have enjoyed her videos for many years. Moreover, she recently saved me from a big depression. 

I was left by a man I loved. This time, remembering Marina’s advice, I chose to behave like a woman who loves and respects herself. I kept my dignity and finally overcame the breakup. 

In addition, I have many questions to ask Marina on behalf of all the women in our beautiful community who feel unhappy in love.

I’m thinking of Wendy, who is trying to rebuild herself and has been a single mom for 7 years, and Sia, who is currently in the grip of a toxic relationship, at the end of her rope and completely hopeless. If prevention is better than cure, how can we avoid ending in despair and burn-out? How to live a beautiful relationship with a man? How can you remain yourself while setting boundaries?

If, like me, you feel that you are a loser in relationships, if you are always alone and wonder why, if you have experienced abuse and would like to overcome it to live love serenely, I have an expert to recommend to you: Marina Hamon, who has been generous enough to accept my invitation. Marina is a therapist and she helps women with a method that we will detail together during this interview. Marina helps women to be happy, with or without a man.

1. What is a woman of value?

Personally, I got out of a painful heartbreak by modeling my behavior on that of a “woman of value”. Marina suggests a broader idea: “if I loved myself, how would I react?“.

Happy in Love or Interview of Marina Hamon

2. How can I trust myself again?

How can we avoid totally melting into the other person in a love relationship? The work on oneself can start by making decisions from the body, keeping in mind that suffering is part of life. Marina insists on the importance of compassion for oneself. It is necessary to allow ourselves to experience emotions, even so-called negative ones. Anger is not attractive? Actually, anger is healthy, otherwise we let the other dominate without respecting our limits.

Happy in Love or Interview of Marina Hamon

3. Why is it important to just live your life?

Diving into a relationship with a man (or a woman obviously) is sometimes more fruitful than an endless work on yourself my friend my sister. The other is our mirror. Marina invites us to receive, not only to be in search for a man to love.

Thinking about the other is also sometimes breaking up with the other because we know that it is better for him.

Finally, Marina reminds us that love is not linear, nor always comfortable. Let’s not be afraid of uncertainty. Love is evolving together, but not necessarily in the same way.

Happy in Love or Interview of Marina Hamon

4. The NERTI method

Marina offers online (visio) therapy sessions using the NERTI method or Rapid Emotional Clearing of Unconscious Trauma (in French NERTI). A few sessions are enough, it is a brief therapy. You can contact Marina on her website.

As Marina suggested in our interview, you are invited to ask your question in the comments. Marina has offered to make a video in response to some of the questions on her channel.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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