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Water and food: to do

We are in crazy times my friend my sister, you’ll have noticed.
Water and food: to do

We are in crazy times my friend my sister, you’ll have noticed. The time has not yet come to analyse in hindsight. Let’s observe what is happening and never forget. Sometimes I have the impression that the whole western world is experiencing what perversity is: systematic lying, blowing hot and cold, making false promises, accusing the victims of being the culprits, using guilt, reversing values. In a few years, we will be able to analyze all this. If I hear one more person ask why it takes a battered woman a long time to run away, I will remind them of their behavior during this crisis.

Why have we come to this point in terms of society? Why are all the honest and upright people stifled by those who give in to the temptations of sex, power and money (and therefore easily corrupted)? I don’t know. 

In these troubled times, before I get to the concrete tips, I’d like to talk about God, or the universe as you will. We’ll get through this. Even if some things stop or change completely, we’ll draw on the resilience within us to hold on. After the rain comes the sunshine again my friend my sister.

I’m convinced that the soul is eternal. Our body is the envelope of our soul so it is an honor to take care of it, for instance with exercise and a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables. But the soul, like love, is eternal. So nothing can really stop. Our soul is eternal. 

Now the practical matters. Do we need to stock up on food? Of course, I pray that everything will be okay. But it’s also my responsibility as a single mom to take care of the people who depend on me. So I stock up with the Koro online store quality food, no expensive fuss, organic, in one or two kilo bags, at a good price. So I present you my Koro order for a total of 143 euros.

Then I test the Eva Fountain, recommended by a friend, in order to save money on mineral water bottles. My EVA BEP 12 liters model with water magnetization costs 252 euros and I bought it on Actisanté.

Eva water fountain

So for 400 euros, I feel a little more responsible. Water distribution is linked to electricity so I’ll still buy bottled water just in case. I have a student who lives in Florida and when there are hurricanes, there is no water in the tap because the electricity is sometimes cut off. If you have access to a clean water source, obviously that’s even better. 

Finally, I hope it won’t help to tell you this, but just in case: it’s easier to fast and then have a normal meal, rather than to eat insufficiently every day (see the siege of Leningrad-St. Petersburg). At the moment I am trying to eat without restrictions but twice a day, in order to get my body used to intermittent fasting. My friend my sister, let’s always keep hope and cultivate our resilience. Everything is going to be okay.

What do you think my friend my sister?

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