About Claire

I am a single mother of two living in Europe. I overcame many types of abuse. I have learned so much that I am compelled to share it now. It is only giving back a bit of what has been given to me through books, generous YouTube videos and having kind spirits in my life for various length of time. My friend, my sister, let me be there on the path to self discovery, whispering in your ears that all is well. If I made it alive, so can you.
self care care for others
self care care for others

My friend my sister, my name is Claire and my mission is to help women, all women.

Therefore, I am sharing my experience from my heart to yours. My mission is to empower women.

We can rebuild our life, whether it is through healthy nutrition, good relationships with others, inner work, living food and daily exercise.

My Youtube and Odysee channel is Claire Samuel in English, my blog is ClaireSamuel.com, my Instagram and Tik Tok accounts are @clairesamuelenglish and my first book is The Knot in the Spiral.

Love, Claire

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