Touching people’s lives or a reason to live #mission

Touching people's lives or a reason to live #mission

Your success is directly proportional to the number of lives you have touched for the better” writes Vishwas Chavan. So true. My personal mission is to help and empower women my friend my sister.

Neale Donald Walsch has a similar message in his books, which I find so humbling and motivating at the same time.

Our need to #belong or the importance of connection between us

Our need to #belong or the importance of connection between us

I love explaining the French words “chaleur humaine” to my students. It means this warm and safe feeling we experience when we are in the presence of loving people.

Since I am a child, I love nothing more than being in the presence of others, chatting, laughing, spending time together.

I am aware so many women suffer from loneliness. I would love to find a solution.

During the month of Ramadan, I saw old gentlemen gathering around the empty tables of some cafés. They would not eat nor drink before sunset, but they were together since morning, for the sake of being together.

Teal Swan has a fantastic video entitled Touch Deprived! (Touch…The Need You Are Suppressing).



No more or no children because of so much love? being a #mother or not

No more or no children because of such love? being a #mother or not

At first sight, we may think a woman does not want children because she is not very found of them for instance. What if it was the opposite?

What if women would not want any more children because they love them so much?

What if women were tired of having their heart crushed because it is not humanly possible to be present for our kids while being a single working mother for instance?

I cannot tell you how relieved I am when I can at last breathe and I have only me to think of, no little person depending on me for a day or a few days, when my kids are at summer camp for instance.

However such a feeling is so very short-lived. Almost immediately comes the intense feeling of missing them, feeling guilty that I was not there when they needed me to look at them, listen to them, be present with them, because I was working.

This is weird. Single motherhood is either too much or too little, always a roller coaster of emotions.



The lesson motherhood taught me #control – Motherhood and Femininity Series Ep. 2

The lesson motherhood taught me #control - Motherhood and Femininity Series Ep. 2

In one of the books I am going to review for you on this channel, the author explains that the best way to deal with teenagers is not trying to control them. It is counterproductive and disrespectful to them. More on that soon and the French book is called L’adolescence autrement.

In regard to children of all ages, mine taught me to let go of control from an early age. I could not try to follow a to-do list in order or plan things in a rigid way. Sometimes I feel motherhood is like a hair bun on our head that is swiftly removed with all the hair floating around our head in one second. Do you get the image?

Motherhood helped me to reconnect to my feminine side, which is similar to water. It is allowing, graceful and adaptable. Never rigid. Never trying to force one’s way or control things.

That fleeting graceful moment when the #present turns into a #memory

That fleeting graceful moment when the #present turns into a #memory

Ever so light flower petals, gracefully flowing in the summer breeze. I remember the absolute joy and wonder I experienced watching this in the Galliera garden in Paris.

This is why I had this deja-vu feeling when the vibrant colors of purple, red and orange of bougainvillea fallen petals were scattered on the intense green of the lawn at my son’s school here in North Africa.

I could feel the sweet and sour taste of the present moment when you catch it just as it turns into a memory.

What remains is gratitude to be alive in this intense world, whatever the nostalgia can be when we touch the ephemeral nature of life experiences.

This is the Galliera garden I am talking about (in Paris), located around a great museum.



Do we have to cut part of our #stomach? #loosingweight

Do we have to cut part of our #stomach? #loosingweight

I refuse to judge people who use surgery to remove part of their stomach in order to loose weight.

I used surgery on my eyes to correct myopia and I regret it (“Laser #eye #surgery to correct myopia: my experience 5 years afterwards“).

Simply know my friend my sister that one of the reasons I created the Playlist Recipes is to help you add more raw goodness to your meals, maybe make them a little bit healthier and maybe help you loose weight with ease and gentleness.

Have you seen my youtube video Series about loosing weight with self-respect my friend my sister?