You are not alone my friend my sister #notalone

You are not alone my friend my sister #notalone

My friend my sister I want you to send you so much love and courage, today and always.

I so want to remind you that I met so many people in my life, so different, but all of them were facing challenges. We never know what is happening in people’s life.

I really wish to also remind you that sometimes we can feel a bit down and this too shall pass.

You are not alone my friend my sister.

A #mantra to take care of ourselves

A #mantra to take care of ourselves

I love when my favorite yoga teacher, Adriene Mischler (Yoga With Adriene), makes us repeat some mantras during the class, such as I am strong or I trust.

Recently, I have been experiencing insomnia almost every night. This is a habit I would really love to shed. I discovered that a mantra was soothing and comforting when I am afraid. I really believe in a higher power, in the humility of knowing that God or the Universe has some control over my life that I cannot always understand, little human being that I am.

Therefore, the mantra I created for myself to bring me comfort in the middle of the night is: “I am supported by God“.

Maybe you also have a nice mantra that you could share with our beautiful community and help other women my friend my sister? Share it and let’s all send love to one another. Blessings, Claire

What is a #healthy lifestyle was the new #sexy ?

What is a #healthy lifestyle was the new #sexy ?

When Cara Brotman’s husband speaks about her with stars in his eyes, he highlights how his wife is taking care of herself by following a healthy lifestyle.

She is beautiful because she takes care of herself.

Cara is for me one of the sexiest women on earth.

So yes people laugh because I go to bed early and never drink alcohol. This is a choice 😉

More than ever, I feel like marrying healthy with sexy and taking even more care of myself my friend my sister!

How #driving a car can help to #rebuild your life

How #driving a car can help to #rebuild your life

As soon as I left the abusive relationship I was slowly dying from, I sat for the driving test. Immediately.

The time passed by without me ever driving a car.

For the first time of my life, I recently bought a car. And I drive almost every day.

I did not know such happiness was possible. This is far more than the freedom of going anywhere I want and need. This is woman empowerment, independence and taking responsibility for my life.

How to #free your #heart or between the #brain and the second brain

14 octobre Comment #libérer th

I went to see an angel, you know one of these who chose to offer colonics to people to help them get a better life.

When I saw Genevieve, I discovered how the heart can be so heavy and stuck, especially after a big heartbreak, that the connection between the brain and the GI tract was hindered (see The second brain).

Thanks to a skillful massage on my belly, Genevieve soothed my aching heart.

I came out of the colonics session liberated, lighter and full of joy.

The mind and the body are definitely connected and the chakras are for real my friend my sister.

PS: my activated charcoal is here

Praise for #dancing as a way to rebuild your life #phoenix

Praise for #dancing as a way to rebuild your life #phoenix

I started dancing again, more precisely taking dance classes, because dancing is like breathing so I cannot stop it altogether.

After the class, I was moved to tears. I felt like I was reconnecting to a lost part of myself.

Dancing makes me feel great. I forget the time and who I am. I focus on the moves when I am in class and I feel the music taking over my whole body.

Dancing is therapy. Dancing helps me to rebuild my life. Dancing keeps me alive. Dancing brings me the love I never found in a man.

Being #single to remember who we really are

Being #single to remember who we really are

I truly adore @Nataliethebeliever on IG. I am always super inspired by her posts as well as her stories.

Recently, I stumbled across a quote by her: “The purpose for being single is to discover yourself so deeply that you don’t lose yourself when you find the one“.

It was a aha moment. Because in the past I loved a man once.

So much so that in order to protect his career, I was ready to give up my youtube channel and my creations on IG.

I thought it would not be very sexy to have a wife talking on the Internet about periods, heartbreaks and rebuilding your life after abuse.

Today I enjoy this solitude period. I make my values and what is close to my heart evens stronger.

Like talking to you my friend my sister 😉

Being #single to remember who we really are