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A few words #13

a few words claire samuel each Sunday
a few words claire samuel each Sunday

I used to eat to numb my mind. Now I eat to nourish my body.

Not rice not cooked?

Not rice not cooked?

Wild rice is not really rice. I discovered wild rice thanks to Cara Brotman and I am delighted to test it for you my friend my sister.

Not rice not cooked?

It’s delicious with a nutty soft taste.

Not rice not cooked?

I started by soaking my black wild rice for 24 hours. Then I mixed the soaked wild rice with coconut oil, lime, salt and a little red onion.

Cara’s video which inspired me is entitled “What Cara Brotman Eats in a Day ONE MEAL A DAY Meal Plan to Burn Fat”.

It says in French that wild rice is not technically rice. They say it should be cooked for 40 minutes. But I won’t 😉

What I take away from the French live 127

What I take away from today’s French live stream
What I take away from today’s French live stream

To be reborn

I would like to start by sending a very nice thought for my friend Sandra who will recognize herself.

When he disappears

The following video about ghosting by Teal Swan “The Truth About Ghosting – What To Do If You Get Ghosted” really helped me turn the page my friend my sister.

Feeling like a new person

We have the choice to take each new day as a blank slate full of opportunities my friend my sister.

Schools abroad

To answer your question, if your child is not bilingual, start by enrolling him in an English school if you are going to live abroad. In a few years he will become bilingual in the local language.

Loosing weight and other useful links

The series on weight loss is on the blog.

The self-care t-shirt is on the store.

My third youtube channel and third website is French With A Smile.

Recipe time

I bought my blue spirulina on the Raw Living website.

The first video of the Superfoods Series is on klamath algae.

Recipe for a purple smoothie: bananas, watermelon, blue spirulina and a little ginger

Recipe for grated carrots dressing: ginger, walnut, lemon, garlic, onion, turmeric, nutritional yeast, rosemary, tamari

Live 86 – Motivation for you beautiful goddess

Goddess energy

I am binge watching the content by the amazing Isabel Palacios. I love her video entitled How to be a HIGH VALUE Woman | Isabel Palacios because the idea of not giving away our sexual energy (because this is power) totally resonates with me. I don’t save myself for religious reasons but because sex is sacred and powerful. I never did one night stands for that reason. But no judgement! Many of my friends have one night stands and they love it. Everybody’s different. This idea that sexual energy is a very potent thing is very real for me though. It is said that it can be harnessed into creation if you don’t have a partner my friend my sister.

After a breakup

I have another video that I recommend to you my love. It’s called How to Get Over a Breakup & Heartbreak and it should be mandatory for all women starting their adult life. I never feel that a relationship was a waste of time, either it was a great time, either it was a great lesson learned. However, I find that the time I personally took to get over a break-up (2 years) is far too long. And a waste of time.

Emotionally Intelligent People

I love the idea of really choosing to be the person I want, instead of finding excuses or having self-pity. One motivation video I liked was 4 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Don’t Do.

Recipe time

The raw salad is made of grated zucchini and cucumber with a dressing of walnuts, lime, tamari, turmeric, garlic, onion, rosemary. With dried Italian tomatoes as a topping 😉



Love or friendship ?

I feel, but this is only my humble opinion, that we don’t need romantic love because we can remain single and be fulfilled. However, I feel that we cannot do without friendship because humans need the affection of others in order to be happy.

What do I know?

I am not an expert or a coach. I’m not a woman who is happy in love or surrounded by fifty friends either.

I speak to you as an ordinary woman and if you need a coach maybe you can watch other content instead such as Alexi Panos, Ralph Smart or Isabel Palacios.

My goal is to prove to you that you are not alone in hesitating, asking yourself questions, walking along this weird path called life my friend my sister.

Meeting people

Personally, I don’t develop deep relationships quickly because I need to feel safe above all, in love and in friendship. Still, I can easily bond with the people I meet because I don’t expect anything. If we do cool activities together, so much the better, if not too bad. I take it slow and only give my trust when it is deserved.

No hormonal whirlwind

Friendship is fascinating because it’s like love except for one thing: there is no physical attraction or the chemistry of romantic attraction with all the hormonal changes that it includes. Therefore, one is perhaps even more sincere in friendship. That’s what I like. There is no seduction.

A certain way of seeing friendship

I have very few friends, but the ones I have mean a lot. We’ve known each other for a long time. I can say everything I want to them. Freedom. On the other hand, I belong to these weird autonomous people so I don’t feel the need to communicate regularly with my friends. If I had a boyfriend it would be different.

The important thing for me is to be 100% present when we are together, never look at my phone, practice active listening, and be there if my friend needs help.

Always tell the truth

The last thing on this topic of friendship is: don’t mix it up. Either it’s love or friendship, but I can’t stand unclear positions. Everything must be clear otherwise I am no longer safe. And you?

Klamath algae or Superfoods Series episode 1

Klamath seaweed or Superfoods Series episode 1
Klamath seaweed or Superfoods Series episode 1

The superfood klamath seaweed, or more properly algae because it grows in a lake and not in the sea, is very high in enzymes, which are destroyed when cooking food. Klamath is also the highest source of chlorophyll so that’s a great seaweed to remove acidity from the body. My friend my sister, acidity can be caused by stress too.

Klamath is the only wild algae that humans can use. This blue green algae is rich in antioxidants, minerals and proteins. Klamath is very good for the brain, you can find numerous studies about it.

My recipe is almond milk, 1 date, 1 kiwi, a few drops of vanilla stevia bought on Raw Living, pineapple, bananas, ½ teaspoon of powdered klamath and a few cranberries as a topping.

RawLiving Raw Living superfood store