Shall we sacrifice ourselves for our children? #positiveeducation

Shall we sacrifice ourselves for our children? #positiveeducation

I choose sincerity. Sometimes I admit to my children that I am annoyed because they can play and I have chores to do. I also truly love working, so I say it to them as well. My point is not to sacrifice my happiness for their sake, as some people are trying me to do. Moreover my happiness is not contradictory to their joy and well-being. Some people value never moving places for the sake of the children for instance. Others think it is best to not get a divorce even when the relationship is failing, for the sake of the children.

I do not want my children to bear the burden of guilt. I am doing the best to provide for them and raise them as best as I can while following my joy.

The baby who cried in silence #premature child

The baby who cried in silence #premature child

Getting rid of emotions which no longer serve us, forgiving people who hurt us, making peace with our past, all of the above is required to our well-being and to the happiness of our children as well. Hence, the aim is to avoid projecting onto our children emotions which do not belong to them.

It is the story of the baby who cried in silence. It is the story of the premature baby who had a heart so big that he could feel my sadness, even when my tears fell without making a sound.

Are baby sign language classes worth it? #comunication with our small children

Are baby sign language classes worth it? #comunication with our small children Claire Samuel

Yes, baby sign language classes are worth it! I did baby sign language with my son. We started when he was 6 months old. It was so helpful that I wish I knew about it for my daughter, who is my first baby.

Communication is such an essential part of a healthy life that anything enhancing it is worth it. You can visit Tera Warner’s website as regard to the importance of communication on a broader level.

This is an exemple of some baby sign language classes in English and in French.

The Continuum Concept: In Search Of Happiness Lost – 10 #books to rebuild our life Series – 6

The Continuum Concept: In Search Of Happiness Lost - 10 #books to rebuild our life Series - 6 Claire Samuel

Rebuilding our life implies identifying our own core values, in an intense and clear manner. Knowing who we are also allows us to become a better mother. Children are a mirror of who we are. May we be strong and trustful in our education principles, even before we give birth. Such self-knowledge can help us to build our life, to rebuild our life and to build the life of our child. A huge thank you to Jean Liedloff for a revolutionary book “The Continuum Concept: In Search Of Happiness Lost“.

The Continuum Concept: In Search Of Happiness Lost Claire Samuel

Can I #breastfeed my baby in a #babywearing carrier or wrap?

Can I #breastfeed my baby in a #babywearing carrier or wrap? Claire Samuel didymos wrapsody

Yes you can breastfeed, whether you are using a structured baby carrier, a sling or a wrap (I even have a great tip in this video if you don’t and only use a buggy).

I am lucky enough to have tried most of the baby carriers styles available on the market and I find that nothing compares with a wrap when you have a small baby. I love Didymos and Wrapsody although I tend to prefer the stretch and gauze wraps from Wrapsody as they are easier to manage. Only my Didymos silk/cotton is thinner than the 100% organic cotton one which makes it more comfortable and less bulky.

  • With a soft structured baby carrier, you only need to loosen the shoulder straps a bit and baby can feed with the additional bonus of being upright (less digestive issues). Of course you need a nursing top to get rolling without exposing your belly to the cold!
  • In a sling, loosen the rings to position baby and use the tail over your shoulder to cover up.
  • Lastly, with a wrap, you can easily release the knot and adjust the fabric around your nursing baby easily.

I also used a wrap for my son who was born premature, check out the post “Why #babywearing a #premature baby is good for her“.


How to take care of a newborn’s brother or sister as well? #overwhelmed mummy

How to take care of a newborn's brother or sister as well? #overwhelmed mummy Claire Samuel

Meeting the first child’s needs when caring for a newborn is very challenging. I sometimes felt torn between the needs of my two children, even guilty towards my daughter because the new baby took most of my time. While I sometimes felt on the verge of collapsing, I was happy that nobody was breathing on my neck/telling me what to do. My days were a big roller-coaster of emotions, but I wouldn’t have traded my life for anyone else’s. At last I could feel useful by doing the most important job in the world: raising children, helping them turning into caring, autonomous and responsible human beings. Love to you all and a big hug to fellow hard-working mothers.


My best 5 safety tips for #babywearing on the go

My best 5 safety tips for #babyearing on the go Claire Samuel

Babywearing is one of the best tool for a happy mother and a calm baby. It is something you need to learn but it is not difficult. However, you must take safety into account. Always use your common sense and intuition.

  1. At first, you need help from others, then safe babywearing requires practice, practice, practice.
  2. When you tie the wrap, always make sure you are in a quiet place, without anybody who could disturb you or run into you. Also, I loved using a mirror to check that I had tie my wrap properly when I was carrying my baby on my back. Moreover, it helped me to always make sure my baby had enough space between her chin and her chest to breathe properly.
  3. We must avoid our baby’s chin falling on his body completely, as it can obstruct the respiratory ways.
  4. Obviously, be extra careful with doors because when you carry your baby, either on your front or on your back, you take more space.
  5. Lastly, I really recommend you keep your baby high enough on your chest so you can kiss her head. It will ensure you do not hurt your lower back by wearing your baby too low. Also, it is a nice way to check she is comfortable at all times.

PS: please use the contact form for babywearing private lessons if you need some help while I am still in Paris, France.