Secret natural #beauty ritual in my hotel room

Secret natural #beauty ritual in my hotel room

  • To cleanse the face: olive oil + bicarbonate of soda
  • To rinse: organic apple cider vinegar
  • To hydrate the face: simple organic face cream
  • To hydrate the body: olive oil
  • To brush the teeth: peppermint essential oil + bicarbonate of soda
  • To treat a foot wart: oregano essential oil

More about natural homemade beauty products in the amazing and informative book Renegate Beauty by Nadine Artemis:

renegate beauty

I use a Samsung A8 smartphone to record my videos:

samsung galaxy A8

Mum did you put make-up on? #clearskin and 3 beauty secrets

Mum did you put make-up on? #clearskin and 3 beauty secrets

I had no foundation on, yet my daughter asked me if I was wearing make-up. Indeed, it has now been so many years since I stopped wearing make-up. I have three secrets for you:

  • Raw vegan food,
  • Colonics,
  • Skin care using oil to cleanse the face, apple cider vinegar to rinse and a simple organic face cream.

I highly recommend the great book by Nadine Artemis called Renegate Beauty to know more about natural beauty.

renegate beauty

How #beauty can help us to rebuild our life?

How #beauty can help us to rebuild our life?

Beauty can uplift us from the trauma experienced in the past. Beauty can help us to rebuild our life my friend my sister.

Taking photos of beauty is a way of capturing the essence of life for eternity. I discovered it by making the most of my Instagram @clairesamuelenglish.


How much water shall we drink every day? #hydratation

How much water shall we drink every day? #hydratation

I am happy with four litres of plain water every day. However, the quantity we need varies with each person. Do what works for you. Do what you can to get the purest water possible. I like to keep it real.

Water is a bit magical for me. It is an element which can be influenced, like the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto proved.

The Hidden Messages in Water Masaru Emoto


Messages from Water and the Universe Masaru Emoto

Thus, I like to add a few drops of Bach flower essences to give my water a beautiful energy.

Drinking water in small quantities and regularly throughout the day helped me to recover after my teeth enamel was badly damaged. For many years, I did grind my teeth so much because it was a way to cope with the abuse.

Lastly, Renegate Beauty by Nadine Artemis is a must-read, notably as regard to the information about water.

Renegade Beauty: Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance--Beauty Secrets, Solutions, and Preparations Claire Samuel


Why is it important to sleep in the dark? #melatonin

Why is it important to sleep in the dark? #melatonin Claire Samuel

Our very intelligent body is creating melatonin or the sleep hormone during the night. However, it is very important to sleep in a dark room for this beautiful process to happen.

Doctor Mercola recorded a very interesting video on the subject “Dr. Mercola’s Melatonin Sleep Spray: The Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep“.