Is it easy to not have any TV at home to protect our children’s brain? motherhood and screens

Is it easy to not have any TV at home to protect our children's brain? motherhood and screens

No TV at home is what I do since I have kids and actually even when I was living by myself I did not have any TV.

Why? Because I do not want my children to be submitted to the constant advertisement and the mediocrity of TV programs.

However I am far from being a perfect mother and I cannot avoid screen time altogether. They play a little bit of video games and watch youtube.

How do you manage screen time for your children my friend my sister? If you do not have kids, do you have a TV at home or not?

How to handle #teenagers and #socialmedia for worried #mums #communicate and #supervise with respect

How to handle #teenagers and #socialmedia for worried #mums #communicate and #supervise with respect
How to handle #teenagers and #socialmedia for worried #mums #communicate and #supervise with respect

I have been asked questions by two women from our beautiful community about our teenagers and how to deal with them being exposed to social media and, unfortunately pornography. How to handle this? Can we avoid it? Maybe prevent it to protect the brain of our children and ensure the appropriate development of our teens?

Empowered by the reading of a book (in French) about raising teenagers differently, which was so good that I did a review about it on youtube, I apply two principles to raising my teens.

The first one is an easy and open communication channel. My wish is for that link to never be broken, that they are always free to confide in me, without any shame, knowing that since they are small children, I never told them off when they admitted a mistake to me. I do not make fun of them. I listen and try to understand.

The second principle lies in respectful supervision, which is the consequence of an easy communication channel. I am very aware that I cannot control everything. Where I can have an impact is by supporting my teens with kindness and respect, trusting them while explaining to them the dangers of internet and pornography for instance.

How to handle #teenagers and #socialmedia for worried #mums #communicate and #supervise with respect

If you have tips about handling our teenagers being exposed to the dangers of the internet, please share below and help other women my friend my sister!

Raising a child with authenticity and vulnerability #positiveeducation

Raising a child with authenticity and vulnerability #positiveeducation

My secret to be authentic with people including my own children is to acknowledge my mistakes. I have no desire for them to see me as above them, as a flawless person. I am not perfect, they are not and we are happy being imperfect and vulnerable with each other!

When I was pregnant I read tons of books about attachment parenting and got a lot out of The Attachment Parenting Book : A Commonsense Guide to Understanding and Nurturing Your Baby.

Are you children eating #healthy? #raw #vegan? my reply

I was asked by a mother member of our beautiful community whether my children were raw vegan like me or not.

Let’s drop the pressure immediately: the reply is no!

My kids have been eating at the school canteen since they are three years old so it was difficult to compete with the canteen food loaded with sugar and gluten (even if before the age of three, they loved green smoothies and raw fruits and veggies such as apples, broccoli and mangoes).

Today they eat gluten, fish and meat at home, but I am not too bad at limiting dairy (they have dairy at school of course).

My best tip is to lead by example. They are very aware that I will never eat bread nor white sugar. They also know that if one day I feel like eating meat, I will. I listen to my body.

They also agree that vegetables and fruits full of vitamins and minerals are crucial to health, even if they don’t consume them as often as I would like. Sometimes I am surprised though. Yesterday for instance, they just ate fresh salad leaves with mayo and French mustard! Better than nothing!

Are our #children race horses? #education

Are our #children race horses? #education

I was struck by a statement of Sadhguru in his fascinating interview by the great Tom Bilyeu: “This Indian Mystic Drops KNOWLEDGE BOMBS (I’m Speechless!) | Sadhguru on Impact Theory“: “Children are not race horses“.

To be willing that my kid becomes at all costs a lawyer or a doctor does not guarantee his happiness, far from it sometimes.

My children do not belong to me. How could I think myself entitled to dictate or even influence, according to my preferences and subjective perspective, their choices of career and in life?

Why was my son waking up at 430am? #connection

Why was my son waking up at 430am? #connection

My seven-year-old son used to wake up at the same time I did, around 430am, to lie on the sofa or read in the presence of his very busy working mother.

I chose not to judge but to try to understand.

A very wise friend told me that it was certainly his way of connecting to me.

Today such a habit went away, naturally.