Why I decided to stay far from judgement, critics and gossip #positiveeducation of our children

Why I decided to stay far from judgement, critics and gossip #positiveeducation of our children

It is easy to fall into gossip and judgement. I took the decision to stay far away from negative critics not only as a healthy lifestyle habit, but also as a way of raising my children.

Kids watch us closely, our behavior and our judgement of life and others, positive or negative.

It requires courage to stay in love and patience, instead of gossiping and complaining. However, it is deeply satisfying to have open-minded children, full of compassion for others. This is the best reward for years of effort.

“War must be a cool thing” #positiveeducation

I refuse that my children play video games.

I am worried when 8-year-old kids say that “war must be cool“.

I am feeling better when my son feels deeply moved by a book (in French sorry) about children escaping the war in Syria.

Please share if you know similar books in English.

To lovingly support our children or how to deal with their teachers’ criticism? #positiveeducation

To lovingly support our children or how to deal with their teachers' criticism? #positiveeducation

Once again, I am deeply convinced that children do the very best they can.

If a child displays a negative behavior, I believe it means that he is not well so I refuse to add to his predicament the loneliness of feeling misunderstood.

I refuse to criticize the teachers of my children in front of them, even when I do not agree with their way of teaching or speaking to kids (by sometimes screaming at them for instance).

To their discharge, they are part of a rigid school system, which slowly evolves (or so I hope).

I listen to the complaints of my son’s teacher, then I comfort my child as to the unconditional love I feel for him. Back home with my child, I inquire about how he sees what happened.

Taking good care of the trust bond between my children and I is of utmost importance. It goes with believing what they say to me before anything else.

I want my children to be aware of the love I have for them.

Misbehavior or not. For ever.


Our children need congruence and coherence #positiveeducation

Our children need congruence and coherence #positiveeducation

My eight-year-old son was told by his teacher that he was allowed to shout during recess as a way of letting go and having fun.

Nevertheless, one staff member of the school threatened to punish him when he shouted during recess.

Children do not see their teacher as different from member of the staff because they all belong to the school system. Moreover, staff members take care of the children a lot after class. They do not have any training as regard to child psychology. One staff member told my daughter once: “You are one stupid girl” (she is top of her class today).

I have the intuition that our children really need congruence and, as always, it starts by ourselves.

I am the first one who must do my best to stay congruent. As always, it is impossible to pretend or hide when taking care of children.

I must take responsibility for my choices and explain and justify because children need to understand why they are asked something.

More generally, I feel good and I can look myself in the eyes in front of the mirror only if I am congruent between what I say and what I do.