How to prevent our #children and #teens from drinking #alcohol ?

How to prevent our #children and #teens from drinking #alcohol ?

My parents never warned me about the dangers of alcohol. Nevertheless, I do not drink a single drop. How?

Simply because I witnessed how alcohol can be deadly. Three teenagers I knew died when I was in high school because they had drunk before driving home. I witnessed the erratic behavior of drunk people at parties. I tried to drink this beverage and was disgusted by the taste.

In my humble opinion, being open to our children about the damages of alcohol is the best prevention. We cannot be behind their backs 24/7. However, we can speak to them like the intelligent beings they are. We can explain how alcohol hurts the brain and the whole body, how it has the capacity to ruin people’s lives.

Lastly, I feel the best way to prevent our children and teenagers from drinking alcohol is simply to be sober. Do not drink. Lead by example.

To be #present for our children and to practice #selfcare ? Impossible?

To be #present for our children and to practice #selfcare ? Impossible?

To be a mum and to do my best yes, to be perfect no. Human rather.

I share with my children how I sometimes feel torn between taking care of myself, practicing my morning routine to give the best of myself to them, and to be present with them, to simply be fully aware with them.

In this regard, I really like the Inspire Nation video “JONATHAN ROBINSON: 10 Second Shortcuts to Pure Awakened Awareness! | Spiritual Awakening Exercises“.

Thank you #coolmums or letting our #children play together easily

Thank you #coolmums or letting our #children play together easily

Thank you to the mums who do their best so our children can play together.

Thank you to the mums who do not care if they are friends or not with another mother before letting their children all play together.

Thank you to the mums who do not care if the children from the other family are not the same whatever or live not in exactly the same way.

Thank you to the cool mums. I really think our children benefit from playing together.

Why I do not tell where my address is? #respect of my #children

Why I do not tell where my address is? #respect of my #children

One woman member of our beautiful community asked me where I lived in Tunisia, Africa because she knows this great country very well.

The reply implies my mission as well as my children.

I dedicate a large part of my days to creating content in writing and on video. This is how I fulfill my mission.

My aim is to empower women by being as true as possible.

However, such authenticity is not always flattering nor easy.

Therefore, I refuse to associate my children with the work I do for you.

Once they are older, they can evaluate things better and decide whether or not they wish to be linked to my content.

Happy or review of a #book about #emotions for #children

Happy or review of a #book about #emotions for #children

I stumbled upon this magnificent colorful book: Happy.

The title is Happy and it is such a fantastic clever support to initiate a conversation with our kids about how they feel.

Read Happy by Mies Van Hout if you have little ones.

Talking about emotions, I also loved the children movie Inside Out:

Advice for mothers when our #children feel bored

Advice for mothers when our #children feel bored

After one of my (French) Thursdays live streams on youtube and instagram (@clairesamuelenglish) in which I shared my anxiety as my son was getting bored while I made all these efforts to offer him the best life possible, some mothers sent me kind messages to comfort me.

Sophie wrote: “I really liked your live, practicing self-care while doing our best for our children… not an easy task and sometimes it makes us feel guilty, I too have a son who gets bored sometimes and I do not feel like playing with him either, so I guess if we assume our choices 100% without neglecting our child of course, then the child adapts, learns to deal with frustration and develops his/her imagination because sometimes boredom has a positive side, we cannot be always busy, let’s make room for dreaming and creativity“.

Sohalia wrote: “Getting bored is normal. He will find something to do and practice imagination. This is a necessary step. Do not feel guilty. And do not overstimulate him. Quite the opposite. They all have phases like that, sometimes short and sometimes longer.”

Then, the following day she wrote: “How are you feeling today? Do not take it too much to heart. If you do everything you can, it means the ball is in his field now. Be present for him by asking him to find something to do or to help you if he is too bored. He will find very soon.”

Christine wrote: “Hi Claire, I can so relate to you!!! Seeing our child get bored is very uncomfortable. I am a mother of three, they now are 19, 16 and 10 years old. I am not a playing mummy either and I used to feel very guilty, especially when my eldest was small. I felt it was a never-ending task: I was giving and it was never enough. With experience, I realized that children too need these time periods when they feel bored, to build their personalities, to develop their imagination, or brothers and sisters relationships. As adults, we also experience such moments. One tip I have for you is to invite him to help you to carry out a task/chores, sometimes they are happy or all of a sudden they magically do not feel bored anymore. I wish you a fantastic day. Christine

Nathalie wrote: “Whenever I see my children like that and when I did everything I could at the moment I did it, then I say to myself: “Trust him/her, he/she has everything in him/her. Allow him/her some time. Be patient.” After experiencing terrible conflicts with my younger daughter, this is the tip which allowed me to go through the storm. However, it does not suppress sadness nor despair, but we all know that nothing is permanent. Big kisses from another mum.”

“I would give my own life for my son” But what if it does not change anything?

"I would give my own life for my son" But what if it does not change anything?

I love Preston Smiles and could relate when he shared that he would give his own life for his son (@prestonsmiles).

However, what if giving our life could not change anything?

I feel so frustrated because giving my life would not have prevented my son from suffering.

If this is the case for you as well, my heart goes to yours.

May we help each other sister. May we take care of our children even more, without guilt.