Protecting our #wealth #abundance

Protecting our #wealth #abundance Claire Samuel

I want my children to avoid the poverty mindset. I want them to live in abundance. I do my best to make them understand that I cannot and do not want to buy everything they fancy. I explain to them that as a single mother, I belong to the most economically fragile people. I want them to realize how lucky they are, to have a roof over their head and something to eat every day. Traveling is very helpful to show them that some children are less fortunate than them, while others are much wealthier.

I want to place the gratitude mindset at the heart of their education. I teach them that being grateful for what we have today brings even more of what we currently have. Complaining and comparing ourselves to others does not bring any good.
On a practical level, if we are in a store when I cannot buy the thing they want, I tell them that I refuse “to protect our wealth”, not because I cannot afford it. It is only a change of vocabulary. However, I am convinced that using positive terms is very helpful.

Moreover, I want them to have a good education about financial matters. Money is not a taboo subject. Having money and being financially savvy are ways to become financially independent, and to help even more people around us. I show them the excel spreadsheet I use whenever I spend or I get money. I give ten euros to my daughter since her tenth birthday. The aim is for her to learn how to manage a budget. The goal of being a financially independent person is very important for me because it was not my case for a long time. When I was trapped into an abusive relationship, I wanted desperately to leave. However, I thought I would end up in the streets, unable to meet the needs of my baby daughter by myself. Therefore, I remained in an abusive relationship which damaged me a lot. Nevertheless, being homeless in the street with my baby was just a thought. I chose to believe such thought. Such a thought led me to despair and a lot of pain. Today, I learned my lesson. I do not believe my thoughts when they relate to lack. I focus on abundance. I focus on working as best as possible to be able to live from what I create.

Why am I creating youtube videos and a blog on #selfawareness

Why am I creating youtube videos and a blog on #selfawareness Claire Samuel

Since I committed to publish two videos and blog articles daily, my life has changed. IT is a commitment I made for you as well as for myself. In doing so, I deepened my capacity to self reflect, to have more self-awareness and to know myself better. Both my videos and blog articles are like a journal, which helps me to organize my thoughts and get clearer about the vision I have for my life. Moreover, I am delighted when I watch older videos, reminiscing the place they were recorded in and the state of mind I was in. IT brings me joy and a very unique sensation: being aware of how far I have come. I vividly encourage you, my friend, my sister, to start a journal, a blog or a youtube channel, even by leaving the videos private. In so doing, we will apply the socratic teaching of “Know yourself first“.

The difference between humans and animals #creative spark

The difference between humans and animals #creative spark Claire Samuel

I wonder what really differentiates us from animals. Is it language? But animals do have ways to communicate between themselves. I reached the conclusion than a human being has the extraordinary capacity to escape his or her fate. A human being can create, whether it is an amazing and unusual house, a book which changes lives, a way of dancing which is so beautiful it brings tears to the eyes or a painting breathtakingly exquisite that one cannot stop admiring.

My friend, my sister, where do you turn your creative capacities towards? How to you make the world an even more beautiful place? How to you create a unique legacy, which stems from your heart? How do you decide to escape your fate by carving your own path?

Manifesting a camera to serve you better by offering you higher quality videos

Manifesting a camera to serve you better by offering you higher quality videos

My friend, my sister, I want to help others since I was a little child. I am almost 40 years old, so now the time has come for me to jump right in. Why do I exist on this Earth? Do I want to make a difference or just die after I lived? I do want to help because I have been put out of hell by generous souls who shared their stories. This is why I wrote a book and this is why I want to serve you better by creating higher quality videos with a proper camera. Please support me manifesting efforts. Lots of love, Claire