Review of my #youtubechannel after one year #ClaireSamuelinEnglish

Review of my #youtubechannel after one year #ClaireSamuelinEnglish

I started the youtube channel Claire Samuel in English in 2016. Something Ralph Smart said stuck to me: “Where would you be one year later if you started now?“. However, I was a legal intern on top of being a single mother of two, so I did not have time to upload daily on youtube.

2018 marks a rebirth. I decided to quit my job and change my life around. I now choose to finally do what I loved to do, while being present for my dear children.

For a year, I did not look at the number of subscribers nor the views. The goal was to do what I love, not what attracts views. My aim is still the same: to speak with integrity from the heart, because it feels good doing so.

I finally decided to do a review of the channel Claire Samuel in English at the end of 2018 to see how my audience responded to my work. Honestly, this is not what I expected because there is no real trend. I cannot say if people prefer when I talk about living food or about positive education.

Therefore, I shall continue to do what I love, knowing it will attract the right people. In my humble opinion, having a youtube channel and being healthy and happy means having fun in recording videos.



Enjoy a #pause to come back and create even more

Enjoy a #pause to come back and create even more

I went to the beach. I had nothing to do except enjoy the view and the marine air while watching over the kids. This is not natural for me. I tend to be super busy, always working and creating. However sister, the secret is to enjoy a pause once in a while. So we can create even more. Ideas generally flow when I take a break!



What is the connection between giving, creative energy and #abundance ?

What is the connection between giving, creative energy and #abundance ?

Giving from the bottom of our heart without expecting anything in return.

Giving to the people we know and who deserve it.

Giving to avoid attachment to material goods.

Giving to immerse ourselves into a pool of abundance energy.

Because true wealth lies in the creative force which makes us contribute to the world.

Because when we choose to take care of ourselves we can create and attract wealth.

To give more and to create more.


The #divine #mother who makes our wishes come true or always planting creative seeds

The #divine #mother who makes our wishes come true or always planting creative seeds

Nathalie from @mes_merveilleuses_fragilites on instagram read cards for me from the #Rumi oracle.

The card which popped up was The Divine Mother.

She guides us through the creative process.

She invites us to carry on creating, even though we cannot see the results yet.

She exhorts us to trust her. For she will make our wishes come true.

Justine from Blog d’une partageuse or to be #true and share it

Justine from Blog d'une partageuse or to be #true and share it

“Live more simply”. With such a sub-title, the “Blog d’une partageuse” (Blog of a sharer) instantly sparked my interest.

I was touched by Justine, her fragility, her honesty and her humor, so important humor 😉

Justine accepted to answer a few questions and I thank her deeply. Of course, if you read French, have a look at to discover her work and support her.

Thank you so much dear Justine. Thank you for reminding us that we can marry deep reflexions and a lightness to prevent us from taking ourselves seriously.

1. You started your blog a few months ago. What would be one word to describe best what writing online brought you? Why?

First of all, thank you for offering me such and opportunity to express myself on your space, to be interested in what I do.

Immediately I thought of the word “Empowerment”. First because writing what is on our heart is always an act of empowerment. Because I freed myself from the fear of being judged, the fear of not pleasing others, the fear of being myself then I finally started. Writing on this blog means I got rid of much anxiety, that I had felt daily and almost for ever.

2. You are the proof of how immersing ourselves into what we love is very fulfilling. I loved your blog article entitled “Mon blog m’a rendu ambitieuse” (My blog made me ambitious).

At the moment, writing or just uttering the word “creativity” brings me comfort, inspires me and empowers me. I feel like motivating all women to create.

Would you have some thoughts to reinforce such an idea and convince women, who may be isolated, or depressed, or even discouraged, to start and create something?

As I just said, writing is empowering. I believe everybody should try to write a few minutes daily.

Beyond writing, I would like too to advise women to practice what they feel passionate about on a daily basis, and maybe ask themselves if they could go further and share it. I believe that when we are passionate and we do it with all our heart, then it is of interest to others and can get an audience, it brings people positive vibes, this is what I aim to do, by always tackling subjects I am passionate about on my blog. Consequently, by touching them, we can meet beautiful persons and feel far less lonely. Even if, at first, it is only virtual. I do not think we should be afraid if such a virtual aspect. Those who are afraid of it may have forgotten that real people are behind the screen inasmuch as when we receive kind messages, they have been sent by nice people, not by a robot computer. So these relationships are magnificent too.

3. In your articles, your videos and your photos, you are natural, true and with no filter. Is such a vulnerability empowering or difficult to manage?

First thank you, it touches me so much because this is the image I try to offer so I am happy to know it works. Maybe I digress but I wish to say that it is now 6 years since I stopped wearing make-up and it is something which allowed me to learn to know myself and to love myself as I am.

Also I was alone for a year, only with my partner, but without almost any contact with friends. It completely turned my life around. This is when I really discovered myself and realized that I would sometimes change to be attracted and to please others. So I took the decision to never act according to other people’s expectations and stay as true as possible. To answer your questions, it was 100% empowering. Even if being too spontaneous, sometimes, and saying things I maybe should not, because they could hurt, is amazing. “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” (Gandhi). I try to apply this every day of my life.

4. What advice would you give a woman who feels like starting to write and sharing it, as you do, generously with others?

I do not know if I am in capacity to provide some advice. What I can say though is that we must assume it 100%. I had another blog before this one but I was afraid of judgement, so I talked about it to only 2 or 3 people. Consequently, I did not get much visits nor comments. Then I understood that I had this deep need to share with more people, so I assume it 100%, I tried to meet people with similar vibes and shared interests, notably on Instagram (@blogdunepartageuse). The best piece of advice I can give after this, is to genuinely be interested in what others do. If we expect it to come without effort and without any giving, it will not work.

Dear Justine, I thank you so much to be as you are. You are one of the people who do not make me wary.

It feels so good, each time I read your blog and your Instagram posts (@blogdunepartageuse), and now when I watch you on youtube on the channel “Justine Blogdunepartageuse“, to immerse myself in such an ocean of kindness, humor and freshness.

I feel touched and so flattered to have replied to the questions of such a brilliant women, sincerely! And you reader of this interview: go and read Claire’s book, it is great! Thank you Claire!!

Of the promise uttered to my books #creation and abundance

Of the promise uttered to my books #creation and abundance

In direct line with the fantastic book of Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic, I affirm and repeat the promise to my books.

I will do whatever it takes to support my family on a material level, so that I can write.

I will not expect my books to put food on the table for the children and I.

Of course I wish that all my creations bring abundance so that I can create even more.

However, I refuse to add pressure on my life and my creative endeavours, inasmuch as they can stay true and open-hearted.

Grab this great idea of yours while it is hot #creativity

Grab this great idea of yours while it is hot #creativity

Whenever a good idea comes to your mind, grab it! Yes it is a valuable idea, no matter how weird it can seem when it pops out into your mind.

Write it, anywhere. Or record it on your phone.

Strike while the iron is hot.

To creativity my friend my sister.

Why did I decide to switch to one video a day on #youtube (instead of 2)?

Why did I decide to switch to one video a day on #youtube (instead of 2)?

I do things full on.

When I really went into youtube, about a year after the creation of my youtube channel Claire Samuel in English, I released two videos per day.

Today, I choose to be more present for my children and to write my second book. The first book is entitled The Knot in the Spiral.

I am always promoting self care. Better start with me! My kids need their mother and my body longs for some rest.

Lots of love and thank you for understanding.

My 5 #productivity secrets on youtube and wordpress

My 5 #productivity secrets on youtube and wordpress

My 5 productivity secrets on youtube and wordpress are the following:

1. Record one or more video(s) every day

2. Take time to create a nice thumbnail for your youtube video or choose an image to illustrate your blog post

3. Draft a description of the youtube video. I copy and paste such a text to wordpress to create a new blog post

4. Schedule in advance the publication of the video on youtube and of the article on wordpress so you have peace of mind

5. Promote the release of the new youtube video/blog post on Instagram on the very day they become available

In a nutshell: systematize your production and stick to it 🙂

Which gear do I use to record videos? New #equipment

Which gear do I use to record videos? New #equipment

Express yourself my friend my sister! Dance, sing, write or record youtube videos!

Shall you need to be inspired by which equipment can be used to record youtube videos, I have two additions to my existing gear.

I needed a Rode Microphone Cable:

Rode Microphone Cable Which gear do I use to record videos? New #equipment


and a “GoPro Compatible Fotopro mini phone tripod“:

Fotopro RM-95 - Mini trépied Flexible avec Support pour Smartphone - Rode Microphone Cable Which gear do I use to record videos? New #equipment

I am still happily using my Samsung Galaxy A8:

samsung galaxy A8


This was my first equipment video: “Which gear do I use to record videos? One way of doing it #equipment“.