From abuse to sacred sexuality or to be #reborn my friend my sister

From abuse to sacred sexuality or to be #reborn my friend my sister

1. It is a process

To overcome physical or emotional abuse is the fruit of a real process, which has to take the necessary time.

Each one of us has her own way to rebuild her life and there is no perfect way to do it. To be reborn from the ashes like a phenix is done according to our personality, our circumstances, opportunities too.

Thus, some useful therapies like hypnosis or tapping can be useful to deal with post-traumatic stress with some of us.

I poured my pain into a book like a catharsis (The Knot in the Spiral). Then slowly, I began to rebuild my own unique personality, my tastes, my pleasure to be a woman.

2. Foundation rules of life

I love to create, I am very passionate, I follow my heart as much as possible, but I love to own values on which to align my actions, as much as possible.

I see men as admirable and magnificent human beings, not objects to find comfort. Therefore I do not want to use them.

Sexuality means reciprocal love in my life. However I refuse to judge how others can have different values. If you read my book The Knot in the Spiral, you understand how tolerant and open-minded I am towards those who do not share my way of thinking.

3. Health and happiness

Sexuality is for me a way to sublimate the love I feel towards a man. It is as important in my life as living food, fresh air and sunlight.

Sex and healthy living are linked and it is a way to honor the other person.

Some men use techniques to respect women even more by holding their fluids to avoid pregnancy and raise the amount of pleasure in both partners. Watch the video “Sex and Spirituality! Sacred Sensuality and Prana” about that if you are interested.

4. Purity

Fasting allows me to enjoy food even more while sexual abstinence helps me to make sex sacred.

Some women wait before marriage before having sex and I totally respect that even though it is not my choice (see “Why I’m a 32-Year Old Virgin“).

I am waiting to experience what reciprocal love is before having sexual intercourse so in the meantime I save myself and my energy for the man who will share sacred sexuality.

Lastly, some books to continue getting deeper on the subject of sacred sexuality: “Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm” by Nicole Daedone and “Ecstasy is Necessary: A Practical Guide” by Barbara Carrellas.

Of a driving lesson or women #empowerment

Of a driving lesson or women #empowerment

I got my driving license right after coming back to France, feeling half-dead after escaping a very abusing relationship. For some reason, I sensed it would be one way of rebuilding my self-esteem and my life.

I never drive nor do I own a car. However today I feel I need the freedom of being able to go wherever I want and whenever. So I got two hours of driving lessons to brush up my skills.

The guy said I was a very good driver and did not need more than two hours even though I never drove once in 8 years.

I felt so empowered and happy. The little things my friend my sister, the little things…




I don’t want to be a scruffy #mother! – Motherhood and Femininity Series Ep. 3

I don't want to be a scruffy #mother! - Motherhood and Femininity Series Ep. 3

I was invited for a first date. I had a gorgeous dress is powder pink. I even remember the café in the north of Paris, with a golden statue and magnificent stairs.

I thought I was so in love with this man, until he said to me: “I want you to be the mother of my children“. Ouch. A mother? Why not a wife first? A woman? Sensual and beautiful before being nurturing and soothing for children?

I never got the flame back for him. Maybe I was wrong, maybe I missed something. I do not think so at all anymore. Everything which is meant to be for me is drawn to me anyway, as the great @nataliethebeliever says on Instagram.

My mistake was to think I was not enough as a woman. My error was to think my value as a human being would be higher was I to be a mother.

A few years afterwards, it was so easy for the abuser to convince me that I would be a better person if I had children.

Today I have two amazing children and I don’t feel sorrow anymore about what happened.

However, I refuse to be a scruffy mother. I always wanted to be appreciated as a woman and still wish to experience this soon.

The crazy hectic life attached to my situation as a working mother raising her kids alone is trying to make me scruffy. The tiredness, the never-ending demands of the children…

Maybe this is why I was so touched when a neighbor gifted me clothes. I was a woman dressed in white clothes, in front of the big mirror of my bathroom. I sent photos to this woman. I was so grateful.

I know that by reclaiming my woman part, I can be a better mother as well to my children.




The lesson motherhood taught me #control – Motherhood and Femininity Series Ep. 2

The lesson motherhood taught me #control - Motherhood and Femininity Series Ep. 2

In one of the books I am going to review for you on this channel, the author explains that the best way to deal with teenagers is not trying to control them. It is counterproductive and disrespectful to them. More on that soon and the French book is called L’adolescence autrement.

In regard to children of all ages, mine taught me to let go of control from an early age. I could not try to follow a to-do list in order or plan things in a rigid way. Sometimes I feel motherhood is like a hair bun on our head that is swiftly removed with all the hair floating around our head in one second. Do you get the image?

Motherhood helped me to reconnect to my feminine side, which is similar to water. It is allowing, graceful and adaptable. Never rigid. Never trying to force one’s way or control things.

Choosing to promote positive things rather than fighting against

Choosing to promote positive things rather than fighting against

I deliberately choose to put my attention on the great men who are courageous enough to promote good causes and put themselves into other people’s shoes in a respectful way.

I have no words to describe how these anti-abortion laws for women who have been raped make me feel. I am not going to point the finger at the white men who passed such laws.

It is far more pleasurable and effective to think of the majority of amazing men out there. The majority of men deserve our attention and praise.

Everybody chooses what their purpose is in life. I choose to promote good things, not to fight against.

Today I choose to give praise to 25 men I admire:

1. Tom Bilyeu

2. Joe Dispenza

3. Jay Shetty

4. Eckhart Tolle

5. Tony Robbins

6. Dan The Life Regenerator

7. Markus Rothkranz

8. David Wolfe

9. Preston Smiles

10. Michael Sandler

11. Roberto Blake

12. Ed Mylett

13. Lee Harris

14. Russell Brand

15. Yuval Noah Harari

16. Dr Habib Sadeghi

17. Seth Godin

18. Tim Ferriss

19. Brendon Burchard

20. Thierry Casasnovas

21. Jacques Salomé

22. Franck Lopvet

23. Gregory Mutumbo

24. Christophe André

25. The men who belong to my private life which I cannot name but which I love far more than all the others

Of peace and women or war and gender integration to build peace

Of peace and women or war and gender integration to build peace

What is gender integration? It means that by taking into consideration the role of women when building peace after an armed conflict, the likelihood of a long-lasting peace is greatly increased.

Moreover, I feel like we need to talk more about the invisible consequences of war for women, as one of my students is currently working in a war zone for a peace keeping mission. For instance, domestic violence is often on the rise when men have to be soldiers, while many women find themselves all alone to take care of the children.

I need to share on this topic today to detach my attention from my minuscule little life and try to promote as much as possible harmonious relationships between men and women. Aggressive feminism is so old school. We are no longer one gender against the other, as in a war.

Nowadays, we realize that we do need each others, men and women. We can build from our respective qualities to build a safer world and long-lasting peace.


To practice rebounding and feel all the benefits #moveyourbody #trampoline

To practice rebounding and feel all the benefits #moveyourbody #trampoline

After sharing one year ago in a video entitled “Is rebounding good for the #pelvic floor? first thoughts“, I finally use a trampoline every day.

I love it so much! I put Beyoncé at top volume and I jump, I dance, this is so fun. Rebounding feels good because it warms me up when I am cold, I can feel the blood moving everywhere in my body and I have the intuition it is a perfect tool to move the lymph and get rid of toxins.

Try it my friend my sister and let me know 😉