Love your body inspiration with Forte a French movie about pole dance

Love your body inspiration with Forte a French movie about pole dance

Love your body inspiration with Forte a French movie about pole dance

Love your body is the perfect description of the French movie Forte and this is the 10 highlights that can serve you whether you understand French or not!

1. Because the movie Forte shows that you can be overweight yet have a strong mindset. Body and mind my friend my sister! You are not only a body. If you are overweight, focus on your brain. It can be the trigger which changes your body shape eventually.

2. Because the three main characters display a touching vulnerability which made me cry even though the movie is a comedy.

3. Because you can recognize yourself as I did in the character of the single mother who dreams about having a man in her life yet feels stuck by motherhood responsibilities

4. Because Forte highlights the following mantra: never give up and push through your fears

5. Because Forte shows us a great example of self respect when the main character Nour rejects her ex boyfriend who did not treat her with respect but was coming back to try to have her back because his new girlfriend cheated on him

6. Because the movie Forte is an ode to pole dance which I practice and am passionate about because it makes you go above misconceptions. Indeed pole dance is gracious and very hard exercise, which has nothing to do with stripping.

7. Because Forte shows that pole dance is available to all women. No need to have the body of a Barbie doll to start! But I must confess it is possible to get a gorgeous body by practicing regularly (see bonus point at the end).

8. Because that French movie illustrates the sisterhood vibes I feel when I attend my pole dance classes. We are between women and we support each other. No woman is superior to the others, even if she is very advanced . The best ones help the beginners. We have fun feeling sensual without taking ourselves seriously, doing tricks according to our respective levels.

9. Because the final scene made me think about a nice exchange I had with a woman I follow on Insta @douceur.sauvage: each time we witness a happy couple we rejoice! No jealousy nor envy! We feel joy because people loving each other is a sign from the Universe that such happiness is also available to us!

10. Because when I saw the movie at a Première, the actress Melha Bedia confided in the audience that she unexpectedly lost 20 pounds while the movie was being shot. Why? Pole dance! First pole dance is such great exercise that it really tones your whole body as all the muscles are solicited. Second Melha, who is a French comedian, said that she almost regretted having lost the weight because she worried not being funny anymore without it. It made me think of the insights I shared with you in the Weight Loss Series that I really enjoyed recording for you.

So what do you think of that movie my friend my sister?

When he comes back with flowers #sweetwords

When he comes back with flowers #sweetwords

I love a nice bunch of flowers but am I acting according to my values if I start the relationship again based on flowers and excuses?

1. Everything is about him

He is whispering sweet words and is so sorry about what he did. He promised he will really never ever do that again.

Then he covers us with compliments and praise. He is repeating that we are so important to him.

Because his words are actually centered on him. He needs us, we are essential to his life, we are bringing so much value to it.

He apologizes and showers us with excuses again. Maybe his excuses are valid by the way. But does it really change something? Does it change the fact that he has everything to obtain from us and nothing to offer?

2. Is love about boosting the ego?

If giving to me is about showering me with compliments, I will pass this one. I am not looking for a relationship to boost my ego thank you very much. I am always wary of excessive praise anyway.

3. You are offering him so much

Here, contrary to my past self, I am asking myself a question: why am I so important for him? Because he can obtain a lot from me? Because I am useful to him? Because I help him? However, does he really have the will and the ability to give something in return?

4. Giving and receiving

I am going to give and I love giving, but I will not receive anything. Is it really what I want to experience?

I already experienced such a situation in the past. For the first time in my life my friend my sister, I am not worried about being alone by refusing to be in a relationship with such a man.

As a very wise woman once told me: “You are never alone when you are with yourself”.

And most of all, I have this fierce joy inside my heart, which I frankly did not expect, as if the Universe was whispering to me: “You passed the test I sent you. You did not fall into the ego trap. Therefore, you are ready to receive love in your life and experience a healthy relationship in which you give and also receive“.

5. Your worth

You too deserve more than that my friend my sister. You deserve the best.