The most important advice for our #daughter who gets her #periods

The most important advice for our #daughter who gets her #periods

I am currently diving deep into the topic of periods thanks to the great book Wild Power Discover the Magic of Your Menstrual Cycle and Awaken the Feminine Path to Power by Alexandra Pope.

When my daughter got her periods, the most important piece of advice I gave her was: follow the seasons of your body.

Our divine feminine body follows four seasons. The book Wild Power explains this concept in a very interesting way.

Thus, during our periods, the body is experiencing a kind of winter phase. It is supposed to be resting in a warm and quiet place.

Then our body experiences a phase similar to spring during the 14 days leading to ovulation, which means summer time. This is when we are full of creative juices and energy.

Lastly, fall precedes winter when our body slows its rhythm before menstruation.

The beautiful magic of the feminine cycle is also beautifully explained in the great book The empowered woman by Kate Magic.

Kate Magic explains why women are not adapted to a linear rhythm but to a cyclical one.

Lastly, diet is again so important in our life that food choices can also be adapted to the seasons of our body. Check out the website Flo Living and the book Woman code by Alisa Vitti for more information about this fantastic idea.

Why adapt and change with the #flow of life?

Why adapt and change with the #flow of life?

I had a rigid upbringing. Today, I am obsessed with moving with the flow of life.

I arrived in Tunisia a few months ago. I adapt by looking at what Tunisian people do, not tourists. I do not try to live the same life I was living in Paris, but I change my routines and rythm according to my new country.

Adapting and changing make the perfect combination for growth, according to the beautiful flexibility of our divine feminine essence.

Review of The Empowered Woman A Holistic Guide to Understanding Your Hormones #TheEmpoweredWoman by Kate Magic

Review of The Empowered Woman A Holistic Guide to Understanding Your Hormones #TheEmpoweredWoman by Kate Magic

The Empowered Woman is a book I did not want to finish reading because I loved it like a delicious dish.

The sub-title is “A Holistic Guide to Understanding Your Hormones“. Had it not have been written by Kate Magic, who I admire so much, I would not have picked up this book because I am not particularly interested in hormones.

However, Kate Magic makes learning about hormones fun and interesting. Thanks to the book The Empowered Woman, I expanded my knowledge so much about what the feminine and masculine hormones are and how they interact with each other all the time.

Please find below 10 reasons why I adore Kate Magic’ new book.

1. The end of the patriarchy

The book The Empowered Woman came as a confirmation of a key idea of a French book called “Patriarcat : fin de partie” by Chantal Revault d’Allonnes.

We are entering a new age, not where we reject men but where we integrate in a harmonious way the divine masculine with the divine feminine.

2. Inside and outside

Kate Magic writes: “Empowerment is knowing that everything that happens in your life is ultimately a reflection of your inner state“.

Enough said. May we carry on working on ourselves to get the life we deserve.

3. Socrates again

Again and again in my recent readings, I come across the famous injunction from Socrates: “Know thyself“.

Kate Magic reminds us that knowing ourselves first is also the greatest gift, from ourselves to ourselves.

Today I do not feel like pleasing people around me anymore, but discovering who I really am.

4. Of the importance of food

Before transitioning slowly from a standard diet to a raw vegan lifestyle, I was absolutely not aware of the direct connection between what we eat and our state of mind.

Today it would be impossible for me to eat an animal for instance. I would not want to make her pain and suffering mine by eating it.

Our personal power also lies in the food we chose to eat (or not).

5. Epigenetics?

I discovered epigenetics a few years ago. It is a new way of looking at genes. In her book The Empowered Woman, Kate Magic invites us to free ourselves from the weight of our genetic past.

Our genes can be modified if we chose a healthier lifestyle. It starts by changing our habits.

We can become freer and create our life.

6. Habits or choices?

Changing our life starts with changing our habits. Instead of going through the motion like a robot, I can choose to ask myself: “Why am I doing this all the time?“.

Changing our habits also means introducing new ones. When I made the decision to practice yoga 5 minutes every day, I was far from imagining that one day I would do at least 30 minutes of yoga so easily.

A conscious habit becomes a choice and can lead us very far.

7. Stress no more baby

Being an empowered woman is being aware that stress is the worst.

No amount of good nutrition and regular exercise can help if we are stressed out. Most stress comes from a bad attitude towards ourselves. On the contrary, practicing self-care lowers our cortisol levels. As women, we are more likely to feel it because the whole society is organized in a linear and detrimental way for us, in opposition to our feminine nature, which is cyclical, intuitive and thrives on collaboration.

I learned it the hard way. I was raw vegan and practicing yoga every day, but working like crazy in a law firm. I simply burned out. Before changing my life.

I moved from France to Tunisia to lower my exposure to daily stress.

If you current situation is poisoned by stress, please know you are not alone. In her book, Kate Magic shares how she almost went into a nervous breakdown more than once.

8. Boundaries and disappointing people

The Empowered Woman is yet another invitation to set boundaries for ourselves. It starts by saying no more often.

By saying no to others we say yes to ourselves.

Learning to disappoint people and feel alright was one of my biggest lessons. I share about it in my book The Knot in the Spiral.

9. The bliss principle

Kate Magic reminds us in her book that we are meant to experience bliss in our life. We are worth it no matter what.

Following our bliss puts us in a good spiral of getting more joy and happiness. You know I love positive spirals 😉

10. Of potential and leave or our relationships with men

The most common error women make is to only see in a man the potential he holds. Loving a man is not changing him nor helping him to become different from what he is now.

Knowing how to walk away is one key of our personal power.

Lastly, a man’s role is not to make us happy. Being empowered and willing to share our happiness is much more gratifying for both people involved.

#Selfcare is not a luxury my friend

#Selfcare is not a luxury my friend

Living a luxury lifestyle but giving birth to a premature baby due to intense stress at the workplace?

According to my humble opinion, it is really not worth it.

I saw too much pain in the eyes of women at the top of their professional career, but isolated from their families by their high-flying work.

I am a big advocate of building a career and I even created a playlist helping women who want to go back to university.

However, it shall never occur at the detriment of our health nor our relationships with those we love.

My life was spinning in such a bad direction before I had a burnout. Thankfully, it became the storm which shook up my life entirely and made me rediscover my children.

Book review How to talk about vagina to my daughter #sexuality and raising a teenager

Book review How to talk about vagina to my daughter #sexuality and raising a teenager

Talking about sexuality to our children without taboo allows them to dedramatize the subject while protecting them. Hence, to be informed is the first step to make conscious and smart choices. Yes, I want my daughter to be cautious and intelligent when it comes to sexuality. At the same time, I do not want to stay silent as regard to the beauty of what sexuality can be, with the right partner. My aim is that my daughter become a self-confident woman, delighted to be in the skin she is.

I love the book (French edition) “Parler du vagin à ma fille” or How to talk about vagina to my daughter, because it is clear, honest, without taboo. Written by an OB-GYN, it contains all the important and necessary information, like hygiene, sexual transmitted diseases, pleasure and contraception. The book is written like a dialogue between the author and her 20-year-old daughter. The beginning of the book offers lots of historical data as regard to the place of women in medicine in general, then more precisely as midwives then OB-GYN. Thank you Catherine Rinieri for this open-hearted book. It is the second time I read it, safe for the fact that today I have an extraordinary teenage daughter next to me. I cannot find a better time to start tackling the topic of sexuality, with kindness, simplicity and truth.

Please share if you know similar books in English!

Book review How to talk about vagina to my daughter #sexuality and raising a teenager Comment parler du vagin à ma fille Traité sans complexe de l'anatomie et de la sexualité au féminin

Is rebounding good for the #pelvic floor? first thoughts

Is rebounding good for the #pelvic floor? first thoughts

I am honest: I do not have a strong pelvic floor. It is common for women who did not have the opportunity to rebuild their pelvic floor after a second baby and also for those of us who have been sexually abused, because we just do not want to think about this area of our body.

Nevertheless, having a good pelvic floor is very important as Dr Belisa Vranich explains on the amazing interview Tera Warner did of her. Kegels are a good way to rebuild our pelvic floor and so is yoga.

Recently, I did some rebounding with my children and was shock and ashamed to discover I really could do better to get a stronger pelvic floor. I plan on having a rebounder in the garden (soon) for the three of us. The opinions about how rebounding can help us get a stronger pelvic floor are contradictory. I have the intuition it is good for me and loved this article from Goop about it entitled “The secrets of the pelvic floor“.