The #miracle man who put together the shattered pieces of my #heart

The #miracle man who put together the shattered pieces of my #heart

I was so in love that when it ended, I felt as if I was a broken glass on the floor, shattered into one million pieces.

I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t understand.

Out of the blue, I met someone who seemed like God in the disguise of a man. What he did was simply to hold me in his arms for a few hours. With infinite patience and tenderness. The sweetest thing ever.

I was not the same person before and after. His warmth transferred positive energy from his body to mine.

It felt as if he had taken each little piece of broken glass and mended everything together so I could feel whole again.

His dark green eyes and the words he said to me will remain forever in my mind. Honestly I will remember this moment until the end of my life.

Although the chemistry between us was through the roof, the compatibility was zero because he was married. So I did not give him my surname, my number, the promise to see him again, nothing.

I will never see him again and this is fine by me. It was not meant to be.

This magical moment had only one purpose: to bring me back to life, to remind me of who I was despite the hurt.

I am so grateful. This is a true miracle.

My friend my sister, never underestimate the impact you can have on another person’s life. This man saved me with his kindness, love and respect.





When men talk of the #heart #divinemasculine

When men talk of the #heart #divinemasculine

Plants grow well when the gardener has a big heart” said two men when seeing me growing aloe vera, flowers and orange trees.

I notice how more and more men who are very masculine feel free to talk about the importance of having a big heart. It makes them even stronger in my eyes.




We need a strong man my friend my sister

We need a strong man my friend my sister

A wise and smart man told me that his 30-year-old son was weak because he was disrespectful towards women, treating them like object for pleasure only.

A strong man builds his life on several key elements of his choice, so that if one of them collapses he is still standing strong.

I feel I need a strong man, someone who is committed to the relationship with me, not only working hard for a job.

Additionally, I also need to come back to my feminine side, work less, have more time, space and energy for the man I love.



The thing I am the most proud of #divinemasculine

The thing I am the most proud of #divinemasculine

Sincerely, I do not know how I did it. Despite the abuse, I never fell into the trap of being resentful towards men. Quite the opposite actually. I have only admiration for men.



When a mother raises her son alone #divine masculine

When a mother raises her son alone #divine masculine

I have so many good things to say about men. I admire them and I respect them so much.

There is one thing in particular that most men do naturally: they protect us. This is a magnificent thing for men, but I do not want my son to feel the need to protect me. I want him to live his life as the child he is, as carefree as possible.




Ditching men? Never ever!

Ditching men? Never ever!

I love men, I admire men and I respect men so much. Having had a negative experience in the form of an abusive man does not change how #divine I see #masculinity



Of the magnificence of men or the family nested in an olive tree hollow

Of the magnificence of men or the family nested in an olive tree hollow

On the walk to school, a big street dog used to rest next to a very old olive tree with a wide trunk.

One day we discovered a dog family nested inside the tree hollow.

Attracted by the lovely puppies, we went to admire them a little bit too close. What a mistake!

The dad made us aware of our trespassing by barking loudly. He looked like the great protector of his wife who was breastfeeding the babies.

The sweet little dog family and the strong male dog made me think about the grandeur of men, the men who dare to be the solid rock on which their wife can lean on when she feels vulnerable.

To these amazing men, I have two words: #thankyou


What is the most amazing way to talk about an #ex ? #divinemasculine

What is the most amazing way to talk about an #ex ? #divinemasculine

He was approaching half of his personal century. With teary eyes he confided in me that his regret was to not be married to a woman he was in love with. Indeed, he was living with a woman who was chosen by his parents for him.

However, he had been married to another woman before. She was a magnificent Italian woman. They separated but kept in touch and still see each other twice a year.

He told me that he had even more respect for her now. She was like a sister to him now.

What an amazing way to talk about an ex. What a beautiful illustration of the divine masculine.