Our core human need is connection – advice for single mothers who feel #lonely

Need for connection

As I was traveling alone with the kids in a foreign country (Cabo Verde), I came face to face with a core human need: connection with other humans. Far from my usual environment, I was weak.

Each day, the children and I were going to the same spot on the beach. Indeed, after a few days, we eventually found the perfect safe spot, sheltered from the wind (Cabo Verde beaches are very windy).

One morning, a single mother and her son sat next to our spot. The conversation started naturally between us. She was british and deep in reflexion about the best way to reorganise her professional life. Hence, she wanted to be present for her son, by staying at home more often, while creating a career network for women. We met again the next days.

We are human beings. Our core need is connection. My friend, my sister, I am aware than we may not be able to meet our need for connection right in this very moment. I am writing this post, alone in my flat, raising my two children without any help and single for years now. However, when we desire, above everything else, to see the beauty of the world and of people all around us, we find it. Tonight, my daughter lost her train ticket. An unknown mother bought her one. I sent a text to my daughter which read: “The world is filled with extraordinary people. You are one extraordinary daughter so you naturally attract them to you.”

If you feel damaged or the pristine place inside of us – after the abuse

If you feel damaged or the pristine place inside of us - after the abuse

My friend, my sister, I am with you if you feel damaged, dirty or even disgusting after the abuse. However, there lies inside of you a pristine place, which nothing nor anybody can reach from the outside. I am sharing in this video a meditation and food for thoughts about such a magical place. Thanks to this pristine place, we can draw support and strength and rebuild our life, surrounded by the absolute purity we are.

Compassion in practice or how to respond with love to people who make us angry

Compassion in practice or how to respond with love to people who make us angry

What an irresponsible mother you are!” How to respond to judgemental people who do not understand us and put us down? The magic word is compassion. May we put such a beautiful value into practice and may we regain our peace of mind. May we always remain in the love energy, my friend, my sister. Blessings, Claire

Best tip to overcome loneliness when single

Best tip to overcome loneliness when single

My friend, my sister, if we are single, I am convinced that this is a temporary phase. Such a time is a preparation for the beautiful things to come to our lives. Being single means being a bud. May we take extra care of ourselves during this difficult, yet necessary, time. Thus, we will bloom in the most amazing way. My best tip to overcome loneliness when single is to offer a massage to our precious body, surrounding it by softness and warmth, thus apeasing our soul.

I love him, he was here all along, I changed and he changed

I love him, he was here all along, I changed and he changed

I met N. in 2012 when I was in the aftermath of abuse. I was recovering from it and he was the first non abusive man I was meeting. Sadly, I ended the relationship then. However, it was a good thing: I was following my integrity. Today I see him with new eyes. He changed and I changed. I give my love for him to the universe, not knowing the issue and letting go. I feel blessed to feel love for a man of such value.