All my past in a dream or a nightmare or #expressing emotions to turn the page

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I feel my life as a child was a bubble of loneliness. Then I have been abandoned by some men I really deeply loved. As if the people I care about the most were always far, impossible to touch, living behind glass doors, leaving me all alone in a gigantic room.

That feeling is not something I wish to keep inside. Therefore I am choosing to express it to let it go.

I choose to put it out so I can turn the page and live a happy life.

You deserve to let the past go my friend my sister because there are beautiful things waiting for you on the other side of expressing yourself!

The Universe or Life and why so many conflicts? overcoming #opposition

The Universe or Life and why so many conflicts? overcoming #opposition

I laugh at myself when I hear me scream: “I deserve some respect! You have to respect me! I am going to stand for myself!

Yes, I have two teenagers. And I came to believe that the Universe sent me this single motherhood challenge so I could overcome my dislike of conflict.

There is something to learn in everything my friend my sister!


How to overcome a #breakup? To forgive and to #forgiveoneself

How to overcome a #breakup? To forgive and to #forgiveoneself

Of course moving forward means letting go of any resentment or anger towards the person in whom we had so much trust but who left us.

Nevertheless, there is an important way to go, beyond that beautiful person we have fallen for. It is our big job to really go inwards, inside our soul, to draw as much as compassion and tenderness possible to realize the best thing ever: forgiving ourselves.

I forgive myself to have given my trust when it was my responsibility not to take so many risks.

I forgive myself to have given all my love when he was showing me with his behavior that he did not love me anymore.

I forgive myself. I forgive myself.

Negative #emotions and being ready to #receive the #gifts of life

Negative #emotions and being ready to #receive the #gifts of life

I am ashamed of this but the truth is I left a great man, a pianist who was even composing music tracks for me.

I was not able to appreciate the gift of being with someone who loves me because I was in a bubble of sticky sadness, blinding me to the goodness of life.

This is the reason why I have written the book The Knot in the Spiral. I wanted to get it off my chest, instead of remaining trapped into the pain.

Let it go, let it out my friend my sister. Check out the great interview of Amanda The Shamanic Coach to learn more about this topic: “#Interview with Amanda The Shamanic Coach #divinefeminine“.

It is not the man who hurts us but our #core #negativebelief

It is not the man who hurts us but our #core #negativebelief

I am not hurting because a man left me, but because of the core wound which is triggered by that event.

However, when I make the conscious effort to look at the emotion in the eyes, I discover that my original wound is the belief according to which I do not deserve love.

Once I look straight into it, I can let it go. Be free. Freed.

When even what you love makes you #desperate beyond #depression

When even what you love makes you #desperate beyond #depression

At 20 years old, I was passionate about martial arts.

I was practicing karate in my neighborhood.

However, sometimes I was falling apart crying in front of the door of my karate class.

If I was able to transform my life from this feeling worse than depression to my actual life, which I love with so much enthusiasm, it is thanks to beautiful souls who share their life stories and experiences.

Never underestimate the positive impact you can have on others my friend my sister. Share, express yourself! At the moment, reading the posts of Natalie the believer on IG really warms my heart.

You are not alone my friend my sister and you have in yourself the capacity to come out of it.





Behind the pain the #lessons #heartbreak

Behind the pain the #lessons #heartbreak

After a breakup, there is a time to cry and grieve.

Then comes the time to draw lessons from what happened to grow and move forward in life.

By listening to and reading what the fantastic Jay Shetty puts into the world, I could see myself in two great ideas which are lessons for me.

The first lesson is that not forcing love is a sign of maturity.

It is useless to run after a man who says no. Furthermore, it is not respectful.

The second lesson is that even if we terribly miss a man, it does not mean that the end of the relationship was a bad thing.

He left and this belongs to the natural order of things, even if it hurts. There may be a reason in it that I cannot see yet.

Behind the pain the #lessons #heartbreak

Behind the pain the #lessons #heartbreak


How not to take things personally in #reallife!

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He is making a fool of me!

Who? My neighbor who wakes me up in the night because of his door slamming or my boss who writes so badly I can hardly read him.

Really? Not so sure!

If I choose not to take things personally, I can look further than the surface or my ego and I can grasp reality better.

My neighbor has such an issue with his door that he has to kick it so he can enter his flat.

My boss is so concerned with my situation as a single mother that not only does he raise my salary to the maximum of his capacity but he also offers me a loan shall I need one.

Not taking things personally is one of the four agreements from the famous book by Don Miguel Ruiz. If you love this author, I also recommends Mastery of Love, such a great book on romantic relationships my friend my sister.

If you also have been cheated on or #intuition and #hope

If you also have been cheated on or #intuition and #hope

I have been cheated on by two men. For the first one, I was naive, 19 years old and I believed him when he said I was really crazy to imagine that. For the second, he was a lying with natural ease, using blame like a sword and abusing people for the sheer pleasure of it. Destroying me so I would slowly die was a goal of him. I left before that but honestly, I did not believe I had been cheated on from the first to the last day. The police officer who revealed this piece of information to me made me get an HIV test because I was so at risk, considering the extent of him cheating with so many people.

Today my mission is to bring hope to women who have been cheated on and who, beyond the pain of it, have risked their own life because of it as I did with mine.

I wrote about it in my book The Knot in the Spiral, I started to rebuild my life by leaving the abusive relationship/trap. The thing is, all these practices which bring more purity into our body and life, have a great secondary effect: they dramatically increase our intuition my friend my sister.

Now I can feel people. I smell them and I feel them! Whenever I feel ill-at-ease, I can use my brain and my rational sense, it will not change it. If I am ill-at-ease, for instance if a man pretends he is with a friendly friend while they sleep together, I feel it immediately. I know I can count on my intuition. I am not worried of being cheated on anymore.

My friend my sister, you can rebuild your life and your intuition so you do not live in the fear of being cheated on and welcome true love instead.

How to #overcome #heartbreak in 10 steps

How to #overcome #heartbreak in 10 steps

To tackle the issue of heartbreak is my duty because we must not underestimate the pain.

One of my friends had a breast cancer which I partly attribute to the hurt experienced by her after being left by the man with whom she was getting ready to have children.

Let’s talk about heartbreak my friend my sister, because time is really not enough to heal it. The 10 following tips have been personally tested by your humble servant during her last breakup. Dear God/Universe I would be delighted if it was the last because it hurts too much to bleed pain like that for weeks. Thank you in advance 😉

1. Do not take things personally

You have been left for a reason which belongs to the man you were in love with.

The reason for which he left you could have been the reason another man would love you.

Do not question your self-worth because you are left by a man. It has nothing to do with that. More about that in the book The Four Agreements.

2. Stick to your morning routine

Even when I feel that the ground is disappearing from under my feet, I am saved by the structure of a morning routine almost set in stone for me: rebounding, meditation and yoga.

Whatever the length, do not put pressure on you my friend my sister. A morning routine goes from 15 minutes to a few hours. The key is to stick to it.

Moreover, moving your body will move your emotions too, so you can digest and free yourself from them.

3. Do not resist the pain but welcome it

The extraordinary Pema Chodron talks and writes about opening our being and our heart to grief instead of trying to keep it at a distance at all costs. She has written many books, such as When Things Fall Apart and Living Beautifully: with Uncertainty and Change.

Before I did not want to even look at my pain. I was burying all the grief and sadness under tons of food.

Today I look at my broken heart in the eyes. I can feel it bleed and cry. I thought I would be totally overcome by grief and crumble under it, but actually it did not happen. I feel tremendous pain but I am still alive. This is unexpected.

4. Love yourself as you loved him

Love yourself in the way you dreamed he would love you. For instance, I dreamed he would bring me the most delicious fresh fruits so I am doing it for me. I was seeing his face behind a bunch of flowers in my imagination so I will buy myself flowers on for the new flat.

See yourself as the object of love and attention. How would you love yourself with the same devotion you loved him?

I ask myself how I can use my friends or myself to fulfill the needs I had with him: talking about literature, being held in his arms, wearing dresses and heels, taking care of me…

5. Pretend you are in a relationship with a man you admire

For me the trick works with Jay Shetty. I feel very attracted to men like him (not him in particular) because he is smart, healthy and doesn’t take himself seriously.

I pretend he is living with me right now. What would I do in my daily life if he was my partner? How would I feel each minute of the day? This exercise is law of attraction married to an immediate feel-good sensation 😉

6. Look at what is present in your life today

Obviously having a broken heart means we feel as if nothing is worth it anymore and our life is empty. There is a famous French quote by Lamartine which reads: “Un seul ĂȘtre vous manque et tout est dĂ©peuplĂ©” (You miss one human being and it feels as if nobody exist anymore).

However, the secret is to make the effort to count our blessings, to list all that is currently working well in our life.

7. Rejection is redirection and protection

My friend my sister, I know this is the hardest thing to hear but I promise each time I experienced it.

The end of a relationship feels like the worst pain ever, but it is part of a bigger plan.

We are protected from something which would have been detrimental to us. We could not see it yet, but in some way the relationship was not good for us.

Nataliethebeliever on Instagram has great posts about that. Check her out!

8. Giving up on over-thinking

During my last break-up, it felt good to write emails to the man I loved and who left me. Nevertheless, I did not send any of them.

I wrote pages and pages to clear my mind.

Then, I let go of over-thinking about everything I wanted to tell you that I did not have time to say to him.

I let go of the list of everything I wanted to do with him that I will never be able to share with him.

I choose to savor in my mind the good times spent with him.

To continue to communicate on a very regular basis with the man we loved can prevent us from moving forward and, at the end of the day, what’s the point anyway ? There is an amazing video by Jay Shetty about this: “Can You Be Friends With Your Ex? 3 Things To Think About Before You Do | Jay Shetty «Podcast»“. The relationship is dead so it only needs to be grieved.

From now on, I stop crying and over-thinking about what was and could have been. I look at the future not the past. I think about the man I will be with, the one who will be happy to build his life with me.

9. Love did exist

My friend my sister, even if the man we love/loved made love with another girl, I am convinced that it did not cancel the fact that love did exist at some point in the past.

Apart from toxic and abusive relationships, I am certain that love did exist at one moment in the past, even if it died afterwards.

Do not believe that he never loved you, that he made fun of you, that you are not good enough, that he is mean.

The fact that he does not love me today does not cancel the fact that at some point in the past he did love me. Therefore, love did exist and can exist again, with another man.

10. Save yourself

Even if you have opportunities, save yourself, to be crystal clear: no sex after a break-up to boost the ego.

It is like sugar. It is tempting but in the end it hurts more than it heals.

You are worth so much my friend my sister, do not waste that, do not lower your high standards.

Sexuality is sacred and, according to my humble opinion, shall be shared with a worthy man, in mutual respect and trust.