How to deal with #overwhelming #emotions? body and movement

How to deal with #overwhelming #emotions? body and movement

It was a true revolution for my body and well-being to discover free yoga youtube videos five years ago thanks to the channel Yoga With Adriene.

Then something happened. I lost someone I love inasmuch as the man I was in love with decided to leave the country for ever. A similar situation had happened to me many years ago, leaving me feeling like a fly stuck on her back or like a person gasping for oxygen.

So I made a little experiment. Why not? I had nothing to loose anyway, I couldn’t feel any lower.

I did the video “Yoga For a Broken Heart – Unconditional Love“. The first time, I had so many tears running down my face that my yoga mat was wet.

I hung onto it. I did the same yoga video every day. After five days, I noticed a definite change in my mood. I was still sad but feeling empowered. I discovered I had everything in me to deal with such big emotions.

The secret my friend my sister is to remember that our body and our mind are connected. Then we can make the most of this beautiful union!

All my past in a dream or a nightmare or #expressing emotions to turn the page

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I feel my life as a child was a bubble of loneliness. Then I have been abandoned by some men I really deeply loved. As if the people I care about the most were always far, impossible to touch, living behind glass doors, leaving me all alone in a gigantic room.

That feeling is not something I wish to keep inside. Therefore I am choosing to express it to let it go.

I choose to put it out so I can turn the page and live a happy life.

You deserve to let the past go my friend my sister because there are beautiful things waiting for you on the other side of expressing yourself!

The Universe or Life and why so many conflicts? overcoming #opposition

The Universe or Life and why so many conflicts? overcoming #opposition

I laugh at myself when I hear me scream: “I deserve some respect! You have to respect me! I am going to stand for myself!

Yes, I have two teenagers. And I came to believe that the Universe sent me this single motherhood challenge so I could overcome my dislike of conflict.

There is something to learn in everything my friend my sister!


How to overcome a #breakup? To forgive and to #forgiveoneself

How to overcome a #breakup? To forgive and to #forgiveoneself

Of course moving forward means letting go of any resentment or anger towards the person in whom we had so much trust but who left us.

Nevertheless, there is an important way to go, beyond that beautiful person we have fallen for. It is our big job to really go inwards, inside our soul, to draw as much as compassion and tenderness possible to realize the best thing ever: forgiving ourselves.

I forgive myself to have given my trust when it was my responsibility not to take so many risks.

I forgive myself to have given all my love when he was showing me with his behavior that he did not love me anymore.

I forgive myself. I forgive myself.

Negative #emotions and being ready to #receive the #gifts of life

Negative #emotions and being ready to #receive the #gifts of life

I am ashamed of this but the truth is I left a great man, a pianist who was even composing music tracks for me.

I was not able to appreciate the gift of being with someone who loves me because I was in a bubble of sticky sadness, blinding me to the goodness of life.

This is the reason why I have written the book The Knot in the Spiral. I wanted to get it off my chest, instead of remaining trapped into the pain.

Let it go, let it out my friend my sister. Check out the great interview of Amanda The Shamanic Coach to learn more about this topic: “#Interview with Amanda The Shamanic Coach #divinefeminine“.

It is not the man who hurts us but our #core #negativebelief

It is not the man who hurts us but our #core #negativebelief

I am not hurting because a man left me, but because of the core wound which is triggered by that event.

However, when I make the conscious effort to look at the emotion in the eyes, I discover that my original wound is the belief according to which I do not deserve love.

Once I look straight into it, I can let it go. Be free. Freed.

When even what you love makes you #desperate beyond #depression

When even what you love makes you #desperate beyond #depression

At 20 years old, I was passionate about martial arts.

I was practicing karate in my neighborhood.

However, sometimes I was falling apart crying in front of the door of my karate class.

If I was able to transform my life from this feeling worse than depression to my actual life, which I love with so much enthusiasm, it is thanks to beautiful souls who share their life stories and experiences.

Never underestimate the positive impact you can have on others my friend my sister. Share, express yourself! At the moment, reading the posts of Natalie the believer on IG really warms my heart.

You are not alone my friend my sister and you have in yourself the capacity to come out of it.





Behind the pain the #lessons #heartbreak

Behind the pain the #lessons #heartbreak

After a breakup, there is a time to cry and grieve.

Then comes the time to draw lessons from what happened to grow and move forward in life.

By listening to and reading what the fantastic Jay Shetty puts into the world, I could see myself in two great ideas which are lessons for me.

The first lesson is that not forcing love is a sign of maturity.

It is useless to run after a man who says no. Furthermore, it is not respectful.

The second lesson is that even if we terribly miss a man, it does not mean that the end of the relationship was a bad thing.

He left and this belongs to the natural order of things, even if it hurts. There may be a reason in it that I cannot see yet.

Behind the pain the #lessons #heartbreak

Behind the pain the #lessons #heartbreak


How not to take things personally in #reallife!

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He is making a fool of me!

Who? My neighbor who wakes me up in the night because of his door slamming or my boss who writes so badly I can hardly read him.

Really? Not so sure!

If I choose not to take things personally, I can look further than the surface or my ego and I can grasp reality better.

My neighbor has such an issue with his door that he has to kick it so he can enter his flat.

My boss is so concerned with my situation as a single mother that not only does he raise my salary to the maximum of his capacity but he also offers me a loan shall I need one.

Not taking things personally is one of the four agreements from the famous book by Don Miguel Ruiz. If you love this author, I also recommends Mastery of Love, such a great book on romantic relationships my friend my sister.