Book review Altruism by Matthieu Ricard #reading

Book review Altruism by Matthieu Ricard #reading

The book Altruism by Matthieu Ricard is perfect for the 21st century. I love the idea of associating kindness and compassion to strength. Very well documented, Altruism proves that it is the way of the future on the planet.

Altruism Matthieu Ricard

Collaboration is much modern than competition. This idea has been explained by Chantal Revault d’Allonnes in the interview I did of her (in French) about her book on the end of patriarchy.

livre patriarcat fin de partie

Collaboration being the trend of the new era also reminds me of Blue ocean strategy, as opposed to the red blood ocean of competition.

Blue Ocean Strategy, Expanded Edition How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant Renée Mauborgne

Matthieu Ricard also wrote Happiness:

Happiness Matthieu Ricard

And Why meditate?:

Why meditate Matthieu Ricard







Book review How to talk about vagina to my daughter #sexuality and raising a teenager

Book review How to talk about vagina to my daughter #sexuality and raising a teenager

Talking about sexuality to our children without taboo allows them to dedramatize the subject while protecting them. Hence, to be informed is the first step to make conscious and smart choices. Yes, I want my daughter to be cautious and intelligent when it comes to sexuality. At the same time, I do not want to stay silent as regard to the beauty of what sexuality can be, with the right partner. My aim is that my daughter become a self-confident woman, delighted to be in the skin she is.

I love the book (French edition) “Parler du vagin à ma fille” or How to talk about vagina to my daughter, because it is clear, honest, without taboo. Written by an OB-GYN, it contains all the important and necessary information, like hygiene, sexual transmitted diseases, pleasure and contraception. The book is written like a dialogue between the author and her 20-year-old daughter. The beginning of the book offers lots of historical data as regard to the place of women in medicine in general, then more precisely as midwives then OB-GYN. Thank you Catherine Rinieri for this open-hearted book. It is the second time I read it, safe for the fact that today I have an extraordinary teenage daughter next to me. I cannot find a better time to start tackling the topic of sexuality, with kindness, simplicity and truth.

Please share if you know similar books in English!

Book review How to talk about vagina to my daughter #sexuality and raising a teenager Comment parler du vagin à ma fille Traité sans complexe de l'anatomie et de la sexualité au féminin

Book review about #manipulation and abuse French edition Do not fall in love with an abuser

Book review about #manipulation and abuse French edition Do not fall in love with an abuser

I felt less lonely after I escaped abuse, when I discovered the great book by Veronique Moraldi (French edition) Gardez-vous d’aimer un pervers. It is a warning against falling in love with a narcissistic man. But can we really use the word love in an abusive relationship? It is incredible what an abuser can make a woman do. Domestic violence has nothing to do with the intelligence level. It is a gradual process which aims at killing a woman’s self-esteem so much that she will cope with all kind of abuse. Do not be fooled: physical abuse does not happen immediately in an abusive relationship. Emotional abuse always precedes physical abuse.

Do not fall for an abuser. Do not have children with him. Do not die. Escape. Rebuild your life. Choose life, self-respect and light.

Gardez-vous d'aimer un pervers

Veronique Moraldi has written a second book (French edition) Et si vous aimiez un pervers narcissique:

Book review about #manipulation and abuse French edition Et si ce n’était pas lui ? Et si ce n_était pas lui Véronique Moraldi

Keeping it real #book review Buddhism for Mothers

Keeping it real #book review Buddhism for Mothers Claire Samuel

A dear friend of mine recommended me the great book “Budhism for mothers” when my daughter was very small. I loved it so much that I am still thinking about it more than ten years afterwards. It is very important to keep it real as mothers. Single motherhood is not glamorous, it is real and raw. It is also a way of growing ourselves as human beings.

Buddhism for Mothers: A Calm Approach to Caring for Yourself and Your Children

Renegate Beauty – 10 #books to rebuild our life Series – 10

Renegate Beauty - 10 #books to rebuild our life Series - 10 Claire Samuel

First, I love that Renegade Beauty: Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance–Beauty Secrets, Solutions, and Preparations is dedicated to Nadine Artemis’ sisters.

Then Renegate Beauty reminds us that comparison is a killer, whether it is comparison with how we should look or comparison with other women. It was utterly fascinating to read the story of how Nadine Artemis discovered essential oils, after a detour in Paris (and its perfumes) and her upbringing close to nature (she was already making potions when she was a little girl).

Renegate Beauty insists on the benefits of the sun for all nature, including human beings. This touches me deeply as I am preparing to move and live south for this specific reason: to be able to be outside more and to feel the golden beloved sun on my skin. As regard to the water element, it was fascinating to learn that our brain and our hearts contain 73% of water. Then, there is a chapter about the Air element before the Earth element. Again, I am moving out of Paris because I need to breathe more oxygen. It is also a beauty decision!

Moreover, Renegate Beauty initiates us to vitalism, which I understand as a true communion between us and nature and the entire cosmos.

Above all, the best beauty secret actually resides in a healthy colon, which contains beneficial bacteria. I feel encouraged to carry on my regular enemas.

Furthermore, I was shocked by the eye-opener chapter about breast health and it should be required reading for every woman.

Why is this book life changing? Because having the confidence not to wear make up is very recent for me. I spent my teenage years to cover my skin with a thick layer of chemical cosmetics, thinking I was ugly without them. Whenever I look at photos of the old me with so much make-up on, the contrast is striking. Indeed, today my face looks cleaner and sharper, in the purity of the absence of make-up.

I highly recommend this beautiful book by Nadine Artemis, which is adorned by stunning photography, full of purity, grace and beauty.

Renegade Beauty: Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance--Beauty Secrets, Solutions, and Preparations Claire Samuel

I am sharing my coconut oil cleaning ritual and many more great beauty secrets in the playlist I created for you called “Beauty: natural, pure, minimalist, simple and healthy“.

As mentioned in the video, I stopped wearing underwired bras and feel so much better since. I share this in the video called “Bye bye underwire bras and hello self care or the end of suffering for beauty“.


The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom – 10 #books to rebuild our life Series – 9

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom - 10 #books to rebuild our life Series - 9 Claire Samuel

I read The Four Agreements one year after having escaped a dangerous and toxic relationship and one year prior going back to college to become a lawyer. This book literally changed my life. The four core life principles are:

  1. May we be impeccable with our word: I teach my children that their mouth shall be clean both ways. As much as we strive to feed ourselves the most nourishing food, we must strive to talk in a respectful way, without bad language, making sure we do not hurt the feelings of others with the words we speak,
  2. May we do not take anything personally: other people criticism and judgement of ourselves has in fact nothing to do with us, we are their mirror so how they behave towards us only means so much as regard to them, their mindset and their values,
  3. May we do not make assumptions: again, judgement is useless because if only we could take a bird’s-eye view, we could see all the missing data on a given situation, we cannot see the full picture so may we keep an open mind and an open heart while walking bravely on the path, even if they are some circumstances which we cannot understand fully right now, and
  4. May we always do our best: may be honestly assess if we have given our all to something, if the answer is yes, we are enough, and we can be proud of ourselves sister.

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book) - Claire Samuel

The Four Agreements Toltec Wisdom Collection: 3-Book Boxed Set - Claire Samuel

In Search of Wisdom – 10 #books to rebuild our life Series – 8

In Search of Wisdom - 10 #books to rebuild our life Series - 8

I was eager to read this book by Christophe André, Matthieu Ricard and Alexandre Jollien. I gave my first book written by Christophe Andre to a very special person, as I recall in my book, because I admire this author so much. I especially loved the advice as regard to listening, cultivating gratitude and letting go of ego. However, I do try not to make an enemy of my ego. It is a part of me, as are my shadows.

In Search of Wisdom: A Monk a Philosopher and a Psychiatrist on What Matters Most is a beautiful book which contains pragmatic advice at the end of each chapter. I loved it.

In Search of Wisdom: A Monk, a Philosopher, and a Psychiatrist on What Matters Most