Review of The Empowered Woman A Holistic Guide to Understanding Your Hormones #TheEmpoweredWoman by Kate Magic

Review of The Empowered Woman A Holistic Guide to Understanding Your Hormones #TheEmpoweredWoman by Kate Magic

The Empowered Woman is a book I did not want to finish reading because I loved it like a delicious dish.

The sub-title is “A Holistic Guide to Understanding Your Hormones“. Had it not have been written by Kate Magic, who I admire so much, I would not have picked up this book because I am not particularly interested in hormones.

However, Kate Magic makes learning about hormones fun and interesting. Thanks to the book The Empowered Woman, I expanded my knowledge so much about what the feminine and masculine hormones are and how they interact with each other all the time.

Please find below 10 reasons why I adore Kate Magic’ new book.

1. The end of the patriarchy

The book The Empowered Woman came as a confirmation of a key idea of a French book called “Patriarcat : fin de partie” by Chantal Revault d’Allonnes.

We are entering a new age, not where we reject men but where we integrate in a harmonious way the divine masculine with the divine feminine.

2. Inside and outside

Kate Magic writes: “Empowerment is knowing that everything that happens in your life is ultimately a reflection of your inner state“.

Enough said. May we carry on working on ourselves to get the life we deserve.

3. Socrates again

Again and again in my recent readings, I come across the famous injunction from Socrates: “Know thyself“.

Kate Magic reminds us that knowing ourselves first is also the greatest gift, from ourselves to ourselves.

Today I do not feel like pleasing people around me anymore, but discovering who I really am.

4. Of the importance of food

Before transitioning slowly from a standard diet to a raw vegan lifestyle, I was absolutely not aware of the direct connection between what we eat and our state of mind.

Today it would be impossible for me to eat an animal for instance. I would not want to make her pain and suffering mine by eating it.

Our personal power also lies in the food we chose to eat (or not).

5. Epigenetics?

I discovered epigenetics a few years ago. It is a new way of looking at genes. In her book The Empowered Woman, Kate Magic invites us to free ourselves from the weight of our genetic past.

Our genes can be modified if we chose a healthier lifestyle. It starts by changing our habits.

We can become freer and create our life.

6. Habits or choices?

Changing our life starts with changing our habits. Instead of going through the motion like a robot, I can choose to ask myself: “Why am I doing this all the time?“.

Changing our habits also means introducing new ones. When I made the decision to practice yoga 5 minutes every day, I was far from imagining that one day I would do at least 30 minutes of yoga so easily.

A conscious habit becomes a choice and can lead us very far.

7. Stress no more baby

Being an empowered woman is being aware that stress is the worst.

No amount of good nutrition and regular exercise can help if we are stressed out. Most stress comes from a bad attitude towards ourselves. On the contrary, practicing self-care lowers our cortisol levels. As women, we are more likely to feel it because the whole society is organized in a linear and detrimental way for us, in opposition to our feminine nature, which is cyclical, intuitive and thrives on collaboration.

I learned it the hard way. I was raw vegan and practicing yoga every day, but working like crazy in a law firm. I simply burned out. Before changing my life.

I moved from France to Tunisia to lower my exposure to daily stress.

If you current situation is poisoned by stress, please know you are not alone. In her book, Kate Magic shares how she almost went into a nervous breakdown more than once.

8. Boundaries and disappointing people

The Empowered Woman is yet another invitation to set boundaries for ourselves. It starts by saying no more often.

By saying no to others we say yes to ourselves.

Learning to disappoint people and feel alright was one of my biggest lessons. I share about it in my book The Knot in the Spiral.

9. The bliss principle

Kate Magic reminds us in her book that we are meant to experience bliss in our life. We are worth it no matter what.

Following our bliss puts us in a good spiral of getting more joy and happiness. You know I love positive spirals 😉

10. Of potential and leave or our relationships with men

The most common error women make is to only see in a man the potential he holds. Loving a man is not changing him nor helping him to become different from what he is now.

Knowing how to walk away is one key of our personal power.

Lastly, a man’s role is not to make us happy. Being empowered and willing to share our happiness is much more gratifying for both people involved.

10 reasons to read Conscious uncoupling by Katherine Woodward Thomas #greatbook

10 reasons to read Counscious uncoupling by Katherine Woodward Thomas #greatbook

1. Conscious uncoupling is a real treat for personal development lovers, even if we are not currently breaking up with a partner.

2. Katherine Woodward Thomas’ book about parting ways in a loving manner is full of practical and useful tips.

For instance, I love her advice as regard to feeling overwhelmed by a separation.

Sometimes, having a broken heart means we behave in an irrational and erratic way.

What is the solution to come back to our wise and usual self? By identifying our emotions.

Giving a name to the feelings which overwhelm us brings awareness. This is the first step to center ourselves again.

3. Concious uncoupling also means searching inside of ourselves for the original core wound.

What happened in the past that hurt us so much that we are reliving that event again and again everytime we experience a break-up?

Again, by identifying the buried trauma, we can let it go, free ourselves from it and grow happier and healthier.

4. What if repeating a smart mantra could help coming out of the intense sadness brought by the loss of a partner?

A mantra is a kind of intelligent alchemy. It has the power to transform our inner state.

Repeating a mantra means we connect with our adult self, the one who is resourceful and wise.

A positive mantra brings good vibes into our life. It supports a healthy intention. It allows us to stop acting like the terrified child who is inside us and is so frightened that she makes us act in a crazy way. We can reassure this child with a soothing mantra.

My favorite mantra at the moment is: “I have everything I need and more”.

5. A concious breakup means we take back our personal power instead of blaming and criticizing our ex.

Instead of taking on the victim role, we have the power to choose differently. We can look for the mistakes we made in the relationship. We can grow from there, promising not to repeat them in the future.

If we are able to identify where we misjudged situations, we can build a healthier relationship the next time.

In my book, The Knot in the Spiral, I share how I deeply loved a man for 13 years. The question for me would be: “Why did I choose to fall in love with a man who was unavailable and for such a long period of time?

6. To forgive ourselves is part of the process of positive uncoupling and freedom. May we forgive ourselves first, before forgiving our ex.

I make a concious effort to forgive myself for having misused positive thinking, hoping the abuser would change and minimizing the abuse by focusing on the good sides of my existence (like having hot water at the tap).

7. Concious uncoupling is a book which invites us to honor the time spent with our ex.

The aim is not to make the past better-looking than it was nor to stay in the past.

On the contrary, honoring the time spent together and the good times, despite the bad ones, is the key to close this chapter of our life with dignity and intelligence.

Each of us is then free and lighter to create a brighter future.

8. Acting with love when breaking up from someone does not mean that abuse is not a reality. If this is the case, the goal to keep in mind is to ensure safety first.

I wish that all this positive thinking applied to divorce is not another way for manipulative people to keep their victim under control. I described in my book The Knot in the Spiral how talented actors they are.

9. What is true love? What is the purest form of love? Why did Aristotle put friendship above erotic love? Who is this man who I called an “angel” in my book The Knot in the Spiral?

Pure love means wishing the other person all the happiness in the world. Without expecting anything in return. What if we could separate from someone wishing them so much happiness that we accept it if we are not part of their future life?

If we are the one being left, I believe such pure good wishes can support healing our broken heart.

10. Concious uncoupling is a book to make us grow in wisdom, but also in abundance.

May we not be fooled by long-lasting, costly and uncertain legal proceedings. We have the power to leave a relationship without such drama.

3 reasons to read The #Emotion Code to remove trapped emotions

3 reasons to read The #Emotion Code to remove trapped emotions

I really enjoyed reading The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson and this is why.

1. The reason

Trapped emotions come from unresolved traumas. It happens to nearly all of us.

2. The method

Using muscle testing, the trapped emotion will be identified first.

Then, it will be released using a magnet.

The book The Emotion Code describes such a technique in detail.

3. The way of living to avoid trapped emotions

We choose our emotions, positive or negative.

The three keys to a healthy emotional life are forgiveness, charity and integrity.

A new video will be released soon once I have tested the method on the children and me.

Meanwhile, enjoy the great interview of the author of The Emotion Code by Inspire Nation “DR BRADLEY NELSON: Best Interview on EMOTION CODE Technique, Removing Heart Walls & Muscle Testing“.

Book review about #minimalism getting rid of clutter and going back to what truly matters

Book review about #minimalism getting rid of clutter and going back to what truly matters

As always, serendipity is around me: just as I get ready to move abroad, I read a book about minimalism and decluttering.

Please find below my 10 reasons why you should read about minimalism and, should you read French, I recommend the book entitled “L’Art du minimalisme“.

1. The inside of our home is a mirror of the inside of ourselves

This is such a fascinating idea.

I was aware that the food I eat and the way I think had influence over my external circumstances.

Now, everything makes so much more sense. I understand that the place where I live also contributes to how I feel and how my life unfolds.

Taking care of our space is a way to get a healthy body but also a healthy home.

2. Making space to welcome life

Cleaning, tidying and getting rid of old stuff allows a new energy to enter our life.

It seems only logical to clear space in order to welcome new opportunities.

3. Having more

Letting go of materialism and choosing not to buy more possessions as a way of comforting ourselves: this is true wealth.

Our life is bigger and more spacious when it is not cluttered with objects.

4. The luxury of the best

Choosing to consume less and better means deciding to get only the very best.

Only one object but a quality one, which we can keep over a long period of time, can replace so many superfluous and cheap material stuff.

Allowing ourselves to get the very best is a way to prove our intrinsic worth to ourselves.

5. When shall I throw away something?

A good rule of thumb is to donate, sell or throw away any object which has not been used over the last year.

If I spot a dress in my wardrobe which has not been worn for a year, it will go.

6. Objects and people cluttering our life

Minimalism is far more than a neat and tidy home.

Surrounding ourselves by the necessary and getting rid of the superfluous is a good way to have a clearer mind, notably as regard to the people we choose to have around us.

My space as well as my time are very precious. Consequently, I choose not to stay in draining relationships.

7. Minimalism means more space then more time

An uncluttered and tidy home will be so much easier to clean. Housecleaning will be much less time-consuming as a result.

8. Minimalism = less stress

Getting rid of the heavy load of possessions which clutter our home is a way of feeling lighter and reducing stress.

What fascinates me is the link between our material life and our spiritual life. They really go hand in hand and influence each other.

9. Increasing our wealth

Being a victim to the advertisement industry which aims at creating needs makes us poor.

Committing to buying an object only when we really need it increases our wealth.

10. What is the most precious thing on earth?

Health of course! No object can ever replace health. Less stress, more health.

Let’s be brave enough to give minimalism a try. Its amazing results can change our whole life.

#Book review Toxic Parents by Susan Forward

#Book review Toxic Parents by Susan Forward

I would rather not have to talk about this book.

However, Toxic Parents by Susan Forward changed my life.

Toxic Parents is an invitation to awareness, to express anger and to let go with forgiveness.

Our parents did the best they could. May we put words on their actions before walking confidently on our own life path.

toxic parents susan forward #Book review Toxic Parents by Susan Forward


Fairies mantras or the power of our words #prayers

Fairies mantras or the power of our words #prayers

Words have so much power. Words are a prayer, a mantra or a magical formula.

The French book Paroles de fĂ©es (Fairies words) reminds me of Louise Hay’ book You can heal your life:

Also, the Ho’oponopono technique illustrates the great power of words. See the book Ho’oponopono The Hawaiian Forgiveness Ritual as the Key to Your Life’s Fulfillment:

Lastly, it is my wish that we teach our children to use their mouth wisely and be impeccable with their words, following The Four Agreements:

Fairies mantras or the power of our words #prayers

10 reasons to #read The clarity cleanse by Doctor Habib Sadeghi

#Book review The clarity cleanse by Doctor Habib Sadeghi

I discovered Doctor Habib Sadeghi’ book thanks to Dara Dubinet.

The emotional healing part interested me the most in this book.

There is a fabulous interview of Doctor Habib Sadeghi by Inspire Nation available here.

  1. Feeling our emotions and self-care

The clarity cleanse is a book which teaches us to contain (be present with) our emotions, instead of suppressing them or being overwhelmed by them. I love the emphasis put on giving meaning to a traumatic experience. By processing what happens into our life, we avoid our body to be damaged by it and start showing it with disease. When Doctor Sadeghi writes that “our biography dictates our biology“, it is yet another reason to practice self-care. Moreover, self-care is generous, I am deeply convinced of this. Dr Sadeghi clearly states that “giving to ourselves first is one of the greatest gifts we could ever give to those we love“.

2. Flowing with change

Dr Sadeghi says that everything is changing, moving, so we are not stuck either. Our circumstances will change. It reminds be of buddhism.

3. Taking responsability for own emotional waste

I can also draw a parallel between The clarity cleanse and The four agreements when Dr Sadeghi explains that it is our responsability to process our emotional waste, instead of burdening other people with it.

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book) - Claire Samuel

I loved the exercise where we are invited to start a dialogue between our judgemental self and our authentic self, by asking open-ended questions about what bothers us in life. It is even advised to alternatively sit on two separate chairs to do this exercise.

4. Can you spot the lesson in this?

As I teach my children, in every bad thing we can find a good thing. In a more elaborate way, The clarity cleanse reads “in every negative experience there is vital information that will serve us by helping us learn and grow“. Understanding what lessons our circumstances teach us is a prerequisite to adopting a positive view about them.

5. Accepting what is

I can also find some similarity between The clarity cleanse and Byron Katie’ books (notably Loving what is) when Dr Sadeghi writes that the important thing is to accept what is. Therefore, may we accept pain as we accept joy, knowing things move and change.

Loving what is by Byron Katie

6. Forgiveness starts with ourselves

Dr Sadeghi teaches us to forgive ourselves, for thinking we needed validation of others, for believing we were unworthy of love. This is such a valuable lesson.

7. Body and mind

The whole point of this book is to demonstrate how body and mind are connected. It goes against the French philosopher Descartes, who coined the idea of our mind being totally separated from our body.

8. Clarity is a journey

Seeking clarity is a life’s journey and it is not easy. It reminded of a great Teal Swan video called “Will Healing Ever End? – Teal Swan“. Nevertheless, this ongoing process does not mean in any way we are broken sister.

Clarity raises our oxytocin levels, the love hormone, the more we put effort into it. Persistence, patience and consistency are key words here. It leads to faith, knowing our desires will come to fruition even though we do not know how yet, then the manifestation of our desires.

Clarity also mean doing some spring cleaning into our relationships. I personally experienced the relief letting go of toxic people brings.

9. What is lack of clarity?

Lacking clarity means having preconceived judgements, misinterpretations or limiting beliefs. They make reality cloudy.

At the end of The clarity cleanse, there is a list of definitions. I can relate to the one about emotional posturing. As I explain in my book The knot in the spiral this is exactly what kept me trapped into an abusive relationship for so long. This is the definition: “repressing our emotions by pretending our lives or our situations are different/better than they actually are“.

the knot in the spiral by claire samuel

10. Clarity in our plate

The first detox diet of The clarity cleanse is a mix of sardines, brown rice and apples. I adapted this diet for a 5 day cleanse with apples as monomeals and lemon water. I do not want to go back to eating cooked food, because switching to raw changed my life in so many positive ways. It would feel very bad, because being 100% raw is an achievement for me. I cannot wait for The clarity cleanse to be adapted to us raw foodists. However, I tried to eat only apples, sprouts, seaweed and olive oil for a day and it was a disaster. I am sure it could go very well for you, but personally I am not a big fan of apples and hated it. I had two cups of hemps seeds, maca powder and cacao nibs and it felt like coming alive again. Please keep in mind this is very personal. My goal is to be honest with you on this point. You may love the detox diet and find great results afterwards.

Read more

I love the list of recommended books at the end. Very inspiring.

the clarity cleanse