“First comes the #joy. Then, somehow, beauty and grace appear into our lives.” – Claire Samuel

First comes the #joy - Claire Samuel

My friend, my sister, may we start by cultivating our inner joy and happiness. However dark and sad our current circumstances may appear, may we always be on the look out for all the little happiness sparks. Beauty and grace will then, somehow, come into our lives.

Age does not matter anymore – welcome to the new world

Age does not matter anymore - welcome to the new world - Claire Samuel

Let go of age. Whatever our age, it doesn’t matter anymore. I learn from my children every day. I improved my life thanks to boys and girls of twenty-three years old when I was thirty-five. Today, the world belongs to flexible and open-minded people. I learn so much listening to young entrepreneurs, while admiring the wisdom of senior citizens. The era of separating people according to their age is over. It made place for a hunger to learn and equality, both between sexes and ages.

Some #flowers do not die in winter – stay #alive

Some flowers do not die in winter - Claire Samuel

Most flowers are already dead in the crisp cold. The park is empty. The children are staying inside to play. Yet, some flowers are not dead. Some decided to hung onto life, maybe to shine even brighter. May we stay alive, my friend, my sister, no matter what happened in our past. Every breath of the crisp air is a gift. May we inhale deeply. May we stay alive. Even in the crisp cold. Blessings.

Why did I decide to do a daily #nap? #generosity

Why did I decide to do a daily #nap? #generosity - Claire Samuel

Taking a nap a day can seem selfish however it is the most generous action you can commit to. Taking a nap means we can take better care of others, we do not snap at our children, we have less risk of getting angry and depressed.

The generous Roberto Blake (who gives advice to youtubers) said in one of his video that taking a daily nap is what helps him be so productive with his work.

Whenever I feel anxious, I use Soothing Relaxation music videos to help me rest. I do not fall asleep completely but I feel refreshed afterwards. Take care of yourself my friend, my sister.

Our core human need is connection – advice for single mothers who feel #lonely

Need for connection

As I was traveling alone with the kids in a foreign country (Cabo Verde), I came face to face with a core human need: connection with other humans. Far from my usual environment, I was weak.

Each day, the children and I were going to the same spot on the beach. Indeed, after a few days, we eventually found the perfect safe spot, sheltered from the wind (Cabo Verde beaches are very windy).

One morning, a single mother and her son sat next to our spot. The conversation started naturally between us. She was british and deep in reflexion about the best way to reorganise her professional life. Hence, she wanted to be present for her son, by staying at home more often, while creating a career network for women. We met again the next days.

We are human beings. Our core need is connection. My friend, my sister, I am aware than we may not be able to meet our need for connection right in this very moment. I am writing this post, alone in my flat, raising my two children without any help and single for years now. However, when we desire, above everything else, to see the beauty of the world and of people all around us, we find it. Tonight, my daughter lost her train ticket. An unknown mother bought her one. I sent a text to my daughter which read: “The world is filled with extraordinary people. You are one extraordinary daughter so you naturally attract them to you.”

Eating #healthy is a choice and a #commitment


Eating healthy is a choice and a commitment - Claire Samuel
Healthy organic food 🙂


My friend, my sister, I get it. Sometimes, I feel it is so difficult to go out in the freezing cold and bring back heavy groceries to the flat. I walk to the store and I have stairs to climb with a heavy trolley. However, I rejoice in such magical food. It takes times and requires an effort to eat healthy. It is a joy but also a commitment. May we congratulate ourselves for making this decision, for ourselves and for others. May we always lead by example. May we shine so bright that everybody asks us for the secret of our natural glow.