Are #animals for us or with us? #vegetarian ethics

Are #animals for us or with us? #vegetarian ethics

When I told the man I call an angel (see my book The Knot in the Spiral) that animals did not necessarily exist so we humans could kill them, he explained that it was the first time he heard such a thought and that it certainely was worth thinking about it. He appreciated the shift in perspective.

Without getting vegetarian on the spot, we could ask ourselves whether animals are on earth with us and not for us, don’t you think my friend my sister?

The day I stopped #pretending

The day I stopped #pretending

I was a good member of the team, always doing my very best at work. However, one day I could not continue obeying my boss like a puppy dog.

I love working for myself because it allows me the freedom to be true and authentic. Furthermore, today I wish to be the same at work and at home. I don’t want to pretend. I want simplicity and authenticity.

Nobody will give you any medal #singlemother

Nobody will give you any medal #singlemother

I cannot stop being shocked by the way single mothers are treated, notably by teachers at school. As if it was not hard enough. As if we were not always doing our best, always taking care of the children even when we are exhausted or ill. We cannot stop because there is no one else. The children need to be fed and walked to school. However, it does not stop some people to make us believe we are bad mothers or stupid little things.

My friend my sister, I am sending you all the love, compassion and admiration you deserve as a mother, especially if you do everything alone like I do. You deserve a medal.


How was January 2019? #myownmonth

How was January 2019? #myownmonth


In January, I was so relieved to make money at last, by teaching French on Preply after months of earning a few dollars through Amazon commissions.


My love life is technically non-existent, but my heart is filled with joy when I think of my friends and children.


I am so proud of my children. Children of single mothers, I know you face so many challenges and you sometimes grow up more quickly. Blessings to you.

The question of the month is:

What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to live from what I create on the internet, on the youtube channel Claire Samuel in English, my instagram account @clairesamuelenglish and my first book The Knot in the Spiral.

The photo of the month

It is a baby aloe vera gifted by my neighbor. It is the symbol of the importance of relationships into our life. We are interdependent. We need each other.

How was January 2019? #myownmonth

Details of the challenge #myownmonth (in French) are here.



The women who cannot count on their parents to #leave a #toxic #relationship

The women who cannot count on their parents to #leave a #toxic #relationship

Why is it sometimes very difficult to escape from a toxic relationship even more so for a mother?

It is very easy to understand. Sometimes a woman has nowhere to go, simply because she cannot count on the support of her parents for instance.

Once again, this has nothing to do with being intelligent or not. Women who are trapped into abuse cannot escape easily for real and complex reasons, which can sometimes seem impossible to overcome.

Let’s send compassion instead of judgement.




I have so many #questions and no #answer or a desire to feel #protected

I have so many #questions and no #answer or a desire to feel #protected

Sometimes it is useful to acknowledge that we have lots of unanswered questions.

However, we can choose to trust the universe, instead of worrying.

The answers will certainly appear in their own time.

I wish you the best my friend my sister.


Open hearted confessions of a #teenager #mother

Open hearted confessions of a #teenager #mother

She wants a second winter coat but I am a single mother who has to provide for three people.

She does not do many chores around the house but I refuse to force her to do some. She is sometimes very helpful and this is enough. What matters to me is that she is autonomous.

She wants to use her pocket money to buy an iphone while I still cannot buy a sofa nor shelves for the house.

Do I complain? No I assume my choices. I could have bought a rug and a sofa. Instead, my priority is to buy super foods like raw cacao first.

I teach her not to judge others. Therefore, I am not going to critize her choices.

Sometimes she shares about girls at school who hurt her feelings. Because she trusts me. The is the most important thing for me. I do my best to keep such a bond strong between us.