#Food and #brain and #energy levels or reply to Sanaa

#Food and #brain and #energy levels or reply to Sanaa

I was asked on youtube if the way I eat, aka healthy eating, had an impact on my mental health and my energy levels.

Not eating sugar definitely helps me to stay focus and work better with my brain, while having less mood swings.

Furthermore, I attribute the way I can handle so many things in my life to healthy eating habits, whether it is being a single mother of two very time-consuming kids or moving from one continent to another within two years.

My way of eating is simple: fresh produce! I add nuts and seeds, seaweed and sardines.


A #morning #routine with flexibility or meditation rebounder and yoga

A #morning #routine with flexibility or meditation rebounder and yoga

A few years ago I started doing yoga every morning (with Yoga with Adriene), then meditation and finally I added 10 minutes or less or rebounding.

I attribute so much of my work to starting the day with a morning routine.

However I don’t want to obsess too much about the length of it nor its order.

Recently, I switched things a little bit (thank you Tom Bilyeu for the inspiration) by starting with meditation (cool if you have teenagers as they will still be in bed and not interrupt), then I do rebounding to move the lymph and I finish by a yoga practice before my shower.

Eating dates can change the world? the #impact of our choices even the smallest

Eating dates can change the world? the #impact of our choices even the smallest

There is humility in saying that at the end of the day, eating dates or any other kind of living food is not going to change the world (see if you understand French “Le crudivorisme va sauver l’humanité… (“je vous demande pardon”) – www.regenere.org“).

However, there is also so much to say about food choices. Consuming honey today has an impact on the survival of bees.

Maybe there is always an impact anyway. I believe everything I do has consequences. It includes the food I eat, the farmers I choose to support, the stores I go to and so on.

For more about how to consume and live our life in a respectful way towards others and the planet, see the great book Clean Money and its review here “Review of the #book #CleanMoney by Joel Solomon or #money as a force for good“.

Never sitting again! good #posture and #back care when working

23 novembre Plus jamais assise th

Our lymph needs to move in our body so we can get rid of toxins and stay happy and healthy.

The opposite happens when we are sitting for hours at a desk.

At some point in my life, I was working 14 hours a day on average, glued to my chair.

Never again. I am glad I changed everything in my career.

Markus did an amazing video about the dangers of sitting all day: “STANDING vs SITTING: Sitting is the New Smoking!“.

My love story with #sleep #selfcare

My love story with #sleep #selfcare

One of the two abusers I encountered in my life was telling me that I was no good except to sleep, while another one decided that if I slept more than 3 to 4 hours per night it made me a lazy person.

Indeed, sleep deprivation is a way to manipulate people, making the person very unsure of herself therefore unable to leave the toxic relationship in which she is trapped.

Sleep is sometimes the missing link when it comes to self care.

So take care of yourself, of your sleep, of your beauty and of your health my friend my sister.

I don’t want the burnout wave to grow even bigger.

You deserve to get rest my friend my sister.

How was October 2019 or #myownmonth or #lifeteachings

How was October 2019 or #myownmonth or #lifeteachings

Can you believe it’s already been a year since I started doing the challenge set up by the French blogger Justine from Blog d’une partageuse? It’s been really fun and it has increased my self awareness, which goes perfectly with this month’ theme. Hence, the question of the month is: Which lesson have you been taught this month?

Well, every area of my life taught me a lesson this month.

At work, I learned that I should ask questions and put a step forward even if everything looks overwhelming. I use an online accounting platform named Dougs.

In relationships, I was blown away by a post on Instagram from a French author named Morgane Ortin. Her book Amours solitaires is a collection of SMS about love and desire, very cool. In her post, she was writing about what love isn’t, notably love is not wanting to belong to the other nor wanting the other to belong to us. I was shocked because I am a very romantic person who was seeking an absolute form of love, as if belonging to each other was a proof of true love. I was wrong. Belonging is not love.

How was October 2019 or #myownmonth or #lifeteachings

In well-being, I learned another spiritual benefit of fasting, thanks to French naturopath Fabien Moine. Thus, when you fast you cannot escape through mild addictions, such as food. Therefore, you are face to face with your deep self and questions such as: What did I do with my life? How can I continue to live in accordance with my core values? I love that awareness.

How was October 2019 or #myownmonth or #lifeteachings

Lastly, the photo of the month is a cat who befriended me in a Cat Bar in the South of France. You can enjoy food while the rescued cats take a nap nearby on the sofas. They are available for adoption for people with a big heart. Such a good idea.

How was October 2019 or #myownmonth or #lifeteachings

How was October 2019 or #myownmonth or #lifeteachings

Lots of love my friend my sister, Claire

On our #failures we can build #success in #entrepreneurship as in #love

05 novembre sur les échecs th

I don’t see failures as a bad thing anymore. I see them as stepping stones. It took me a long time to realize this truth.

Years ago I had a website. The experience helps me today.

The men I love who did not love me back? Experiences. Not failures. Love cannot ever be a failure. These men will make me an ever more loving woman if one day I meet a compatible man.

Me me me or how saying me I reinforces your self confidence

04 novembre Moi moi #moi th

ME, I did not imagine I would live the life I am living today, but eventually I take it as it is, as a whole, even if it is torn as my mother said it to me once to make fun of me.

ME, I decide to do my best, even if I sometimes have to fight a wind which is stronger than me. I put one step forward at a time, like a victory, like to confident whisper of the stream which knows that, in a few miles, it will become a majestic waterfall, very noisy and unapologetic about it.

ME, I do not know a lot. Therefore I choose to stay open. To look at life like a child, the head tilted on one side, a bit surprised, but thinking: “And why not?

To deepen the link between bulimia and a sense of self and boundaries, I highly recommend two videos by the great Teal Swan: “How to Overcome the Eating Disorder: Bulimia”  and “Teal Swan Eating Disorders + Bulimia + Addictions“.

Are we protected? #violenceagainstwomen

Are we protected? #violenceagainstwomen

The chief police officer said to me: “Do you know Outreau [a French case when some people were wrongfully charged because of false allegations]? I cannot take the risk of believing you.

I needed protection.

Today I have tons of PTSD but I am alive.

Some women did not have such luck.



How to #accept what is and what soothes us thank you #ByronKatie

01 novembre Comment accepter th

I have two choices in life:

  1. either I suffer because I want very specific things and I reject others
  2. either I do not suffer because I accept what is, just as it is, keeping in mind that everything in life changes and that difficult moments go together with easy moments.

To dive deeper into acceptance of life, I did a review of the book “I Need Your Love – Is That True?: How to Stop Seeking Love, Approval, and Appreciation and Start Finding Them Instead” by Byron Katie “Thank you Byron Katie #book review “I need your love – is that true?”“: