Is it possible to meditate if I have kids? #meditation

Is it possible to meditate if I have kids? #meditation

I will be honest: meditating while being a single mum is challenging.

However, I do it anyway. I meditate even when I cannot hear half of the guided meditation.

I meditate even when my son is playing plane around me and my daughter is speaking loudly.

I meditate even when tears roll down my face.

Sometimes I am inside a magical bubble. Sometimes the noise stops and I feel the bliss of meditation.

My point is: do it anyway sister. Meditate and feel the magic.

This is the playlist “Meditation series: 8 -day experiment“.

Praise all the amazing midwives and my independent #midwife Melissa

Praise all the amazing midwives and my independent #midwife Melissa

I would like to thank all midwives from the bottom of my heart.

I was lucky to give birth in the United Kingdom, where it is easier for independent midwives to help women give birth at home, contrary to France.

I created a playlist dedicated to home birth on youtube called “Homebirth Series” available here.

Melissa, the independent midwife who followed me during the pregnancy and was present during the birth of my daughter will stay in my heart forever.

She birthed a new version of myself: becoming a mother.

She told me I could do it when I thought I couldn’t. She empowered me and taught me a lesson which helped me many years afterwards.

Thank you for all the midwives. Bless you all.

A child #psychiatrist or making the effort to be present with the children?

A child #psychiatrist or making the effort to be present with the children?

My son stole money from me and his teacher told me he was an unhappy pupil. I got in touch with a psychologist we saw for a short period last year. She referred me to a child psychiatrist.

However, something in me told me that it would be a better investment to spend time with my son. To be present. I changed my whole career to be more present but he needs even more.

Yes it challenging because I also need to work. Yes it frightens me. Yes it feels overwhelming.

I love working from home but taking care of the children nonstop without any interruption, except when they are at school, is so demanding.

So I choose to do my best to help the kids grow, while taking care of me, doing what I love as much as possible, teaching them to respect boundaries and dealing with their incessant fights.

I am not perfect. I am human and true because I want to let you know you are not alone. We all have challenges.

Birthday #gratitude or lesson in a bottle

Birthday #gratitude or lesson in a bottle

A few years ago, I was invited to a very special birthday party.

K. was celebrating her fortieth birthday. Each attendee was given a bottle with a message inside.

This message is about gratitude and saying I love you to the people we love.

Why do I say to my son that I have #noregrets about having lived with an abusive man?

Why do I say to my son that I have #noregrets about having lived with an abusive man?

I don’t want my son to feel bad thinking I went through hell when I was living with his father. I have no regrets because abuse taught me a very important lesson: I am 100% responsible for my life.

I am blessed to have given birth to my daughter and to my son. Pain lasts if we choose to let it last longer. Violence towards the kids can happen only when I choose to ignore it. I gathered my last strengths to escape the toxic relationship I was trapped in. My aim was to protect my children more than staying alive myself.

I have no regrets. I am proud to have escaped. I am grateful to be alive. Every second of my life is a gift and a blessing.

I learned that nobody could have any power over me unless I gave them such power. I am in charge of my life.

No regrets. Even more so if my story can help women to avoid falling into the trap of codependency, manipulation and abuse.

the knot in the spiral by claire samuel

Why do abusive men want to convince us we have a problem? #freedom

Why do manipulative perpetrators want to convince us we have a problem? #freedom

Manipulative people want to make us smaller so we do things we do not want to do and things which are not in our best interest.

They prefer strong women who are underneath lacking self-confidence. Shall they chose weak women, they would break immediately.

Their aim is to get a brilliant women to slowly dwindle, sometimes until death.

I am so inspired by the great Lisa Nichols, who survived domestic abuse and is now touring the world to help people attract abundance.

I love this interview of Lisa Nichols, it really touched me: “Lisa Nichols Interview – Increase Your Sense Of Value And Stop Postponing Happiness!“.

Two animals two mindsets and one successful life #manifestingdreams

Two animals two mindsets and one successful life #manifestingdreams

Do you know the story of the bird who let go? By letting go, he became free of the net in which he was trapped into.

What about the story of the mouse? Instead of letting herself drown into a jar of cream she fell into, she did her best. She moved around so much that the cream turned into butter. So she could escape safely.

These two stories seem the exact opposite. However we need both.

May we work hard towards our dreams, while making space for rest and restorative selfcare.