Why I will not do family law #consciousuncoupling and #respect

Why I will not do family law #consciousuncoupling

Was I to be a lawyer again, I wouldn’t do family law. I do not wish to defend a man or a woman against the person he or she once loved, with whom he or she has children.

I believe we can separate from someone with respect. If love has gone, it once had been. For this very reason, people deserve the utmost respect.

Conscious uncoupling is becoming trendy thanks to amazing authors like Katherine Woodward Thomas and I support this so much. I did a video to review the book Conscious uncoupling and it can be found here.

How to get stronger or the purpose of adapting to external circumstances

How to get stronger or the purpose of adapting to external circumstances

I love the idea that my body and my mind are getting stronger when I adapt to stressful circumstances. However, the stress has to be bearable otherwise the effect will be more detrimental than beneficial.

I love how Bridget Nielsen describes it. The perspective of Thierry from Regenere is also very interesting (in French).

#Giving without expecting anything in return or #freedom

#Giving without expecting anything in return or #freedom

To give because it feels so good. To give without even considering something can come back to us from it. To give because we choose it. To give because we are free.



Of the #choice of seeing a glass half full instead of half empty and our capacity to #adapt

Of the #choice of seeing a glass half full instead of half empty and our capacity to #adapt

I can choose to consider what is happening in my life as a blessing rather than an issue to solve. I can also choose to see life as a constant flowing river, my job being to adjust and adapt. Gracefully if possible!



Everything is possible #hope

Everything is possible #hope

My son was born almost ten years ago. His birth shook my life like the most intense earthquake ever. First he was born premature and it was not expected at all. Then, I understood that the abuse I was experiencing was moving towards him as well. So I left everything to save his life.

I was terrified of being alone and I was alone. I was terrified of raising children by myself and here I was. I was terrified of the abuser and now that I left him, I thought he would find me and kill me. The pain mixed the fear turned me into a very strange human being. Everything I was feeling was so raw and vulnerable. I was absolutely terrified.

However what I did not realize at the time was that by choosing to leave, I had abandoned a violent and toxic life path which was leading me slowly but surely to death. I had chosen life instead! I was rebuilding my life! Finding a job, a place to rent and above all finding ways to clean my body from the past.

I became obsessed with purity and still am. I wanted my body to be cleansed from everything that happened. I discovered fasting and green juices. My body became stronger and more beautiful that it ever was, even before the kids.

I could never imagine a life like the one I enjoy now would ever be possible for me. You deserve it my friend my sister. Believe. In yourself. Everything is possible.



How was March 2019 or #myownmonth

How was March 2019 or #myownmonth

The big shift

The big shift for me in March 2019 has been the decision to leave Tunisia, Africa in order to go back to France. I am still waiting for my residency card almost a year after my application. Such legal insecurity puts me at risk because I have a family to feed so I need to work with all the required paperwork.


I am sad to leave the country which welcomed me with open arms, trusted me and protected the children and I. I can feel grief when I imagine I will have to leave all these extraordinary people, so generous and intelligent.

The big reason

I go back to France because I want to dedicate myself even more to my website clairesamuel.com and to you my friend. To reach this goal, I have to be able to create a legal entity to support my business.

The question of the month

Justine from the French blog Blog d’une partageuse started this monthly challenge and every month she has a special question. For March 2019, it is: What is the most beautiful thing that happened to you this past month?

The best part was when my 9-year-old son said to me that I was the best mother in the world and that he was now aware of all the efforts I was making for his sister and him.

The photo of the month

The photo of the month has been taken on a wild part of the coast. There are no tourists, only fishermen. I love the look of this little boat. It seems timeless. I could have taken this picture thirty years ago. Sometimes when I walk in the countryside or the old city center, it is like time has stood still. This picture means eternity for me.

How was March 2019 or #myownmonth


What will remain of Tunisia in my heart are the people

What will remain of Tunisia in my heart are the people

Each time I fast, there is a gem in my day. Today I met two girls while walking my dog Caramel and their kindness struck me. They see me for the human being I am, they don’t stop their judgement at our differences. It made me think of a great interview (David Goggins Will Change Your Life | Rich Roll Podcast) in which David Goggins shared that according to him, the best antidote to hate and intolerance is to travel and meet different people. These two girls do not travel nor meet strangers, except me. However, they took me as I am, with such softness and grace.

I am blown away by the open-heartedness of people here in Tunisia and this is what is going to stay with me for ever. Thank you, beloved country for protecting my children and myself while we were on your land. Thank you for treating me with such care and kindness. For that, I am grateful. I will remember the people. Thank you.