How yoga changed my life or interview with Sarah

How yoga changed my life or interview with Sarah

What a pleasure to welcome Sarah today my friend my sister.

Sarah has a website, she is on instagram and youtube.

How do you change your life?

Sarah and I are both former lawyers. So we start with the burning question: how do we go from lawyer to yoga teacher?

Sarah recommends two ingredients: patience and courage, keeping in mind that the goal is the path not just the destination.

How long can you make a living from your passion?

I am aware that many aspiring entrepreneurs ask themselves this question: when can I make a living?

Personally, I’ve been working hard to create the best content possible for almost 4 years and I can’t make a living from it yet (with my two children in our studio flat). The original goal was to express myself in order to heal. Concretely, I share because it makes me feel good. I tell myself that if I bring value to others, I will be rewarded in some way and able to support my family.

So I would like to ask Sarah the question for all women who want to be able to make a living from their passion quickly.

Sarah is still not living off her passion today. She recommends starting before you’re ready, really believing it, and having that deep conviction that you have what it takes to do it.

I mentioned Pat Flynn during the video and his “Teach other people everything you know” t-shirt.

Why did you choose yoga?

What can yoga do for a woman who has never done yoga? What can regular and more intense practice change in the life of a woman who already practices yoga from time to time?

I am a big fan of regularity and have felt a lot more sensations and benefits since doing yoga every day, for 7 years now. Maybe deepening yoga allows you to discover new parts of us? unsuspected capacities of our body? parts of our soul that we had forgotten?

For Sarah, yoga sits between law, philosophy and religion. It is a physical practice but also a way of learning about oneself and others. Finally, yoga allows you to connect to your intuition.

How do you eat Sarah?

What is the source of inspiration for the way you cook?

My food transition was very long and very influenced by yoga teachers. For example, it was a teacher who once told me that by stopping dairy products and meat, she became much more flexible.

Sarah has been a vegetarian since 2013. She detailed what she ate in the interview.

We discussed a lot about the menstrual cycle and its correlation with our food requirements. I recommended the book Wild Power: Discover the Magic of Your Menstrual Cycle and Awaken the Feminine Path to Power on this subject, which I reviewed on the blog. Another fascinating book for us my friend my sister is Alissa Vitti’s book WomanCode: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become a Power Source.

How to let go of the judgment of others?

I liked a post that Sarah made recently on Instagram, I’ll translate the beginning:

“Be the one that stops the argument first. The one that says sorry first. The one in the shadows. The one failing. The one people make fun of. The ugly one. The one with the lower income. The single one. The one that got fired. The unemployed. The fat one. The one with a limited body. The outcast.

Be the fool.

Take it all in. Release the resistance.”

roots of joy

How can we manage to feel such freedom in the face of what society and others think of us?

Sarah reminded us that people mirror our eyes. She mentioned author Christine Hassler author of Expectation Hangover: Overcoming Disappointment in Work, Love, and Life who says “Vulnerability is something you deserve“.

How important is meditation?

Sarah created some very beautiful meditations on her youtube channel
My favorite is called “Meditation on Laziness” (in French) and if like me you tend to work too much, this beautiful 30 minute meditation is ideal for women like us.

Tribute to Teal Swan

Teal Swan’s channel has been a great help for both Sarah and me my friend my sister. Her lastest book is The Anatomy of Loneliness: How to Find Your Way Back to Connection.

Coming back to life

It has been my wish for years to help women, including the one I was before, to rise from their ashes, to come back to life, to regain power over their lives, to be responsible for their happiness.

Would the secret be to look at life through the eyes of children? I quote Sarah again in translating a sentence from a nice post on Insta that brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat:

“I hope we remember how it is to see life with the eyes of a child.

Living in the now and trusting it will all turn ok in the end

and that if its not ok now, then it means its not the end.”

roots of joy

Thank you Sarah for what you bring to the world.

I am afraid of being alone! interview with Késoued

I am afraid of being alone! interview with Késoued

We meet for the second time with Késoued to talk about a very intimate subject: the fear of being alone. The goal is to prove that it is possible to be alone, like Késoued and me, and even to raise your children alone if you have to. This is her website.

The fear of leaving a relationship

This interview is dedicated to women who write to tell me that they are in a difficult situation or even worse than difficult, but that they cannot leave because they are afraid of being alone.

The fear of being alone

I don’t idealize loneliness and I don’t see it as a goal. However, my intention today with my friend Késoued is to prove to you that you can manage a life as a woman by yourself. In addition, Késoued and I have also been raising our children alone for a very long time.

How do I do it on a pragmatic level?

First you can enroll into hobbies and all kinds of activities my friend my sister. I also think of volunteering which is a great way to meet other people. If you don’t trust yourself, know that trust can be built, slowly but surely. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Késoued also shared her daily practice of positive affirmations.

There are many charities whose goal is to help women, for example to find a job, to manage legal proceedings or a bank account and to manage their life in general.

The main thing is to keep in mind that things are done step by step: step by step sister! You don’t master everything overnight and that’s okay.

Is finding a partner a priority?

Késoued and I are really on the same page about this. We would love to have a man in our life, but it’s not a priority. If it happens then good, otherwise all is well too. Késoued says: “I am not alone, I am well”. When you go with the flow of life, everything is more fluid. I am aware that you may have family pressure and the weight of other people’s opinion my friend my sister, but know that things change all the time anyway and you have the right to have your own life the way you want to live it. Nobody is in your shoes living your life. Don’t let others dictate how you should live my love.

If, like Késoued and me, you fell in love a few times but it didn’t really work out, these stories are just experiences. They are positive in the sense that they allow us to get to know ourselves better.

Finally, being lonely for a period of time do make us evolve and grow.

Eating raw is joy or interview with Anne-Marie from Cudivegan

Eating raw is joy or interview with Anne-Marie from Cudivegan

Some people have a love hate relationship with veganism, some people like me have been avoiding meat and dairy for over ten years, yet still advise people to eat meat if they feel they need it because becoming vegan also requires research and a consciousness shift, and some people like Anne-Marie have so much strength in their beliefs that they do not hesitate to say it loud and clear: we humans are not supposed to eat animals, who have suffered all their life in shameful raising conditions.

It was such a delight to welcome Anne-Marie from Crudivegan on the live show in French. You may remember how I praised her channel 6 months ago and I have so much gratitude that Anne-Marie chose to read my book The Knot in the Spiral before our interview together today.

Please support Anne-Marie from Crudivegan and discover her recipes, tips and great knowledge (about calcium, iron, proteins) on her website, her youtube, her instagram and facebook.

If go up one notch, after not eating animals, you can eat fruits and veggies raw my friend my sister.

How did you become raw vegan Anne-Marie?

Anne-Marie did a lot of research by reading books then slowly changing her lifestyle. She mentioned Douglas Graham, a doctor who is advising lots of athletes, author of several books notably Nutrition and Athletic Performance: A Handbook for Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts and the amazing Kriss Carr, who has written Crazy Sexy Diet.

Anne-Marie also mentioned the famous “China Study” and you can read it all about in the book The China Study: Revised and Expanded Edition: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, and Long-Term Health.

Advice to transition from junk food to living food 

Anne-Marie isn’t a big fan of fasting. On the contrary, she recommends kindness and a slow path towards more living food in your plate. Thus, she advises people to start by replacing the coffee, milk and bread of your morning by fruits. Very easy. For instance, on the morning of the interview, she ate bananas with cinnamon on top. The great thing about eating fruits for breakfast is that they hydrate you and remove toxins. Also, fruits are easily and rapidly digested.

Menstruation and the raw lifestyle 

A very interesting question was asked in the chat about the feminine cycle and transitioning to raw food.

Anne-Marie said she didn’t experience the traditional upsetting symptoms of menopause. Personally, I went from having heavy, long and painful periods when I wasn’t eating raw to the total opposite now. Many raw foodists women are sharing on the subject so I invite you to learn from them, like the gorgeous Kristina for instance.

Lastly, I soooooo recommend you read the fantastic book by Kate Magic about feminine hormones The Empowered Woman.

So many women eat raw and share their experience, which can be counted in decades for some, like Karyn Calabrese, Cara Brotman and Dr Elizabeth.

Eating raw and making yourself a priority?

I loved Anne-Marie because she really insist on the importance of self-care. Eating raw and self care mean you do listen to your body, you feel the hunger or its absence, the need to rest or to move your body around. Eating raw is an invitation to go inwards and really come to know yourself my friend my sister. And this is the only way to help others.

Eating raw and living in a city?

If like me you dream to live in the countryside, know that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get more and fresher fruits and veggies.

Of course, fresh produce is expensive and eating healthy without wasting produce requires a little bit of organization. However, everything comes down to priorities. If what matters the most to you is eating fresh, you’ll find a way. You can buy in bulk, you can go to the farms market at the end and check if the farmers leave over ripe produce and so on.

A huge thank you to Anne-Marie who shined her beautiful light in this interview for us my friend my sister.

Interview of Jenny or castor oil and vegan pregnancy

Interview of Jenny or castor oil and vegan pregnancy
Interview of Jenny or castor oil and vegan pregnancy

Jenny is a very prolific and creative vegan cook as you can see on her Instagram @maryjveggy29 and Tik Tok @veggybyjenny.

The castor oil detox

She talked about her experience with the castor oil detox during this interview my friend my sister, something I have never done. This is very interesting to explore new ways of detoxing the body. I have used colonics and enemas in the past and castor oil is another alternative to help the body get clear inside.

The vegan pregnancy experience

The other topic was the vegan pregnancy. I have zero legitimity talking about it because I was not vegan during my two pregnancies, but Jenny has been. She said that she was a bit reluctant to admit to her doctor that she was not eating animal products. Moreover, she could feel family pressure about the way she was eating. But because her blood tests were so good each time, she decided to open up to her MD who was very supportive. Everything went very well and she now has a gorgeous healthy eight month old baby girl my friend my sister. Jenny says she is taking vitamin B12 on a regular basis with nutritional yeast.

Fasting as part of a lifestyle

Lastly, Jenny shared how fasting is a part of her life. She does intermittent fasting twice a week and doesn’t eat breakfast at all most of the time. About three times a year, she embarks on a fast and gets a lot of benefits on a physical and spiritual level.

The bravery to be vulnerable

I want to really express my gratitude to Jenny for opening up about these topics, because there is a lot of judgement on social media when you talk about being vegan or fasting. So please support Jenny, be kind to people who eat or live differently and always have compassion.

Trust in your body

I end with Jenny amazing message: Trust your body. Your body knows, treat her well and she will give back to you, support your body, nourish your body and trust your body my friend my sister.

Késoued Interview or what is art therapy?

Késoued Interview or what is art therapy?
Késoued Interview or what is art therapy?

Who is Késoued?

Késoued is an artist that I invite you to support She has the experience of having lived in different places in the world and such a wealth brings a special touch to her art and everything she creates.

She had recently planned an event with other artists which was cancelled because of lockdown.

Késoued Interview or what is art therapy?

I really want to acknowledge her for everything she does, working with children, adults and elderly people, bringing her passion for art as a therapy for people who have too much emotions, too much grief, too many wounds from the past.

I was first introduced to this idea by the author Boris Cyrulnik.

Késoued Interview or what is art therapy?

Késoued says that art therapy is also a way to increase self awareness.

She is also a stories teller and I warmly encourage her to self publish her stories. The video How to self publish has been made to show you how easy it is to publish any book now my friend my sister.

Késoued reminded everybody that children are not born racists. So educating our children is our responsibility so they understand that Black Lives Matter.

Késoued Interview or what is art therapy?

Please visit her website, her instagram art_kesoued and her facebook Kesoued.

Which life lessons can astrology teach us?

Which life lessons can astrology teach us?
Which life lessons can astrology teach us?

It is such a pleasure to welcome Emilie from Astrologie Magique Here are the great insights from the (French) interview.

What is happening at the moment on Planet Earth?

2020 is the year that forces us to reclaim our personal power. If you understand French watch the video “HOROSCOPE 2020 RELEVONS LE DEFI !“. In 2020 we finally become real adults.

Astrology is helpful as it adds a coherent order in our life, from a positive mindset of course.

However, taking our power back does go with letting go. This is the trick.

Why is it important to stay connected to reality

I love how Emilie is a very grounded person.

She says that after a lot of hardships in life, she discovered astrology as a way to find herself then implement changes in her life.

Is EFT useful?

Of course an EFT practice is a fantastic tool because it connects the mind and the body.

What about the law of attraction

Creating vision board and having a specific desired outcome is a great thing. this is very sagittarius. However we are bathed in Gemini energy at the moment, its opposite.

Therefore, while keeping our eyes in the prize, we could allow some flexibility for the unplanned my friend my sister.

Using astrology to heal relationships

Not only do we know ourselves better with astrology, but we also expand our compassion towards others, our significant other or our children.

Astrology and diving deep into zodiac signs bring us a peaceful strength.

What is personal power?

The current focus is on Mars, the warrior. As empathic women, we have a very strong yin. Nevertheless,the masculine counterpart is essential. We need Mars. Then the anger will be a way to protect life.

Emilie explains that if Athena is guarding our door, we can enjoy a more peaceful life. Because we will have this deep knowledge that whatever happens, we can establish strong boundaries if need be.

Saturn is also very strong at the moment. Saturn is very helpful to draw limits.

Lastly, it is time to break this ideal picture of the woman who never gets angry. It is important because anger and boundaries are what protect the innocence and life.

Emilie and I ended the interview with the magic of being yourself. When you are true and authentic, then you can really connect with others.

More than ever, we need connection. We need each other my friend my sister.