Are you children eating #healthy? #raw #vegan? my reply

I was asked by a mother member of our beautiful community whether my children were raw vegan like me or not.

Let’s drop the pressure immediately: the reply is no!

My kids have been eating at the school canteen since they are three years old so it was difficult to compete with the canteen food loaded with sugar and gluten (even if before the age of three, they loved green smoothies and raw fruits and veggies such as apples, broccoli and mangoes).

Today they eat gluten, fish and meat at home, but I am not too bad at limiting dairy (they have dairy at school of course).

My best tip is to lead by example. They are very aware that I will never eat bread nor white sugar. They also know that if one day I feel like eating meat, I will. I listen to my body.

They also agree that vegetables and fruits full of vitamins and minerals are crucial to health, even if they don’t consume them as often as I would like. Sometimes I am surprised though. Yesterday for instance, they just ate fresh salad leaves with mayo and French mustard! Better than nothing!

What happened when I stopped #eating #sugar?

What happened the day I stopped #eating #sugar?

I quit sugar because I needed to be 100% focused on my studies. I was a single mother going back to college to get a lawyer’s degree.

Not eating sugar transformed my life and my taste buds. I do not fancy eating the super sweet French pastries anymore!

As I explain in my book The Knot in the Spiral, I added simple little things to my diet like Japanese Miso paste in hot water. It is a good alternative to coffee when you study for long hours!

Furthermore, did you know that sugar causes wrinkles? Markus says it best in his video: Why Sugar Ages You.

How to take a guilt free #break? #fruits and raw #chocolate

How to take a guilt free #break? #fruits and raw #chocolate

You need to take a break at the office for instance? An alternative to coffee and pastries (I’m French!) is lots of water, fresh fruits and a very yummy raw chocolate bar!

Enjoy and feel proud instead of guilty my friend my sister!

What are the best #oils to take care of the skin? #primrose and #borage

What are the best #oils to take care of the skin? #primrose and #borage

According to French naturopath David from the youtube channel L’orme vert (in French), primrose and borage oils are the best ever when it comes to skin care.

But they are even more efficient when eaten instead of applied to the skin!

I have a great recipe for you: mix thinly sliced red onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric, sea salt with one table spoon of apple cider vinegar, one table spoon of primrose oil and one table spoon of borage oil.

It is a great salad dressing for red lentils! I do not cook red lentils but simply soak them for a whole night.

When beauty is yummy, I am game!

What is the best #kitchentool to save time #eating #healthy and even raw?

What is the best #kitchentool to save time #eating #healthy and even raw?

Eating healthy is a commitment: we go and buy fresh produce often, we prepare food before going to work so we enjoy a healthy lunch break and we soak, cut and mix various fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

I admit it can feel overwhelming. After many years of using a standard kitchen knife, I have switched to a big ceramic knife. It makes a huge difference because the blade is very sharp and it saves me a lot of time.

Please be very careful though my friend my sister! This knife is really sharp! Only use it when you are fully rested! Safety first!

What is the best #kitchentool to save time #eating #healthy and even raw?

What is the difference between #raw #chocolate powder and cacao nibs? #rawcacao

What is the difference between #raw #chocolate powder and cacao nibs? #rawcacao

The cacao nibs are just the cacao beans broken in small pieces to make them easier to use. Their taste a slightly bitter than the cacao powder but I love their crunchiness.

The cacao powder has been extracted from the cacao mass, the remaining part being the cacao butter. I love chocolate powder in hot drinks with reishi and vegan milk and also with chia seeds and soaked dried apricots.

Both cacao powder and cacao nibs can be sued a smoothies and you can even try topping your savory dishes with a little bit of cacao nibs!

I buy both my organic raw cacao power and cacao nibs at the best store ever: Raw Living of course!

RawLiving Raw Living superfood store

Raw chocolate in a smoothie with spirulina:

Chocolate powder with chia seeds, almond milk and dried apricots:

Is #food that important? raw vegan carnivore and so on?

Is #food that important? raw vegan carnivore and so on?

Someone I know is a big fan of the keto diet but I am worried because they are not eating any fruit at all anymore.

I am always screaming my love for raw vegan food and how it changed my life.

However at the end of the day I personally feels that what matters the most is people.

The best thing in life is enjoying healthy relationships with people. Food comes second. What do you think my friend my sister?

Eating #gluten? What’s the use?

Eating #gluten? What's the use?

I was asked if I was eating gluten during my French live stream. The truth is, I haven’t had any gluten for over six years and feel very happy for it.

Why? Because gluten turns into glue in the intestines and can lead to brain fog.

I do not feel strongly about being raw or cooked, eating animal products or not, because we all have different needs. However, I cannot see good reasons to eat bread, pasta and cereals.

If I need denser foods, I can have bananas or avocados. How do you feel about gluten my friend my sister?

There is a great book on the subject: Grain Damage: Rethinking the High-Starch Diet by Douglas Graham:

#Food and #brain and #energy levels or reply to Sanaa

#Food and #brain and #energy levels or reply to Sanaa

I was asked on youtube if the way I eat, aka healthy eating, had an impact on my mental health and my energy levels.

Not eating sugar definitely helps me to stay focus and work better with my brain, while having less mood swings.

Furthermore, I attribute the way I can handle so many things in my life to healthy eating habits, whether it is being a single mother of two very time-consuming kids or moving from one continent to another within two years.

My way of eating is simple: fresh produce! I add nuts and seeds, seaweed and sardines.


#Unboxing number 2 of my order at #MarkusRothkranz or products for a nice skin

#Unboxing number 2 of my order at #MarkusRothkranz or products for a nice skin

I love the youtube channel of Markus Rothkranz The Healthy Life and today I share with you the unboxing of my order, while recommending one of his videos about romantic relationships entitled “Relationships Finding the Perfect Mate- Prepare!” :

In my last order, there was:

#Unboxing number 2 of my order at #MarkusRothkranz or products for a nice skin