How to create a video #thumbnail for youtube? beginner level

How to create a video #thumbnail for youtube? beginner level

I do my very best, improving myself as I go.

This also goes for the behind the scenes of recording youtube videos. I was asked by a viewer how to create images for the youtube videos she started to create.

Here is my little how-to if, like me, you are not a graphic designer but want to do your best for your audience.

First I take a picture of myself because I like to show that there is a human being behind the videos I record. Then, I transfer this photo from my phone to my computer. I make it better-looking using the magic wand in the Microsoft photo viewer software.

After that, I reduce the size of my photo to 1240 by 760 pixels in Microsoft Paint.

Lastly, I choose a nice photo for the background of my thumbnail on Pixabay because their photos are free to use without copyright. I copy and paste such photo on a rectangle in Paint 3D. Then, I copy and paste the photo of my face, using the automatic selection tool in Paint 3D so that only my face is selected, not the background of the original photo.

I save it on jpeg and use it on my website, on youtube and also on Instagram.



How much time does it take to record #youtube #videos? my experience of daily uploading

How much time does it take to record #youtube #videos? my experience of daily uploading

Every day I spend at least three hours to:

  • record a video for youtube in English and then the same one in French,
  • add a photo of my book The Knot in the Spiral at the end of it,
  • upload it on youtube and on my website,
  • write the associated article, and
  • create a good thumbnail for both the video and article.

I do not want you to feel overwhelmed by the amount of time I spend creating. I could do less if I was not doing everything in both languages. Alternatively, you could do more sophisticated edits for your videos and graphics than I do. My goal is to empower you to start something, anything. We have to start somewhere. It may not be nor look perfect, but it is. And this is the goal. Start. Create. Improve as you go my friend my sister.

What is the point of having this #diploma without using it?

What is the point of having this #diploma without using it?

I studied and worked very hard to obtain my lawyer diploma. It took me years before I passed the bar exam (being a single mum on top of that). However, I decided to quit the law firm after a few months to fulfill my mission and recover from a burn-out.

Does it mean that all these efforts were for nothing? I do not think so.

Everything we learn will be useful to us in one way or another.

This is why I am a big supporter of women gaining new skills. May we never stop learning.

Moreover, not working as a lawyer anymore does not mean I am not deeply passionate about law. Hence, I enjoyed very much a video about alternatives to prison. The title is “Judge Victoria Pratt on Procedural Justice: It’s Free, It Saves Lives and Can Change The World“.

Why learn a new #language ? another reason is relationships

Why learn a new #language ? another reason is relationships

Whenever I meet a Tunisian person who speaks fluent French, I feel we are part of the same family.

However, I am deeply convinced that all of us humans on earth belong to a wide and diversified family.

Differences in the language we speak are just a veil which makes us think we are separate, when in reality we are all interconnected.

Nevertheless, there is this undeniable innate trust around having a conversation in your mother tongue when you are abroad.

Consequently my friend my sister, may we broaden our skills even more by learning a new language. This capacity will enrich and deepen our relationships even more.

Why read everyday? New practice new challenge! 30 minutes of reading #dailyroutine

Why read everyday? New practice new challenge! 30 minutes of reading #dailyroutine

Are you game for it? Shall we try this week to read for 30 minutes each day as part of our daily routine? Reading is such a nice way of opening our mind, gaining valuable knowledge and spending nice relaxing time.

I created a great playlist for you called Extraordinary books which changed my life.

At the moment I am reading The Clarity cleanse:

the clarity cleanse

The great book by Tama Kieves is also featured on this post. I love it so much and it is entitled Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work!

"Inspired & Unstoppable" by Tama Kieves

How to create a very easy excel table to manage a budget? #beginner level

How to create a very easy excel table to manage a budget? #beginner level

My friend, my sister, if you are beginner in excel but aware that managing your budget is important, this is for you. I am presenting two ways of creating s very easy excel spreadsheet to manage our finances and feel empowered. I wish you abundance and peace.