To share stuff without waiting for anything in return? free #generosity

To share stuff without waiting for anything in return? free #generosity

I love to share stuff I love with you my friend my sister and this includes Instagram accounts and YouTube channels.

However, I got direct messages from two women on Instagram. I had previously shared what they were doing in a very enthusiastic manner on my IG stories.

One of them was wondering what was the reason she was getting free advertisement from me, while the other inquired about the reasons I shared and promoted her stuff.

I am a bit shocked. Is it not possible to share without expecting anything in return? I have the deep intuition that contrary to what a lot of people are thinking, it is not possible to fake or sustain lies on social media. You can feel it when an account is fabricated.

I got the feeling these women were expecting me to ask for something in return, as if sharing for the pleasure of doing it was not obvious.

What do you think? Do I continue sharing with you the things created by others that I like?


How much time does it take to record #youtube #videos? my experience of daily uploading

How much time does it take to record #youtube #videos? my experience of daily uploading

Every day I spend at least three hours to:

  • record a video for youtube in English and then the same one in French,
  • add a photo of my book The Knot in the Spiral at the end of it,
  • upload it on youtube and on my website,
  • write the associated article, and
  • create a good thumbnail for both the video and article.

I do not want you to feel overwhelmed by the amount of time I spend creating. I could do less if I was not doing everything in both languages. Alternatively, you could do more sophisticated edits for your videos and graphics than I do. My goal is to empower you to start something, anything. We have to start somewhere. It may not be nor look perfect, but it is. And this is the goal. Start. Create. Improve as you go my friend my sister.

Review of my #youtubechannel after one year #ClaireSamuelinEnglish

Review of my #youtubechannel after one year #ClaireSamuelinEnglish

I started the youtube channel Claire Samuel in English in 2016. Something Ralph Smart said stuck to me: “Where would you be one year later if you started now?“. However, I was a legal intern on top of being a single mother of two, so I did not have time to upload daily on youtube.

2018 marks a rebirth. I decided to quit my job and change my life around. I now choose to finally do what I loved to do, while being present for my dear children.

For a year, I did not look at the number of subscribers nor the views. The goal was to do what I love, not what attracts views. My aim is still the same: to speak with integrity from the heart, because it feels good doing so.

I finally decided to do a review of the channel Claire Samuel in English at the end of 2018 to see how my audience responded to my work. Honestly, this is not what I expected because there is no real trend. I cannot say if people prefer when I talk about living food or about positive education.

Therefore, I shall continue to do what I love, knowing it will attract the right people. In my humble opinion, having a youtube channel and being healthy and happy means having fun in recording videos.



How to stay true and share ups and downs along the way #financialindependence

How to stay true and share ups and downs along the way #financialindependence

Yes I do what I love. I am passionate about working from home and being present for my children.

However I need to share the anxiety I sometimes feel on my journey towards financial independence. It is not easy and I sometimes feel so lonely. I recently received an email from Amazon because I did not get enough traffic on my website.

However, it is so worth moving forward one step at a time. I feel I am building something slowly but surely. Never give up my friend my sister. I am doing everything I can to help you become a happy and financially independent woman, so you can share your love for life freely with the world and with a great man.


How to stay true and share ups and downs along the way #financialindependence


When my daughter makes me sad or a #mummy on a #mission

When my daughter makes me sad or a #mummy on a #mission

I understand why my daughter dreams of the next pair of sneakers. You can be a bit materialistic when you are a teenager. However I feel a bit sad when she says she liked it when I was working in a law firm. Even though we did not see each other, I was earning money.

Today I am looking for a way to earn money through my creations, my videos, my books and teaching French on Skype. I am on a mission to empower women. I cannot fulfill my mission if I go back to the corporate world, even more so because I know it was making me ill. I had a burnout before I left the law firm. I feel I am now so much healthier and happier. I need to find a way to pay my rent and buy shoes to my beloved daughter once in a while.

How my #business #strategy changed within 10 years or from lack to #heart

How my #business #strategy changed within 10 years or from lack to heart

I started an online business many years ago, in an attempt to be a stay at home mum who supports her family.

However, my business strategy stemmed from fear of lack. I had to close the business down because I was loosing money.

Today I focus on being of value to others. I have written a book which I sell, while giving free videos and articles and to inspire women.