Why am I speaking to women only if I love men that much? #mission

Why am I speaking to women only if I love men that much? #mission

I am not an expert and I cannot give advice to everybody nor state my opinion on things I do not personally know. This would be so conceited!

For instance, I have never been to India nor Australia. Therefore, I will not record a video about India nor Australia.

Also, had I been diabetic and able to overcome it, I would have started my videos saying “If you are diabetic, I want to give you tips and help all people suffering from diabetes“.

Had I been a man, playing sports at high level in boxing and I had to overcome brain injuries and marriage issues due to my passion for sports, I would say “If you are a man playing sports at high level and you experience difficulties with your health and relationships with women, I want to give you tips“.

Inasmuch as I share my experience, it is obviously reduced, subjective and unique. So I cannot speak to all the various kind of people who inhabit our glorious earth.

Such a stance is according to my humble opinion a way to ensure I stay sincere and foster a strong honest link with people who are suffering from what I suffered.

For more details about my admiration towards men even though I speak to women only, check out the chapter of the grandeur of men in my book The Knot in the Spiral and the youtube playlist about the Divine Masculine.

Why being on youtube? #mission

Why being on youtube? #mission

I am creating videos for you because it makes me feel alive.

Creating is like a ray of sunshine on a grey day.

Being able to answer your questions of one of the things that brings me the most happiness in the world.

All my videos are dedicated to you my friend my sister.

Lots of love as always,




Touching people’s lives or a reason to live #mission

Touching people's lives or a reason to live #mission

Your success is directly proportional to the number of lives you have touched for the better” writes Vishwas Chavan. So true. My personal mission is to help and empower women my friend my sister.

Neale Donald Walsch has a similar message in his books, which I find so humbling and motivating at the same time.

Why I do not give advice or I am #notperfect but do my best

Why I do not give advice or I am #notperfect but do my best

I am no better nor worse than any other woman. Sometimes I feel I lived one thousand different lives.

I noticed that women sharing their experience helped me tremendously to live my life. So I am humbly sharing bits and pieces about mine. Blessings to you my friend my sister.




Why I do not have my eyes fixed upon the number of subscribers? #mission

Why I do not have my eyes fixed upon the number of subscribers? #mission

My goal is to be true to attract the right people in our beautiful community my friend my sister.

Before checking my subscribers number, I ask myself how I could share a little bit of my experience to help you, inspire you daily and simply offer you another perspective my friend my sister.



Why did I write my #book The Knot in the Spiral? #catharsis

Why did I write my #book The Knot in the Spiral? #catharsis

Writing is a passion of mine since high school. I remember the words of a French teacher at the end of the school year: “Continue to write Claire“.

Furthermore, writing allows me to liberate what weighs me down, to feel so much lighter afterwards. This is the reason why I have written The Knot in the Spiral, like an urgency, like a purification ritual.

However, The Knot in the Spiral could have stayed a journal, like many texts I have written then thrown away. Nevertheless, that time I felt moved by a calling to share and help other women to rebuild their life.

Indeed, my happiness is partly due to amazing women such as Gabrielle Bernstein and Tama Kieves. They had the courage and sincerity to share their story, their shame or their pain and how they transformed their life.

Lastly, my friend my sister, I wish I could convince you to create, even if it is not perfect. No project can be perfect. Had I waited for The Knot in the Spiral to be perfect, it would still be in a drawer. Go ahead my friend my sister, create and release it into the world!

What do you need my friend my sister? #service

What do you need my friend my sister? #service

While it is true that recording videos helps me to feel good, the reason I created the youtube channel Claire Samuel in English was to be useful.

Please let me know the themes that serves you best my friend my sister, so I can create more on the subjects you need.




To share stuff without waiting for anything in return? free #generosity

To share stuff without waiting for anything in return? free #generosity

I love to share stuff I love with you my friend my sister and this includes Instagram accounts and YouTube channels.

However, I got direct messages from two women on Instagram. I had previously shared what they were doing in a very enthusiastic manner on my IG stories.

One of them was wondering what was the reason she was getting free advertisement from me, while the other inquired about the reasons I shared and promoted her stuff.

I am a bit shocked. Is it not possible to share without expecting anything in return? I have the deep intuition that contrary to what a lot of people are thinking, it is not possible to fake or sustain lies on social media. You can feel it when an account is fabricated.

I got the feeling these women were expecting me to ask for something in return, as if sharing for the pleasure of doing it was not obvious.

What do you think? Do I continue sharing with you the things created by others that I like?


How much time does it take to record #youtube #videos? my experience of daily uploading

How much time does it take to record #youtube #videos? my experience of daily uploading

Every day I spend at least three hours to:

  • record a video for youtube in English and then the same one in French,
  • add a photo of my book The Knot in the Spiral at the end of it,
  • upload it on youtube and on my website clairesamuel.com,
  • write the associated article, and
  • create a good thumbnail for both the video and article.

I do not want you to feel overwhelmed by the amount of time I spend creating. I could do less if I was not doing everything in both languages. Alternatively, you could do more sophisticated edits for your videos and graphics than I do. My goal is to empower you to start something, anything. We have to start somewhere. It may not be nor look perfect, but it is. And this is the goal. Start. Create. Improve as you go my friend my sister.