Why enjoy the #process before getting to the #goal?

I am working a lot, teaching French lessons online so I can support this blog and youtube channel as much as I can. I am grateful for your support in this my friend my sister.

I am also making a conscious effort to enjoy the process, to savor every minute of life on the path which is leading me to my goal. Then I’ll pick another one anyway!

By following my #heart I discovered my #mission

Yesterday I shared how I feel I did not waste my time even though I am not using my lawyer diploma directly.

Instead of behaving according to others expectations, I followed my own path, my heart and my passion.

There was not a definite plan of action when I started making youtube videos more than three years ago. But my heart and soul were involved.

Along the way, I discovered that my mission was to empower women by sharing some experiences. I love it. I love you my friend my sister.