Protecting our #wealth #abundance

Protecting our #wealth #abundance Claire Samuel

I want my children to avoid the poverty mindset. I want them to live in abundance. I do my best to make them understand that I cannot and do not want to buy everything they fancy. I explain to them that as a single mother, I belong to the most economically fragile people. I want them to realize how lucky they are, to have a roof over their head and something to eat every day. Traveling is very helpful to show them that some children are less fortunate than them, while others are much wealthier.

I want to place the gratitude mindset at the heart of their education. I teach them that being grateful for what we have today brings even more of what we currently have. Complaining and comparing ourselves to others does not bring any good.
On a practical level, if we are in a store when I cannot buy the thing they want, I tell them that I refuse “to protect our wealth”, not because I cannot afford it. It is only a change of vocabulary. However, I am convinced that using positive terms is very helpful.

Moreover, I want them to have a good education about financial matters. Money is not a taboo subject. Having money and being financially savvy are ways to become financially independent, and to help even more people around us. I show them the excel spreadsheet I use whenever I spend or I get money. I give ten euros to my daughter since her tenth birthday. The aim is for her to learn how to manage a budget. The goal of being a financially independent person is very important for me because it was not my case for a long time. When I was trapped into an abusive relationship, I wanted desperately to leave. However, I thought I would end up in the streets, unable to meet the needs of my baby daughter by myself. Therefore, I remained in an abusive relationship which damaged me a lot. Nevertheless, being homeless in the street with my baby was just a thought. I chose to believe such thought. Such a thought led me to despair and a lot of pain. Today, I learned my lesson. I do not believe my thoughts when they relate to lack. I focus on abundance. I focus on working as best as possible to be able to live from what I create.

The difference between humans and animals #creative spark

The difference between humans and animals #creative spark Claire Samuel

I wonder what really differentiates us from animals. Is it language? But animals do have ways to communicate between themselves. I reached the conclusion than a human being has the extraordinary capacity to escape his or her fate. A human being can create, whether it is an amazing and unusual house, a book which changes lives, a way of dancing which is so beautiful it brings tears to the eyes or a painting breathtakingly exquisite that one cannot stop admiring.

My friend, my sister, where do you turn your creative capacities towards? How to you make the world an even more beautiful place? How to you create a unique legacy, which stems from your heart? How do you decide to escape your fate by carving your own path?

How to #manifest our reality? I started a #visionboard a few years ago and it worked

I started a #visionboard a few years ago and it worked - Claire Samuel

Each beginning of the year, I create a new visionboard. I have been doing it for a few years and it worked. I wish a visonboard can be one little thing to help you rebuild your life. I wish we can all visualise so intensely than we create our reality.

Why being wealthy is powerful? #wealthy people are good and thank you to my landlord

Why being wealthy is powerful? #wealthy people are good and thank you to my landlord - Claire Samuel

In France, you can only rent a flat if you work under a contract of undetermined duration, produce three months of pay slips and earn three times the amount of the rent. To be a single mother with two children is a burden for landlords. I remember how I searched a flat for many months, at a time where the above conditions were filled. The day I said I was single, without mentioning the children, the landlords started to accept to rent their flats to me.

When I went back to university, I stopped fulfilling the required conditions to rent. However, I was admitted to a prestigious masters class in the Sorbonne in Paris. Where could I live? My life was saved by a generous and wealthy woman. She listened to my story. I told her everything: going back to college to get my lawyer’s degree, the children, having no income but savings to pay the rent. She agreed to rent me one of her flats out of sisterhood. She was the friend of a friend, the one who accepted to be my guarantor. Thanks to this landlord, I managed to live in Paris, not far from the university.

Today, I have to move from Paris because the price of the rent is ridiculously high compared to the size of the flat, while pollution makes me sick. However, I remain so grateful for this generous woman. Without her wealth, she would not have been able to help me. I admire rich people and I wish for all of us, my friend, my sister, that we become as wealthy as it is possible, to help sisters in need.

Why #abundance for me is having multiple sources of income instead of a single one

Why abundance for me is having multiple sources of income instead of a single one - Claire Samuel

This is such an experiment for me. I decided to quit my job as a finance lawyer, because I want to make a difference in this world. I do not feel that writing financial contracts all day long will help the women who suffer from abuse. So, I decided to jump into the unknown to fulfil my mission by sharing to help women.

I explained to my children that my goal was to get multiple sources of income instead of one. I al so explained that I have to work hard, without getting paid, before revenues are generated. My children saw me write my books for days. It is exciting to embark on such a journey. I will do my best to fulfil my mission and provide for my children.

Why I bless my bills and receive them with #gratitude – #abundance secret

Why I bless my bills and receive them with gratitude - abundance secret

Why do I bless my bills? Because this is the secret of abundance. Money is energy and meant to flow in and out of our lives gracefully. Louise Hay is an inspiration relating to such the concept of creating your reality and it starts with gratitude. Each time I receive a bill, I am filled with gratitude because I am able to pay it. Then, I put it immediately in a binder: organisation and simplicity offer us more time for the good things of life.