What I will do when I am #rich

What I will do when I am #rich

I know one day I will be wealthy, far more than today, even though I feel abundant now. I have a roof over my head, food on the table and I can travel.

One day my streams of income will bring me more consistent revenue. My daily life will be structured around my morning routine as it is now. I will keep waking up at 5am, doing meditation and yoga in the morning.

Two things will change though. I will enjoy a nice early morning stroll in the garden of my house near the sea, feeling full of gratitude and charging my batteries before going out into the world with an attitude of service. Second, I will pay somebody to help me with cleaning the house.

What about you? What will you do when you are rich my friend my sister?



Money and love or the most sensitive topic #relationships

Money and love or the most sensitive topic #relationships

I have so many questions and no definitive replies on the topic of love and money. However one thing is for sure: if in another life I am reincarnated as a man, I want to marry my present self 😉



Why I stopped giving #pocketmoney to my children?

Why I stopped giving #pocketmoney to my children?

I stopped giving 10 euros per month to my children because I want to first earn more than I spend before continuing giving them pocket money. Also, I feel they are not happy because it is never enough for them.

Can you relate my friend my sister?

How to stay true and share ups and downs along the way #financialindependence

How to stay true and share ups and downs along the way #financialindependence

Yes I do what I love. I am passionate about working from home and being present for my children.

However I need to share the anxiety I sometimes feel on my journey towards financial independence. It is not easy and I sometimes feel so lonely. I recently received an email from Amazon because I did not get enough traffic on my website.

However, it is so worth moving forward one step at a time. I feel I am building something slowly but surely. Never give up my friend my sister. I am doing everything I can to help you become a happy and financially independent woman, so you can share your love for life freely with the world and with a great man.


How to stay true and share ups and downs along the way #financialindependence


What is the connection between giving, creative energy and #abundance ?

What is the connection between giving, creative energy and #abundance ?

Giving from the bottom of our heart without expecting anything in return.

Giving to the people we know and who deserve it.

Giving to avoid attachment to material goods.

Giving to immerse ourselves into a pool of abundance energy.

Because true wealth lies in the creative force which makes us contribute to the world.

Because when we choose to take care of ourselves we can create and attract wealth.

To give more and to create more.


Protect your #money my friend my sister

Protect your #money my friend my sister

I use to pay my rent in cash to my landlord’s cousin. I had just arrived in a new country. I had a million things to do. I have my two children to take care of. Then it hit me. Girl, come on! You are putting yourself in a dangerous place. The landlord could say I never paid him.

Even if everybody is nice and smiling, we have the responsibility to protect our money my friend my sister.

With the amazing and generous help of my neighbor, I manged to have my landlord come from another country and sign a power of attorney in favor of his cousin. Moreover I now pay my rent by check.

In what areas of your life could you use some assertiveness to protect your money my friend my sister?

What is the power of #money to make the world a better place?

What is the power of #money to make the world a better place?

Are you wealthy my friend my sister? If so, you are a blessing. What you invest your money in can change the world.

Money can be used to build weapons or to create ecofriendly products. Money is neutral.

We all have responsibility. We can all choose to support and/or to invest in ethical companies which make the world a better place.

Money can change the world. For better or worse. Let’s make a conscious choice with it.