How was December 2019 and review of the year 2019 #myownmonth

How was December 2019 and review of the year 2019 #myownmonth
How was December 2019 and review of the year 2019 #myownmonth

This is the last step of the monthly challenge initiated by the French blogger Justine thanks to which we were invited to look back at the past month each new month and in our case today, to look back at the past year!

How was December 2019 and review of the year 2019 #myownmonth

What did I learn in 2019?

First, to find yourself, you have to loo for yourself!

Knowing ourselves comes with experiencing things, detours and attempts.

Our mission in life is not going to fall into our laps, but it is rather the result of life experiences which make our deep self more aware of itself. Then, we can always recreate ourselves.

Why? Because our body does!

Every seven years we renew our cells entirely. This is such an incentive to start afresh! I was taught such a thing by the amazing role model Karyn Calabrese.

Also, in this beginning of 2020, I decide to throw myself completely into entrepeneurship and launch a third youtube channel called French With a Smile for those of you who want to learn the language of Moliere!

Lastly, I must admit that I love to reflect on the past month and the past year, but I never keep track of my years nor my age.

I totally agree with the great OB-GYN and author Christiane Northrup who wrote the fantastic book Goddesses Never Age!

How was November 2019 or #myownmonth or serenity and hope

How was November 2019 or #myownmonth or serenity and hope

Justine is a French blogger who invites us each month to have a look back at the previous month.

How was November for you my friend my sister? November brought me serenity and hope. Indeed when I have to reply to the question: What helped me in November? There so many things and people who helped me.

I feel so grateful also because I feel peace in my heart. I know I lost people I loved but at least I really loved them. Now my exes are like angels protecting me from afar.

I also feel more at ease with being a solo entrepreneur, thanks to the help of Dougs who is my accountant (well, they are a whole team of course!). I feel better each time I hung up the phone with them. My brain is bursting with ideas for you my friend my sister!

Lastly, my great tip for you is to dedicate one day of your week to yourself. You may not be able to take 24 hours of course. Still, taking a day and going for a walk by yourself, doing some exercise and just resting and contemplating the beauty of life is so worth it!

The photo of the month has been taken during one of these solo outings in the Gorges de Toulourenc in the South of France (video available on December 16th).