#meditation series: 8-day experiment – episode 6

#meditation series: 8-day experiment - episode 6 by Claire Samuel

For our sixth day of the meditatoon experiment, I went even deeper with the “Meditation for Anxiety by Yoga With Adriene“. I will definitely add meditation to my morning routine after our challenge together.

#meditation series: 8-day experiment – episode 4

#meditation series: 8-day experiment - episode 4 Claire Samuel

Today my friend, my sister, I used and I highly recommend the Meditation for Anxiety by “Yoga With Adriene”. It is very calming and has a good breathing exercise, where we hold our breath and breathe at the count of her voice.

Take care and see you tomorrow.


#meditation series: 8-day experiment – episode 3

#meditation series: 8-day experiment - episode 3 - Claire Samuel

Today, I use a youtube video called Spirit Guide Meditation by Teal Swan which lasts 20 minutes. It is a beautiful guided visualisation which brings much peace and comfort.

See you tomorrow,


#meditation series: 8-day experiment – episode 1

#meditation series: 8-day experiment - episode 1 - Claire Samuel

My friend, my sister, let’s start together an eight-day meditation experiment. What will it change in our life? For the first day, I use an audio file by Jon Kabat-Zinn, who has lots of resources available, both on paper and audio. It is a 40 minute body scan meditation.

#book review about domestic #violence “Power and Control: Why Charming Men Can Make Dangerous Lovers” by Sandra Horley

#book review about domestice #violence "Power and Control: Why Charming Men Can Make Dangerous Lovers" by Sandra Horley - Claire Samuel

I was recommended the book “Power and Control: Why Charming Men Can Make Dangerous Lovers“, by Sandra Horley, when I was granted a place in a refuge with my children. I am following-up of my post “Why abused women do not leave?” with this brilliant book. Written by a woman who knows what she is talking about, it helps everyone to understand the complexity of domestic abuse.