Consistency – One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 7

Consistency - One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 7

Yoga can be easy. However, doing easy yoga every day is an achievement. It can propel our life forward. Consistency is magic sister. Today the yoga pose if a simple forward fall. It allows us to let go of what does not serve us and to stretch the legs very nicely. I love doing it first thing in the morning.

The bonus? You don’t even need a yoga mat!

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Presence – One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 6

Presence - One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 6

Let’s start by shaking hands as fast as possible. Can you feel the good energy in your hands? Now, let’s put our hands in front of our eyes, very gently. Breathe in and breathe out. Life was given to us, so we can appreciate the journey. May we make the most out of this fascinating journey.

Today our yoga pose is pigeon. I start on all fours, then I bend my right leg in front and straighten my left leg behind me. The right foot must stay active. I am present. You can softly breathe in and out from this position, or try sleeping pigeon by putting your forehead on the mat. It is so important to breathe deeply in pigeon. Slowly we switch sides by going back to all fours. Then, we bend the left leg and strengthen the right leg behind. The left foot remains active. I stay present in my body, not only in my mind. Let’s slowly breathe together. You can close your eyes if you wish. Happiness depends upon the way we see life, how we see our joys and the things we must overcome. Happiness means I am present today, now. Let’s gently come back to all fours, then sit on our knees for a last deep breath together. I am not in the past nor in the future. I welcome life with all my attention and presence.

Namaste, Claire

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Confidence – One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 5 #trust yourself

Confidence - One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 5 #trust yourself

Today we go into an inversion. Because sometimes we need to change our perspective. Things are not always what they seem to be. Look at things from another perspective, try looking at them upside down.

The first level of the inversion pose is to widen the legs and let the head go low, your hands firmly on the ground. One variation is to clasp your hands and lift your legs, first using a wall, then using only your abs. It took me decades to master it. I was so afraid of inversion. I couldn’t lift my legs. Now I love it. Everything is possible my friend, my sister.

Namaste, Claire

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Joy – One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 4

Joy - One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 4

Let’s start by giving thanks to the people who bring joy into our life. I am thankful to my children for being pure joy, pure light. We are responsible for our joy, not for the circumstances. Let’s focus on our solar plexus, the yellow chakra of personal power. I can choose to feel joy, whatever is happening around me. There is always a place for joy.

Today we have a challenge together. We will stand on one leg and a bonus for you if you fall. Because life is about how we go back up when we fall. Let’s laugh at it. Please do not ever blame yourself when you fall. It is part of life. We fall, and we come back up, with compassion for ourselves.

Now lift your leg in a triangle shape. This is tree pose. You can lift your arms up high, and you can even close your eyes for additional challenge. Breathe, and switch sides. The deeper the pain, the deeper the joy sister. You are beautiful, you are loved, you are safe.

Now let’s stand up and close our eyes, arms gently on the sides. Breathe. Remember that you can never be really hurt, because there is a part of you which cannot be touched by anybody. Whatever happened to us, the rape, the abandonment, the abuse. There is a part deep inside of us which is pristine, pure, and it is the source of joy. Joy comes from the inside.

Joy. A smile. A laugh. Remember: first there is joy, then the circumstances around align to our joy and beautiful things appear in our life. You are enough sister. Joy. Always.

Namaste, Claire

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Love – One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 3

Love - One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 3

Let’s take a breath of love. Let’s love ourselves sister, despite the mistakes we made in the past and will make in the future. May we all forgive ourselves. May we look at nature to see that nature is beautiful, though it is not perfect. Sister, we are enough, provided we do our best. Let’s open our heart chakra, the emerald green chakra. Please place your hands on your beautiful heart. I am open to receive. I am open to receive love. Sister, being heartbroken did not damage us, because it means our heart was close beforehand. Now our heart is open, and we can receive all the love we deserve. Receiving is part of the divine feminine. I have a fantastic book recommendation for you regarding love, it is called The mastery of love by Don Miguel Ruiz:

the mastery of love

Today the yoga pose is called camel. It has different levels. Please be extra careful with this pose and go really slow. Slowly with practice, you will be able to go further. We start with gentle cat/cow. Inspire and look up, expire and round your back. Let’s do that several times, following our own breath rhythm. Inspire love from the people who love you, expire love to the people who you love. Then, first level of camel is to gently place your hand on the lower back and look up. Breathe as your heart opens. Second level is to go back further. Please be very slow and mindful. If you are very flexible, you can do a full camel pose, by grabbing your toes. Breathe love in, breathe love out. I open my heart to love. I open my heart to receive love. I am love. Love surrounds me. One last breath and we very slowly come back up. Sit in a comfortable position, crossed legs and back straight. Your head is straight, beautiful, dignified. We have personal power sister. We have the ability to judge well, so we are safe. We can be opened to love. We can receive. Vision yourself overflowing with love, like an overflowing cup. Love comes out of you. It never stops. You are love. We don’t need to beg for love anymore, like a starving woman. We are overflowing with love. We have love for ourselves and other. We are enough, just the way we are today. Love, love, love.

Namaste, Claire

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Truth – One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 2

Truth - One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 2

First, let’s say thank you. Thank you is such a magical word. Please choose someone who helped you in your life or simply who made your life better and say thank you to this person. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Personally, I say thank you to the angel I talked about in my book, the angel who looked at me with beautiful eyes even though I had just told him I was raped.

Let’s go into child pose. Such a simple pose because thank you are such simple words. However, it is a powerful yoga pose and powerful words. You can put your hands in front or on your sides for a more restorative practice.

Today, I choose truth. I choose integrity. I say yes when I mean yes and no when I feel in my gut it is a no. I stay in truth, so I honor my beautiful body. I stay in truth, so I attract the right people into my life. I can feel the mat supporting my body, like the universe supports me. I remind myself that without the dark we could not see the stars. I accept my thoughts, negative or positive, without judging them, like a mother accepts her child without judging her. I remain on the path of truth and light.

Namaste, Claire

the knot in the spiral by claire samuel

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Wisdom – One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 1

Wisdom - One yoga pose One feeling Series Episode 1

Dear Universe, dear God, dear Life, please provide me with the serenity to accept things I cannot change. Please provide me with the courage to change the things I can change. Please provide me with the wisdom to know the difference.

Let’s take a very deep breath together, in and out. Wisdom does not mean having read many books, nor a certain age or diplomas or social status. Wisdom is discernment my friend my sister.

Today our position is a gentle twist. Lie gently on your back, lift the right leg up and twist to the left side, opening your right arm to the right at the same time. Feel the twist in your beautiful belly. Feel your spine gently turning, like a ring of gorgeous pearls. Breathe in, breathe out. Again, in and out. One last time, in and out. Then, gently come back to center and switch side. Lift the left leg and gently turn it on the right. Open your left arm on the left. Breathe.

You have wisdom. Again, breathe deeply. You have discernment. One last time, breathe. You are safe. Come back to center. Rest both legs on the mat, your arms resting peacefully on your sides. Wisdom is knowledge applied. Read and learn, then apply everything you are taught if it feels right for you. Take action in your life. Use what you have learned. We are responsible for our body my friend my sister. May we take care of our beautiful body with kindness, with the exquisite tenderness it deserves. I do not ignore my body anymore. I listen to the infinite wisdom of my body. When I feel a disease, it is my body trying to let me know something. I listen to the wisdom of my beautiful body.

Namaste, Claire

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