My secret #productivity tip to avoid sacrificing exercise for study

My secret #productivity tip to avoid sacrificing exercise for study - Claire Samuel

My friend, my sister, are you going back to university? are you determined to improve your current situation by going deep on personal development, rather than movies or fiction novels (even temporarily)? are you hungry for success, for productivity, for climbing higher in your life?

If you rebuild your life after trauma/abuse, you need to listen to audio books or online courses.

However, exercising is essential to enjoy a good functioning brain. The solution is simple: listen what you have to listen to become the best version of yourself (distance courses/classes, motivating audio books and podcasts), while you are exercising, whether at home, at the gym or outside if you go for a run (use your headphones on your mobile). Personally, I do yoga at home, in front of youtube videos, which I put on mute. While I am exercising on the mat, I listen to other videos, about motivation, being a writer and developping a youtube channel. I have been using this productivity secret for many years now, it helped me tremendously and, at the end of the day, I am proud of myself.


Why did I decide to do a daily #nap? #generosity

Why did I decide to do a daily #nap? #generosity - Claire Samuel

Taking a nap a day can seem selfish however it is the most generous action you can commit to. Taking a nap means we can take better care of others, we do not snap at our children, we have less risk of getting angry and depressed.

The generous Roberto Blake (who gives advice to youtubers) said in one of his video that taking a daily nap is what helps him be so productive with his work.

Whenever I feel anxious, I use Soothing Relaxation music videos to help me rest. I do not fall asleep completely but I feel refreshed afterwards. Take care of yourself my friend, my sister.