Take control of your #time

Take control of your #time Claire Samuel

I am in charge of how I organize my day. I take full responsibility for making my best efforts to achieve my dreams. Moreover, I do my best to think positively about time. My mantra is that I have all the time I need. I aim to stay super organised. My work can help others so taking control of my time is not only a way to achieve success but also a responsibility to make the world a better place.

I have been very inspired by the energy and generosity of Brendon Burchard. He wrote High Performance Habits and The Motivation Manifesto. I decided to implement small habits that matters: for instance, I do check my emails only twice a day. I do not let people sending me emails take control of my time.

Brendon has an amazing YouTube channel here and I had the privilege to discover his work thanks to Marie Forleo’s interview of him.

Check out Brendon’s books:

high performance habits

and for good motivation:

the motivation manifesto


How to #exercise if I do not have enough time? the internet and opportunities to get fit at home

How to #exercise if I do not have enough time? the internet and opportunities to get fit at home Claire Samuel

Are you a mother? A student? A woman entrepreneur? A very busy woman? Thanks to the Internet, it is not only possible but so easy to exercise at home and save so much valuable time. YouTube changed my life and allowed me to get fit every day. I am ever so grateful to the yoga youtube channel “Yoga With Adriene“.

How to succeed in life? Stay in #action mode not in thoughts

Claire Samuel How to succeed in life? Stay in #action mode

The secret of success is to remain in action mode, not in our thoughts, ideas and big plans. Step by step, may we act, my friend, my sister, towards our beautiful life.


The best #productivity tip ever thanks to Brendon Burchard – thank you Brendon

The best productivity tip ever thanks to Brendon Burchard - Claire Samuel

I love Brendon Burchard’ amazing and helpful books. I apply his best advice for several years now. It is easy: never start your day by opening your emails inbox. Indeed, we are in control of our agenda and our time.

My amazing #morning routine for a productive and happy day

My amazing #morning routine for a productive and happy day - Claire Samuel

A bit of personal discipline, a bit of organization and lots of enthusiasm: the recipe for a productive happy day is easy. I committed to do yoga every day a few years ago. My life became more fulfilled and my mental clarity improved. I got very focused and it helped with my studies. After the eight-day meditation experiment, I decided to add a ten-minute meditation to my morning routine as well. A healthy and consistent morning routine is key to success and, at the end of the day, happiness and satisfaction.

What is personal #discipline?

What is personal #discipline? Claire Samuel

I was able to rebuild my life from scratch thanks to personal discipline. After years of giving up on myself, I decided to take back my own power. Actually, it was always there, waiting for me to decide and take action. Personal discipline is driving our life the way we want, to become a better human being. Discipline means that consistency is key in our life. Never give up on yourself. Personal discipline means power and productivity. We are worth it my friend my sister.

My secret #productivity tip to avoid sacrificing exercise for study

My secret #productivity tip to avoid sacrificing exercise for study - Claire Samuel

My friend, my sister, are you going back to university? are you determined to improve your current situation by going deep on personal development, rather than movies or fiction novels (even temporarily)? are you hungry for success, for productivity, for climbing higher in your life?

If you rebuild your life after trauma/abuse, you need to listen to audio books or online courses.

However, exercising is essential to enjoy a good functioning brain. The solution is simple: listen what you have to listen to become the best version of yourself (distance courses/classes, motivating audio books and podcasts), while you are exercising, whether at home, at the gym or outside if you go for a run (use your headphones on your mobile). Personally, I do yoga at home, in front of youtube videos, which I put on mute. While I am exercising on the mat, I listen to other videos, about motivation, being a writer and developping a youtube channel. I have been using this productivity secret for many years now, it helped me tremendously and, at the end of the day, I am proud of myself.