Not a drop of alcohol #motivation to honor your choices

Not a drop of alcohol #motivation to honor your choices

Maybe you have been alcoholic in the past, maybe you want to avoid sugar altogether, maybe you do not like the taste of it or how it modifies people’s behavior, whatever the reason, it is possible to live without drinking a single drop of alcohol.

When people tease you about such a choice, use humor to deflate the situation.

If you do drink like my friends and family do, do not feel guilty. I only wish to offer a new perspective to some women who may need it.

Blessings to you my friend my sister.



#Fasting is #freedom from a recovered #bulimic who loves food

#Fasting is #freedom from a recovered #bulimic who loves food

I had nothing in my fridge. I decided to fast for two days instead of one as usual. Doing such a thing is incredible for me.

I used to be so bulimic that even not eating for one hour was a success.

I am not here to advise you to fast or do anything else for that matter. I am an ordinary woman who discovered freedom in a kind and gentle fasting practice, slowly introduced in my life over the years.

I feel happy, pure and free.


Why #fasting is a #spiritual exercise or rising emotions

16 mai pourquoi jeuner th

I don’t find fasting difficult in itself because I don’t feel the hunger anymore. This the reward of a consistent fasting practice.

However, what is very deep is managing all these strong emotions which bubble up. It is as if I was purifying myself from old painful beliefs. They rise up so I can get rid of them.



The benefits of #psyllium for the #intestines or reply to Mimi

25 avril psyllium th

Psyllium husks in powder form are a great way to get rid of accumulated toxins in the intestines. I highly recommend using psyllium before colonics. On a daily basis, I personally don’t like to use them because it is not very pleasant to drink. I use activated charcoal, chia seeds and aloe vera instead.

Of gratitude towards my neighbor and a #dryfast while #traveling

Of gratitude towards my neighbor and a #dryfast while #traveling

I recently discovered the freedom of dry fasting when I travel. However, fasting is a way of taking care of my body and spirit, not something forceful and difficult. Thus, I was overjoyed when I discovered that my neighbor had filled my fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables, waiting for me. What a beautiful way to break the fast!



What happens after a year of #intermittentfasting ? easy #fasting

What happens after a year of #intermittentfasting ? easy #fasting

I never thought I could fast, but I had amazing results with a few three-day fasts. However my holistic doctor introduced me to another way of incorporating fasting into everyday life. By eating one meal a day, I allow my body some space to restore itself. I used to eat all day. My body was overwhelmed and always digesting.

I do not recommend intermittent fasting to everybody because we are all different. I just want to share my experience in case you needed a little nudge to jump into this amazing way of fasting.