Why I stopped #intermittent #fasting or one meal a day?

Why I stopped #intermittent #fasting or one meal a day? Claire Samuel

I love doing one big meal a day. It helps me gain more energy and improves my digestion. However, I refuse to do intermittent fasting when it does more harm than good. Thus, I do not fast when I have my periods. I honor this precious inward time. Moreover, if my life becomes stressful for one reason or another, I do not add another constraint by fasting when I am hungry. Many times, I am hungry just because I am tired. Lastly, I refuse to fast when my habits are reset, for instance if I am on holiday without the raw food I am used to. Then, I take care of myself by eating what I can find and taking the time I need to source organic raw food.

The best #detox tip is rest – during a detox or a fast

The best #detox tip is rest - during a detox or a fast Claire Samuel

A one-day detox, or longer, allows our body to get rid of toxins. It is both a luxury and a requirement to stay healthy. Maybe you will drink vegetable soups or green juices for a quiet day at home, to help your digestive system to rest and regenerate itself. You may even want to fast on pure water or herbal teas.

The best tip during a detox is to get plenty of rest, in our bed within a dark bedroom. Moreover, I gave up fasting during the cold winter months, to avoid shocking my body. Hence, when we stop giving food to our body, it uses all its available energy to care for the places within us that need a bit of healing. All our strength is thus gathered inside our body. This can make us feel cold or a bit weak. All of this is perfectly normal. Let’s make our detox time even more special and yummy by really getting some rest, many times during the day. May we avoid physical exercise. I love yin yin yoga during my fast. It is a super gentle practice, slow and graceful, which allows the body to stretch a bit but without hardly consuming any energy.

What we put inside of us #purity


What we put inside of us #purity - Claire Samuel

Body awareness is new to me. Thanks to daily yoga and meditation, I learned to feel my body, listen to my emotions and identify my needs. Today, I have zero tolerance towards abuse, whether self-inflicted or coming from another being. I am very attentive at what I put inside of my body, taking into consideration the five senses.

I never had any television at home and am so grateful for this. Even on youtube, I am careful about the content I watch. As soon as I can spot a hateful video, I do my best to avoid clicking on it. In the same manner, I avoid the saddest songs. I sometimes enjoy a sad track for their catharsis effect. However, once again, I am careful not to over listen to such music. Moreover, food is of course crucial in my life. Eating raw and vegan is the secret of my beautiful energy level, almost constant. Lastly, I teach my children to have a pure mouth. This means that they cannot use it to complain, play a victim role, judge people who are different or say hurtful words of any kind.

Protection from electromagnetic fields: review of #Tachyon pendant – its unexpected benefits

Protection from electromagnetic fields: review of #Tachyon pendant - its unexpected benefits - Claire Samuel

I bought a Tachyon pendent on RawLiving, after listening to the Kate Magic’s amazing interview of David Wagner, the pioneer of Tachyon Technology. I love internet and wifi , yet I am aware that the electromagnetic fields are not good for us. I am convinced that technology is going to evolve in an even better way, less harmful for our body. Meanwhile, I proudly wear my Tachyon pendant. If its protection against EMFs is not something I can measure myself, the unexpected benefit is that it is the perfect size to hold in my hands while I fall asleep 🙂

My favorite #Bach flowers remedies to rebuild our life

My favorite #Bach flowers remedies to rebuild our life - Claire Samuel

My friend, my sister, let me introduce you to a few Bach flower remedies which helped me. Beautiful resources to go deeper on flowers essences are available. My personal flowers are:

  • Agrimony,
  • Crab apple,
  • Elm,
  • Aspen,
  • Beech, and
  • Vervain.

Why a good quality blend of greens, #probiotics and enzymes is powerful for us first thing in the morning

Why a good quality blend of greens, probiotics and enzymes is powerful for us first thing in the morning - Claire Samuel

My morning routine starts with a big glass of water and a spoon of Raw Reserve blend which comes from Raw Living. It is a fantastic mix of herbs, plants, seaweed, probiotics and enzymes. To soften the taste, I reward myself with a nice generous spoon of coconut yoghurt afterwards. Then, I enjoy my daily yoga session. Afterwards, I serve you to the best of my abilities, recording videos for my youtube channel “Claire Samuel in English”, for this blog and I take care of all the required editing.