#Organization and #productivity or a tidy desk and a clean home

#Organization and #productivity or a tidy desk and a clean home

Clean your desk. Clean your home. Start your day organized. Then creativity and productivity can flow through you.


Why am I eating sardines after 3 years of 100% #rawvegan lifestyle?

Why am I eating sardines after 3 years of 100% #rawvegan lifestyle?

I cultivate flexibility not rigidity. I have been eating 100 % raw vegan for over 3 years now.

However, I found myself salivating at the idea of eating sardines when I was reading The clarity cleanse by Doctor Habib Sadeghi as sardines are part of his detox protocol.

I felt like eating some recently and I did it sister!

In my humble opinion, listening to our body is so much more important than following any kind of diet.

I eat raw because I absolutely love it. So I am keeping a raw vegan lifestyle but for 99.9%.

I was also inspired to remain flexible after hearing Shakaya Leone who I love very much in the video “Ex-Vegan (15 Years): Veganism Is Not Sustainable – It’s a “Cleanse,” Not Nourishing“.

Lastly I highly recommend the book The clarity cleanse for more emotional and physical detox and diet tips.

The Clarity Cleanse: 12 Steps to Finding Renewed Energy, Spiritual Fulfillment, and Emotional Healing:

Automatic writing for the first time The Clarity Cleanse PEW #gratitude

Automatic writing for the first time The Clarity Cleanse PEW #gratitude

Doctor Habib Sadeghi’ book The Clarity Cleanse contains a very important and interesting recommended practice: automatic writing.

Writing without thinking about the words which come out on the paper. Writing like a purge, to let go of buried emotions.

The aim is to gain clarity and feel free of the past.

It was the first time I tried automatic writing. On the sheet, my pen could not stop writing words of gratitude, for my life, my children and my friends.

10 reasons to #read The clarity cleanse by Doctor Habib Sadeghi

#Book review The clarity cleanse by Doctor Habib Sadeghi

I discovered Doctor Habib Sadeghi’ book thanks to Dara Dubinet.

The emotional healing part interested me the most in this book.

There is a fabulous interview of Doctor Habib Sadeghi by Inspire Nation available here.

  1. Feeling our emotions and self-care

The clarity cleanse is a book which teaches us to contain (be present with) our emotions, instead of suppressing them or being overwhelmed by them. I love the emphasis put on giving meaning to a traumatic experience. By processing what happens into our life, we avoid our body to be damaged by it and start showing it with disease. When Doctor Sadeghi writes that “our biography dictates our biology“, it is yet another reason to practice self-care. Moreover, self-care is generous, I am deeply convinced of this. Dr Sadeghi clearly states that “giving to ourselves first is one of the greatest gifts we could ever give to those we love“.

2. Flowing with change

Dr Sadeghi says that everything is changing, moving, so we are not stuck either. Our circumstances will change. It reminds be of buddhism.

3. Taking responsability for own emotional waste

I can also draw a parallel between The clarity cleanse and The four agreements when Dr Sadeghi explains that it is our responsability to process our emotional waste, instead of burdening other people with it.

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book) - Claire Samuel

I loved the exercise where we are invited to start a dialogue between our judgemental self and our authentic self, by asking open-ended questions about what bothers us in life. It is even advised to alternatively sit on two separate chairs to do this exercise.

4. Can you spot the lesson in this?

As I teach my children, in every bad thing we can find a good thing. In a more elaborate way, The clarity cleanse reads “in every negative experience there is vital information that will serve us by helping us learn and grow“. Understanding what lessons our circumstances teach us is a prerequisite to adopting a positive view about them.

5. Accepting what is

I can also find some similarity between The clarity cleanse and Byron Katie’ books (notably Loving what is) when Dr Sadeghi writes that the important thing is to accept what is. Therefore, may we accept pain as we accept joy, knowing things move and change.

Loving what is by Byron Katie

6. Forgiveness starts with ourselves

Dr Sadeghi teaches us to forgive ourselves, for thinking we needed validation of others, for believing we were unworthy of love. This is such a valuable lesson.

7. Body and mind

The whole point of this book is to demonstrate how body and mind are connected. It goes against the French philosopher Descartes, who coined the idea of our mind being totally separated from our body.

8. Clarity is a journey

Seeking clarity is a life’s journey and it is not easy. It reminded of a great Teal Swan video called “Will Healing Ever End? – Teal Swan“. Nevertheless, this ongoing process does not mean in any way we are broken sister.

Clarity raises our oxytocin levels, the love hormone, the more we put effort into it. Persistence, patience and consistency are key words here. It leads to faith, knowing our desires will come to fruition even though we do not know how yet, then the manifestation of our desires.

Clarity also mean doing some spring cleaning into our relationships. I personally experienced the relief letting go of toxic people brings.

9. What is lack of clarity?

Lacking clarity means having preconceived judgements, misinterpretations or limiting beliefs. They make reality cloudy.

At the end of The clarity cleanse, there is a list of definitions. I can relate to the one about emotional posturing. As I explain in my book The knot in the spiral this is exactly what kept me trapped into an abusive relationship for so long. This is the definition: “repressing our emotions by pretending our lives or our situations are different/better than they actually are“.

the knot in the spiral by claire samuel

10. Clarity in our plate

The first detox diet of The clarity cleanse is a mix of sardines, brown rice and apples. I adapted this diet for a 5 day cleanse with apples as monomeals and lemon water. I do not want to go back to eating cooked food, because switching to raw changed my life in so many positive ways. It would feel very bad, because being 100% raw is an achievement for me. I cannot wait for The clarity cleanse to be adapted to us raw foodists. However, I tried to eat only apples, sprouts, seaweed and olive oil for a day and it was a disaster. I am sure it could go very well for you, but personally I am not a big fan of apples and hated it. I had two cups of hemps seeds, maca powder and cacao nibs and it felt like coming alive again. Please keep in mind this is very personal. My goal is to be honest with you on this point. You may love the detox diet and find great results afterwards.

Read more

I love the list of recommended books at the end. Very inspiring.

the clarity cleanse


To accept the pain and the book The #Clarity Cleanse

To accept the pain and the book The #Clarity Cleanse

The clarity cleanse by Doctor Habib Sadeghi is an invitation to clean both our mind and spirit. To accept pain means we do not suffer even more by resisting to the pain.

I am learning to welcome emotions, feeling uncomfortable and yes, I also welcome pain. I feel so much freedom when I do not judge myself for experiencing pain.

Thank you Doctor Sadeghi.

the clarity cleanse

Avocados vs olive oil or new discovery in my raw vegan lifestyle #clarity cleanse

Avocados vs olive oil or new discovery in my raw vegan lifestyle

Dr Sadeghi recommends the use of olive oil in his book The clarity cleanse. First, olive oil is so much economical than avocados. Also, avocados are picked up unripe from the tree whereas I guess that olives need to be ripe to be pressed for oil. Olive oil is my new love, I use it in salads, to cleanse my face and to moisture my body.

This is beautiful olive oil from Tunisia (I am crazy about these gorgeous flowers by the way, my instagram account is full of them):

Avocados vs olive oil or new discovery in my raw vegan lifestyle

Read The clarity cleanse:

the clarity cleanse

Apples #monomeals before a fast inspired by the book The clarity cleanse by Dr Habib Sadeghi

Apples #monomeals before a fast inspired by the book The clarity cleanse by Dr Habib Sadeghi

As regard to the detoxification eating plan, I learned a great tip in Dr Habib Sadeghi’ book The clarity cleanse. It is best to leave sliced apples become brown as it eases the pancreas work. Another tip that we can easily add to our daily habits: starting the day with lemon water.

So, I decided to eat apples for a whole day, as a transition day before my fast. I did a simple recipe with cut apples, olive oil, dill, fresh seaweed and alfalfa sprouts. Yummy!

The Clarity cleanse is a very interesting book as regard to mind and body detox:

the clarity cleanse

Beautiful fresh ingredients:

Apples #monomeals before a fast inspired by the book The clarity cleanse by Dr Habib Sadeghi

And a yummy result:

Apples #monomeals before a fast inspired by the book The clarity cleanse by Dr Habib Sadeghi









What is your life #intention my friend my sister? Exercice from the book The clarity cleanse

What is your life #intention my friend my sister? Exercice from the book The clarity cleanse

The clarity cleanse invites us to set a clear life intention. This is mine. It is my deepest intention that I take exquisite care of myself, notably thanks to raw vegan lifestyle, and increase my knowledge, notably through reading books, to share it with other women to show the myriad of solutions to rebuild one’s life, in a way that supports both my children and my life.

Read The clarity cleanse by Doctor Habib Sadeghi:

the clarity cleanse